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Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for Feminists.

The big news this week is the Harvest Moon, which will be a full Moon AND a lunar eclipse in Pisces on Friday, Sept. 16, at 12:05 p.m. Pacific time. Feelings will be running high as the lunations manifest differently for everyone, so stay aware and tuned into yourself. Keep upping the self-care ante and make room for other people’s reactions, as long as they are safe.

The energy is trying to tune us into the energy of Pisces, which is many things, including artistic, fun, romantic and, at its core, deeply and sincerely concerned with helping humanity, inner feelings, intuition and love. The Harvest Moon in Pisces and lunar eclipse will be a powerful moment of summing up the deep-rooted emotions and lessons of the summer, and showing us where we can begin to build bridges of emotion that reach from within our own souls to the outside world. You could observe this moment with some reflection, quiet solo time, or a simple or elaborate ritual.

The Moon enters Pisces late Wednesday night, so you will feel the energy build  See below for how it will affect your sign:


Aries: The full Moon energy this week could help you connect with a whole new side of your unexplored psyche. This is going to be a particularly cosmic (and possibly eerie) experience for you, Aries, as you may get pulled into thinking about esoteric subjects and doors you wouldn’t normally open. If you can stay grounded and clear, and work the energy physically, you could see some sort of enlightened viewpoint, a-ha moment or turning point in your self or situations. Be on extra high alert for using or abusing substances that may be considered toxic to your body. This Moon could pull you in a direction of self-defeat, undoing, or self-destruction. If you drink or party, you could potentially go overboard or have a messy experience. If you choose to remain clear and grounded, the energy could reward you by taking you to some very deep places. If you choose to party and or drink, the energy could take you to some very self-destructive places. The choice is yours. When channeled into an otherworldly pursuit, like channeling or calling on ancestral, house witching, writing, or making art, this full Moon energy could bring you very high, indeed.

Taurus: The full Moon and lunar eclipse is going to bring full circle some very intense lessons you may have been learning all summer about friendships, community and where you see yourself in regard to other people and the world at large. What have you been tested with this in this arena over the summer, Taurus? Are you beginning to see your place among friends and community? If it’s still blurry, that’s OK. It’s very possible that this Harvest Moon and eclipse will bring about some realizations, especially in regards to reaching out to others, helping others and being someone that’s giving, helping and guiding instead of being on the receiving end. It may feel like an affirmation that you’re on the right path, or it may feel like a torpedo blowing your world apart. If you can trust the change and stay open to whatever’s in flux, you, your friends and community — in fact, the whole world — could be better off for it.

Gemini: Expect some strong feelings this Wednesday, Gemini, in regard to how you’re giving back to the world at large and specifically how that relates to your work, career and public persona. For many moments this year, you may have struggled with your identity in the workplace, and just how and where you fit in. But this Harvest Moon/eclipse could bring some extreme clarity, upset or fast track to change into your mind and spirit around career. You have many, many gifts, Gemini, and it’s up to you to have the confidence to use them, to expand and nurture them. Part of this is a higher faith you must have to be able to know that you have the ability to help and live a life of service while still being as charismatic, intellectual and poised as you are. Take deep breaths and go with the flow. Whatever changes are happening now will only propel you to the next level, if you are keeping your head above water and your eyes on the prize. Don’t waste time with fear; simply start to put together the pieces of your identity so you can stand in wholeness.

Cancer: It may be feeling like it’s time to learn, expand, grow and/or travel, Cancer, and there just might be some truly deep meaning behind those ideas and visions as well. Whatever your mind is set on learning, expanding around or traveling to could be extremely beneficial for you and, ultimately, for everyone around you. If you suddenly get some insight, flash or vision into booking a getaway, learning abroad, teaching or attending a class or workshop in another country, you could allow yourself to move one step closer to making those dreams come true and see how that makes you feel. Anything you feel a sudden interest in could hold an extremely powerful key for you in the future. Be open — things may be feeling a bit topsy-turvy or upside-down. Your emotions (and everyone else’s) may be running high, so make sure to provide ample alone time for yourself and make some good, solid plans around self-nurturing.

Leo: This week and weekend could be highly transformative for you, Leo, starting around Wednesday and becoming most potent on Friday and through the weekend. You could feel like one person going into Wednesday and another by Saturday evening. You could begin to notice and embrace the changes, the learning and whatever comes your way, as it may lead you to the best version of yourself you’ve seen to date. There could be powerful and intense moments that may retrigger past traumas or memories. There could be moments of self-doubt, crisis or intense change. Stay grounded, nourished, hydrated and well-slept and try to be able to accept all possibilities and viewpoints for your future. Sometimes things come up to be healed; when we allow emotions to happen, we can finally begin to let go, heal and/or come full circle with what we’ve been carrying. Don’t be afraid to reach out for support if you need it! You’ve probably been seeing a great deal more of your power and self-confidence this year, so don’t be afraid to rely on that. You’ve started to create a firm foundation for yourself, and this weekend you’ll be adding to that foundation, even if it feels like the house is shaking down.

Virgo: It’s probably been quite the roller coaster for you the past few weeks, even months, Virgo. I’m sure you’ve had your share of triumphs, miscommunications, celebrations and hurt feelings. This Harvest Moon/eclipse will draw you back inward to your closest relationships, and point your energies back to those you love and care about the most. With so much going on in  your life, it’s easy to imagine that those closest to you have felt slighted at times at the amount of attention (or lack thereof) they may have been receiving from you. This Wednesday through the weekend, you’ll gain some precious insight into why that’s been happening and how you can recalibrate your role to help facilitate smoother relations with the ones you love.

Libra: This Harvest Moon/eclipse could bring your attention to your home and the daily routines and habits that weave the fabric of your life. Wednesday through the weekend, you might feel a burst of energy that can help guide and enlighten you on exactly where you need to readjust your day-to-day life so that you can make the most of your energy, vitality, happiness and wholeness. Don’t be afraid to think about how you can make happy changes around what keeps you healthy and feeling whole during your week. Whether your schedule is intense and unyielding or you have extra time, you can create a routine that makes you feel good and gives you a firm foundation. To envision this, you could feel what feels good for you by dropping into your body when you think about each and every habit and routine you have and could create. Mentally picture each day and how you go about nutrition, movement, scheduling, errands, bill paying, relaxation — whatever makes up your day. Connecting with your body on this could help you discover what makes you feel good so you can leave behind old habits and make room for new ones that feel good, like a snake shedding its skin.

Scorpio: The Harvest Moon/eclipse this Friday could you give you a much-needed burst of energy and insight into how you handle fun in your life. It could give you opportunities to change your viewpoint around what makes things fun for you, and also around what your expectations for fun in your life are vs. what the reality is. Maybe you’re thinking that certain things, people or actions make up what feels fun — when it’s actually something else entirely. You could have a preconceived notion about who you are and what you should think is fun, and what feels truly good to you. Don’t be afraid to explore new modes of being and experiencing that directly relate to who you really are and what makes you feel safe, heard and happy. This Wednesday through the weekend, watch what comes up for you around the idea of fun, how you participate in what that means and what motivates you around fun. You might have an opportunity to really level up in yourself, who you are and how you and others see yourself by just observing and going with what feels good — not what stresses you out or makes you feel anxious. Hint: if you’re tensing up before doing certain things, they might not be good for you!

Sagittarius: This Harvest Moon/eclipse on Friday could bring some immediate shakeups and/or insights around parents, siblings or ancestral origin. It could mean letting go of expectations around family and what’s possible in relationships. Sometimes we have to accept that our family might never truly understand us and that we have to let go of what we feel should be possible there. Be mindful of others feelings this week, but also be mindful of your boundaries and what makes you feel good about yourself. Sometimes we have to let go for things to properly heal. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel less than, in any way, even if they are family. You can practice safe boundary work by saying “no,” or “it’s not OK.” It’s OK for you to speak up, always. It’s OK to disconnect from toxic relationships, no matter who they are with. Also, would be an especially potent time to connect with the energy of the ancestors and calling their power into your life. Rituals and visualizations with family could be really important and powerful now. Often times, our ancestors have powerful wisdom to share with us — we just need to be open to receive it.  

Capricorn: This Harvest Moon/eclipse is going to hit your house of communications, so you may want to be extra careful around communicating with everyone, including yourself. The energy brewing Wednesday through Saturday evening could bring you to a higher level of being able to communicate who you are, what you do and how you do it — if you pay careful attention. The energy could bring some fierce misfires and confused thoughts and feelings, so you’ll want to be prepared going in, but also looking for ways you can calibrate how you speak and where your words are coming from. Are you taking time and being patient with others? Are you trying to be constantly cognizant of others feelings? If you’re not there yet, don’t take it as an opportunity to beat yourself up, but rather as an opportunity to learn and grow as you widen your communication style to make yourself and others feel good. You know how to get stuff done, Capricorn, but now it may be time to put some feeling into your POAs!

Aquarius: This Harvest Moon/eclipse in Pisces could have some major clues for you regarding how you make your money and how that connects to serving humanity and living out your higher purpose on the planet. If you’ve been struggling to find and deepen your sense of passion and purpose in a very structure 9-to-5 world, this full Moon in Pisces could bring you several steps closer to making sense of your urges, piecing together your dreams and moving ever-so-slowly and carefully forward with your master plans. If you haven’t been giving your finances, your day job or your possessions your all, this is going to be the full Moon where any self-destructive behaviors could come back to you to teach you a lesson, Aquarius. You could feel a massive shakeup or change around your personal finances. Remember that either way you’ve been playing it, whatever happens around this date has an element of fate in play and will be bringing you to the next level of where you need to be.

Pisces: During this Harvest Moon/eclipse week, make time to do something for just for yourself — something that allows you to relax, but also allows you to create, revel in and expand on your dreams and visions around who you are, what you want to do and how you want to be. Friday will be EXTRA powerful for you — in fact, this whole week may be extra powerful for you, from Wednesday on, so you might want to stay as clear a possible and set an intention for yourself, because it will have a greater chance of manifesting. Any rituals that you perform, journaling that you write down, or even just silent, personal intentions you set for yourself have a higher probability of manifesting and coming true Also, be wary of any substances (even including aspirin and pain relievers), because they could potentially affect you more than usual during this week.


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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