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Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for Feminists.

The major influence of this week will be a full Capricorn Moon, which will be opposing the Sun in Cancer. Monday and early Tuesday you may be feeling a bit of pressure until the Moon goes Full Tuesday at 9:57 p.m. Pacific Time.

This vibe will be internal, and we may feel a tendency to isolate and withdraw. That’s OK! It’s OK to nourish your feelings and let go, replenish or simply just be. We may feel a culmination of sorts in our inner attitudes and what makes us feel sad, or we may finally begin to recognize the voice of the inner critic and provide a new loving voice for ourselves in its place.

Don’t be surprised if this week you feel a real need to stay solo and create space for yourself that is isolated from the world. It’s time to get in touch with the negative aspects of ourselves and to recognize that there can be a toxic inner critic that poses as a “realist.” What steps can we take to soothe that voice and the place it comes from? Later on in the week, we will come out of this trip transformed and ready to go out into the real world as if walking in a dream, associating with others, and finding our humanity in them, and them in us.


Aries: You can expect this full Moon on late Tuesday evening to be a revelation or turning point in your thoughts on your career. Are you being judgmental of yourself, your career path, where you’ve been and where you’re going? Are you self-nurturing and protecting your boundaries in a way that empowers you? This week I urge you to dialogue with yourself about changes that you could possibly make in your career that reflect the happiness and goodness you feel at home. Let your home life be a reflection of what you want to create in your work life. What elements can you draw in to make your career feel safer for you? What support in your home life can you draw from that will help answer some of the more unruly questions you’ve had of late in regards to career?

Taurus: This full Moon is asking you to create some solo time for yourself, specifically to dedicate to knowledge and self-empowerment through knowledge. This week is the perfect time to read, learn and understand your world more through various modalities. The energy of the moment is also asking you to understand how you communicate and check in with yourself on how you are portraying your communications. Is it sensitive? Is it empowered but willing to listen to others? Does it check its privilege before making comments? Is your random comment triggering to someone in the conversation? If you see that there’s work to do, be gentle and forgiving with yourself — but use this opportunity to learn. To learn more about the outer world you must first go within, and to go within you must go without as well, broadening your horizons and taking the time to sit down and study. Feeding yourself in this way and contemplating communications could lead to some serious realizations. Hold space for yourself and others.

Gemini: This full Moon is all about understanding any negative self-talk that you may have had in the worlds of your internal sexual narrative and how you handle money, and may also provide  a revelation on how to heal it. If there is a critical voice in your head that ever attempts to tear you down, especially when it comes to money and your sexual identity, this would be a perfect time to take some clear solo space and begin to understand the root cause of these feelings. Where are they coming from? When do you remember first feeling them? When you go there, you can begin to dismantle the negative and build off the positive. These voices may need to be healed through inner dialogue, frequent self-check-ins and soul hugs. When in doubt, pull away from the crowd and self-nurture, Gemini. This is an absolute must for you, no matter what the astro transits are.

Cancer: You will definitely feel this full Moon very hard as a Cancer, so please make sure you find the time Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to be restful, relaxed and solo. You do not want to be caught at dinners, functions or anything public the beginning and even middle of this week. Your place will be with yourself and the people you love the most and feel most kindred with. Your thoughts are going to be on you and your most intimate relationships. If things have been uneasy lately, you will get glimpse into the cause this week as well. Perhaps something will be revealed, perhaps something brought to light that wasn’t understood before. If you can embrace change and other people’s feelings this week while creating a safe and loving space for yourself, you will do just fine.

Leo: There is a distinct correlation being drawn this week between your daily routines and the possibility of a meditation, yoga, journaling or some other esoteric practice being called into your daily life. The energy is suggesting that you need to bring some of what’s in your deep creative unconscious out to play on a daily basis in the form of something that you can begin to rely on that makes you feels good, safe and grounds and centers you. Diving into deep thought on your current daily rituals, habits and routines will bring up a treasure trove of hidden meanings, challenges and ways that you can help further yourself by recalibrating how you take time out for yourself, and the lens through which you view your day to day.

Virgo: This full Moon Tuesday evening could bring with it some gentle urges to restructure what you think is fun and who you are doing those fun things with. You will be more sensitive than usual with your friends and community this week, and that’s OK, because there may be some old ideas about the way fun “should be done” that you need to let go of. Have you been viewing fun through a specific lens? Have you been only letting yourself cut loose in certain ways or with certain people? Are there people that you are friends with that you don’t feel good or safe (or both) around? Are there situations you allow yourself to be a part of that can be triggering? Time for some re-evaluation in these areas, Virgo. Put aside some solo time for this and other analysis that might come to the surface.

Libra: This week you can expect some reflection and revelation around your relationship and interplay with your family and home, and how that can boost or detract from your career. Do you need a specific lair, home or level of coziness to be successful? Are you allowing yourself little luxuries, or are you denying yourself luxuries? Do you have too many guests? Are you putting others before yourself? Are your towels fresh? These are all potentially relevant thoughts for you this week. It might be a good idea to spend some time in your home, thinking about what you need to nourish and energize you and what your ideal space needs are right here and now, with the budget you have, to feel like it’s giving you the secure foundation you need.

Scorpio: This week is all about connecting your communications to a higher sense of learning. Your knowledge base and how you communicate are directly connected, and this week you will have some revelations around this notion. You’ll also have the chance to recalibrate to expand yourself and your ability to reach other people in the way you want to. Your emotions can sometimes run hot; you might say things that you might not be so proud of later. This week you have the chance to score some solo time and delve into learning so you can amp your communication style, the words you use and your understanding of how to approach people in a positive way.

Sagittarius: Saggitarius, it may feel hard this week, but you are getting closer and closer to solidifying your sense of self-confidence, and most importantly your sense of self. You will find healing and guidance in your sexual life this week if you are patient and open. If you can translate the positive aspects, power and raw life that pulses through you in your intimate moments into your sense and vision of yourself this week, you will really be cooking. You have the power inside you, and you know how you want to be and where you want to end up. It’s just about transferring the energy in a way that works for you. Self-confidence is key! Don’t doubt yourself, just be — no hesitation.

Capricorn: Be prepared to take some solo space this week. It’s OK to want to withdraw, isolate and even brood. The lesson this week is to draw strength from your loved ones and intimate relationships, and to realize how any tendencies to be “grumbly” can affect the people around you that you love. Give and receive this week, Capricorn. Freeing yourself from negative internal dialogue or vibes could be as simple as allowing yourself to share space with the ones you love, who make you feel safe and can make you smile even if you’re in a funk.

Aquarius: This week your attention is being drawn to the ways that you can incorporate spirituality into your everyday routine. There are certain foundational pieces that you need in your life and daily habits that keep you sane and happy. Taking time out to dive deep within the unconscious mind is something that’s important for you, Aquarius, and this week gives you the opportunity to reflect on what changes you need to make in your daily routines — and also to reward yourself for what you do have that is making you feel good. Sleep, nutrition, hydration are all musts, but you might find dream diaries, journaling, meditation and yoga are daily musts for you that are just as important as clean water and nightly sleep.

Pisces: This full Moon, you might find yourself being the friend that leads folks into the fun. You might just be the one in your crew that has the gift to keep everyone laughing and smiling, simply just by being you. There might be some revelations around leadership and what that means for you and your friend group and community. You might feel that you see yourself in a new and different light, as someone that can beautifully hold space for people who so desperately need it in these times. Your smile is powerful, Pisces; use it with all the self-confidence in the world.


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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