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Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for Feminists.

This week may prove to be a bit calmer than last. We’re past the major eclipse and Harvest Moon. Also, we’ll be waving bye-bye to Mercury retrograde on Thursday. You might want to take extra care up until then with communications, technology and anything that’s been feeling a bit wonky since the beginning of the month. Otherwise, this week and weekend should prove to be mellow — and hopefully more relaxing than last. You can read your individual horoscope for more info!


Aries: The week may start with a sharp, but grounded, focus on money. You can use the lunar energies to hone in on what you need to get done this week regarding money and your self-worth. Thursday may be the day to communicate, especially if you’ve been putting off conversations, emails or texts. The weekend might finally feel like the weekend you get to really relax, and you might just find some real fun right in the comfort of your own home.  In fact, fun actually might look more like taking care of yourself and other people this weekend than going out. You may seek stability more than excitement or getting things done this weekend. If you’re feeling receptive to change, by early morning on Sunday and throughout the day you will have a chance to level up your routines and habits as you look towards starting a fresh week next Monday.

Taurus: Monday and Tuesday may be great days to find some time to really connect with yourself. What are you doing for yourself that’s making you happy? What are you doing that’s making you unhappy? These would be great days to take a stock of how you’re walking in your own shoes. Over the weekend you might want to try remaining open and receptive, and emotions may still be flowing, especially when you’re communicating with other people. Try to be mindful of your own feelings as much as other people’s over Friday and Saturday. Those days may be the prime days to talk, send out texts and emails or have serious conversations. By Sunday you may be focused on staying in, so you might not have the energy to be going out and running around. If you do have to be out and about, you could strategize your errands or social engagements for earlier in the weekend, or one consolidated chunk of time on Sunday. You may really want your home time!

Gemini: Monday and Tuesday might be a bit spacey for you, as the Lunar energies guide you to get into your psyche and find some grounding ideas to bring back to Earth with you. You could get a chance to explore some new spiritual territory or practices that involve getting to a headspace that illuminates more than just your normal day-to-day. Friday and Saturday may have you pondering that ever-evolving question of just how you put yourself out there to make money in ways you feel good and solid about. Maybe it looks like volunteer work, fundraising or grant efforts. Sunday could be a great day to fire off emails, have big convos or work on that writing project.

Cancer: Monday and Tuesday might be the best days of the week for socializing for you, Cancer. Wednesday and Thursday may be draining and leave you feeling spacy and in need of some deep rooted meditation, yoga or journaling. If you feel out of it, please remember it’s OK to forgive yourself — you may just be aligning with the natural rhythm of the stars. Allow time for relaxation and letting your mind wander. The Moon will be waning in your sign on Friday and Saturday, which could be your cue to focus on yourself through nurturing and self-care. The energy of the weekend could be best spent doing things to fortify yourself, leaving you feeling nurtured and giving you strength for the new week ahead.

Leo: Monday and Tuesday may be great days to put yourself in focus to get some real work done. You should have a lot of solid energy that will help you get down to business on whatever you need to work on. Tuesday and Wednesday could be great for date nights with friends, meetups, community gatherings or anything social where you can talk and feel safe being you! The weekend may bring some spaciness and emotions, as the Lunar energies will support you diving deep within your psyche to grab valuable pieces of information. Sunday may be the strongest and most supportive day of the week for you, when the Moon is in your sign. This could be a great time to do a spell or intention-setting around release as well. Don’t be afraid to let go if you’re going through some massive change and renewal right now.

Virgo: This week could kick off with major inspiration to do some reading! You might want to just cozy up with your favorite books and crush some serious knowledge this Monday and Tuesday. Also, if you have to make travel plans (or were thinking about it), these two days should be helpful for that as well. Wednesday and Thursday may encourage you to get super chatty at work, or if you’ve been meaning to lead projects, teams or create presentations, these two days may nudge you in that direction. Really, any communication in or around work will be supported these two days, if you’re clear about checking all the little details (which I know you are, Virgo!) The weekend may be social for you, but it might be better to have people over your house, or even Skype or Facetime with people instead of going out. Also, you may want to be hyper-aware of your friends’ feelings this weekend, especially as you hang out with them. Being supportive, nurturing and loving may be a better choice than being too direct and/or honest about someone’s situation and your opinion of it.

Libra: Monday and Tuesday could be great days to take stock of your personal transformation, Libra. This could mean giving yourself a very well-deserved hug to celebrate just how you’ve come. You might also feel some serious reverberations of where you’re going. If you stay open and grounded, some very real ideas and thoughts could float your way. Friday and Saturday may have you feeling all sorts of feels around what you want to do with you career, where you’re going in life, etc. Allow the feelings to flow and don’t beat yourself up for anything you feel you’ve messed up on. Own your past mistakes as revisions to the roadmap that got you to where you are today, which is something to be proud of. You might want to plan your social engagements for Sunday — you may feel your strongest around others all day.

Scorpio: The beginning of the week could be a great time to connect with your most-loved people and share some quality one-on-one time. Tuesday and Wednesday might be eye-opening days for realizing that you need to do some really powerfully transformative work around how you choose to communicate. Do you communicate to be heard? Are you really putting your feelings and your need to be heard on into words? If you can open up to, and maybe experiment with, new possibilities around your communication style, you might be pleasantly surprised by what happens. Friday and Saturday may have you leaning into some book knowledge, perhaps for extra support. Sunday you may find yourself focused on your career and your talents and intentions there.

Sagittarius: The week may start off on a balanced and grounded note for you, especially if you put some extra focus on routines that make you feel nourished, safe and good throughout the day. Life can get super hectic, but Monday and Tuesday could be prime days for you to connect with and plan for the things that will make for an easygoing, flowing week. Wednesday and Thursday, the lunar energies may favor getting close to loved ones and good friends and having some one-on-one time. Friday and Saturday may feel a bit intense, and you might want to consider pushing social plans to Sunday. Sunday should be an awesome day to get in the car and take a rad and easy day trip!

Capricorn: The beginning of the week, specifically Monday and Tuesday, might call you to do something low-key but luxurious to ground yourself before you really start to ramp up the week ahead. You might find some real fun and joy cooking at home, going out to eat or going shopping. Wednesday and Thursday will maybe shift your focus from rest and relaxation to what routines you need to include in your life to feel happy and mentally stimulated. These days might the time to consider tacking on a weekly phone or Skype session with a loved one, friend, co-worker or mentor. Friday and Saturday, the spotlight may be on loved ones as well — make some extra time for the special people in your life. You may not want to plan anything too extravagant, though. With the Moon in Cancer, you may just want to close to home and do something that’s more meaningful and relaxing than stimulating.

Aquarius: Monday and Tuesday may call you back home to be as low-key as possible. Whether you’re a homebody or not, you may want to take the beginning of the week to spend some time and focus on your home and, if it’s appropriate, family as well. Wednesday and Thursday might be really great days to reach out and connect with fellow air signs for some text, phone or Skype conversations. Having a conversation with your favorite person on one or both of those days might be really fun! Friday and Saturday may again have you turning back to your home for support, but an added feature of these days would be inserting some serious self-care and self-nurturing into your daily routines. Sunday is the best day of the week to hook up with loved ones and partners.

Pisces: Communications could flow easily Monday and Tuesday for you Pisces, especially if you are clear and direct about what you want, need and feel. This could be the best day of the week to have important conversations! Wednesday and Thursday might be great days to have people over for a catch-up session or hangout. It might be especially fun to host and have great convos these days. Friday and Saturday might be more fun if you dial down. Instead of thinking about social engagements, parties and meetups, think about how you can maximize your home space. Maybe you’ll continue to have people over, or maybe you just take some much-needed time for yourself. Sunday may be a great day to put your energy into creating a strategy for your routines and habits for the next week. Think nutrition, self-care and anything else that will make you feel confident on a daily basis.



The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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