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The topic for the week is  Retrogrades!  For folks that are new to the idea of a retrograde, it’s not just a great James Blake song, but a planetary force that typically slows us Earthlings down for a bit in some aspect. Technically, it’s when a planet APPEARS to be slowing down and reversing directions relative to Earth. It is not actually reversing directions, but the planet’s appearance of slowing down does have an effect on us, reminding us to hang back and take our time with certain things.

The most famous example of this is Mercury retrograde. Mercury is the planet that represents communication. That’s why Mercury retrograde gets a reputation for messing with cell phones, computers, information, contracts etc. The energy can be extra jumpy around all things communication during a Mercury retrograde, but the idea is really to get us to slow down, re-embrace patience and take a more understanding approach with those around us. Mercury doesn’t truly go retrograde until the 28th of the month, so I will have more in next week’s scopes. We are technically in what is called the Shadow Phase, so it’s starting, but you can’t count it as full force until the 28th.


Aries: Mars retrograde can be a challenge for Aries. You have had so many things start up lately, and you don’t like to be slowed down. But this transit is here to teach you patience and stamina. You are in whatever you’re in for the long haul, and while you are great at cracking open ideas and buzzing a few paces with them, it’s often hard for you to keep your eye on just one prize. This is a really powerful opportunity to finish what you start. Take this Mars retro time (Monday until May 29) to rethink strategies and fortify your fortress. How can you make what you’re currently doing better, Aries?

Taurus: The sun enters Taurus Tuesday! Yay! You LOVE this aspect because it’s your birthday season!  Those around you who are more sensitive to energies will start to slow down and appreciate the things you are always grateful for like the sun, soil, taking your time and being graceful in everything you do. With the whole world in sync to your tune you will start to feel more understood and appreciated by those around you. Now is a great time to just be you because people are more apt to listen and see it your way! Happy Birthday!

Gemini: Mercury retrograde is not officially here, but Gemini, trust — you are feeling it starting now. Start doing all the Mercury retrograde things like backing up your information, not buying anything big, etc., but also start to think about how you want to use this phase for yourself. You’re one of the most graceful and articulate signs of the Zodiac. Are you being heard? How can you reposition yourself over the next coming six weeks or so to be clearer and stronger in your voice?

Cancer: Make sure you continue to up the self-care ante, Cancer. A Full Moon in Scoprio signals a bumpy ride for you if you are not tuning into what your body and mind need. When in doubt, stay close to home and give yourself plenty of solo time. This Thursday and all through the weekend are perfect times to sage, smudge, cleanse yourself and your home and do rituals around release. Spring cleaning for your home and mind!

Leo: The sun shining into Taurus is calling you to become more connected with who and what makes you feel comfortable and good — and who and what does not. Be on the lookout for little signals beckoning you to adjust your position in your life. The stars are pleading to you to slow down and take care of yourself, to really understand how you can be happier in your own life! Now is the time to cut out excesses that may be numbing you out, and to start tuning into to what you really need. Don’t be scared to leave some old ways behind. There is a great reward if you do.

Virgo: The sun is moving into your fellow Earth sign, Taurus, this week, which spells out comfort and peace. But you need to start prepping for the Mercury retrograde, which starts shadowing today. Mercury retrograde really affects you, so be careful to do all the Mercury retrograde prep: back up your information, don’t make major purchases, etc. Also, please be careful about what you say and how you say it! Being extra self-aware around this time will really save you later on.  You might be able to soften some of your behaviors in exchange for more receptive vibes from the rest of the world if you look within this week.

Libra: The moon is waxing in your ruler, Venus, this Tuesday! Venus also squares Pluto that same day, and these two factors could really be helpful for you if you allow yourself to be extra conscious. You have the opportunity to dive deep and learn some unexpected things about yourself, as Pluto can bring to light emotional or spiritual energies that have been submerged or hidden in the darkness. Be open to the reveal and what it’s trying to teach you. See what or who is giving you a hard time this week and try to understand the lesson wrapped up in the issue.

Scorpio: The full moon in your sign this week is a beautiful time to renew and regenerate. Take a deep look and let go of anything and everything that you no longer need in your life! Pluto, your ruler, is also going retrograde, making this a great time to re-examine habits around spiritual self-care or anything making you feel less than powerful. This is your time to shine and reclaim who you are and what you want out of your life!

Capricorn: Pluto is retrograde in your sign. This could spell upheaval, power struggles, changing loyalties or discovering hidden parts of yourself and how you are reacting to those around you this week. Remember to be open. Try to soften your outlook where you would normally have a harsh tongue. Use the earthy energies of the Sun in Taurus to connect with the earth, the soil, the sun and how being outside makes you feel. Reconnecting to these aspects on a daily, even hourly basis this week will help you think and act clearer and with more ease.

Aquarius: Mars and Pluto retrograde is your cue to hold back and reassess projects you’ve started, especially those involving money. This is the time to hang back and redesign your spirituality and daily routines so that they support you in everything you do. You will start to move forward again once these retrogrades pass, but right now the universe is begging you to create solid spiritual turf that you can build on as a foundation. Obey this urge and you will not be sorry.

Pisces: Your sign is going to get hit hardest with contractual agreements/admin stuff during Mercury retrograde, so please don’t space out on the financial and administrative aspects of your life. File your taxes, sign that contract, sign off on the deal now, even if we are in the shadow phase of Mercury retrograde. Trust, it’s better now than next week. Time to do make it happen so you can rest easy.

The big news of this current week is Mars in Sagittarius going retrograde today! Mars is the planet, of action, battle, energy, passion, action, anger, sexual drive, self-assertion, and boundaries. Pretty much anything that gives you a feeling of extra “oopmh” has a Mars energy to it. 

When Mars goes retrograde, we are reminded to think about WHY we are getting angry when we get angry. We are reminded to think about what drives us to move forward, what makes us want to jump up out of bed in the morning, how we react to folks that are irritating us or making us angry and why we are behaving that way. This is a great time to rethink and prioritize your self-structures around boundaries, big and small.

How are you reacting to and around those who make you feel uncomfortable? Are you taking the time out to prioritize a spoken boundary if need be? From now until May 29, when Mars stations direct again, would be a fantastic time to rethink these boundaries and how you implement them in your daily life.

Remember, progress on current work, projects, etc. will slow down as well during this time. Don’t try to force things that are just not happening. They are slowing down for a reason, to give you a chance to re-examine, reinvent and re-strategize for an even better finished project.

Also this week, Venus trines Saturn, which will make for easier starts around asking for a commitment, and then it will square Pluto this Tuesday. Pluto in this aspect to Venus will unearth and push “norms” around romance and sexuality. There could be some tension, but ultimately you could uncover some really interesting things about yourself or other people during this aspect as long as you stay calm, loving and open. Squares can be tense, so the more centered you are, the better you can use these energies for self-discovery. Remember when there are planetary aspects like this, please keep yourselves hydrated and well rested at all times! Mars retrograde is a great time to give up alcohol or anything that isn’t natural for you.

The Moon moves from Virgo where it positioned over the weekend into Libra on Tuesday. So today would be a great day to get those projects finished and those emails sent. Did you mail out your taxes? The waxing moon in Libra invites you to check in with all your current relationships.

The real big news is the full moon in Scorpio this Thursday. This can bring a pulsing, sexual, energetic aspect, but watch out with this Mars retrograde for hurt feelings! Tread gently around everyone. It’s the first real Mars retrograde test of your patience, reminding you to take a moment before acting on your anger. Also this is a powerful release moon for all those who work magick out there! Time to say goodbye to jealousy, anger, blame, denial, compulsion. Use this moon to banish anything and everything you no longer need.

Finally, we see the Moon move into Sagittarius early Sunday morning. It’s a great day to go take a boho picnic in the park with your most innovative and psychedelic of friends. Wear your grooviest clothes and enjoy just being human together while you blast some Jimi Hendrix, who just happens to be the patron saint of all things Sag.

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The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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