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Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for Feminists.

All this week, we are building to a full Moon in Aries late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. What’s unique about this particular full Moon is that it is happening at the same time that the Moon is at perigee, or closest to Earth. Some astrologers call this a “super full Moon,” meaning that its effects can be felt moreso than other full Moons.

I’m personally putting out advisories to stay centered and grounded, focused and positive in thoughts and language. If you mess up or feel yourself slip, don’t take it as a cue to beat yourself up! Try to get back on track and create as much positivity as you can. Also if you are feeling witchy, this Moon could work really nicely with your spells to generate more power and effectiveness! Read below for more info regarding how the super full Moon in Aries will affect you.


Aries: The week could start off on a very social note you for you, Aries, with the Moon in your house of friendships and community in the sign of Aquarius. This could have you reaching out to connect with your community on issues that affect directly impact and or affect your community, or the community at large. You also might be feeling more action-oriented or interested in sparking real conversations about subjects that matter. Early Wednesday morning through mid-morning Friday, you could feel very spacy — be on high alert about reaching for substances if you’re feeling weird or off. You might want to consider meditation, sound baths, epsom salts or crystal baths, movement, yoga or journaling instead. Friday morning, however, you could start to feel very centered and within your own power as the Moon returns to your sign, in your first house. Think about renewing yourself, your image and your ideas about yourself. Try to up your self-esteem and create positive affirmations around yourself and who you are, want to be and are becoming! You could even perform a ritual or set intentions around these things, or just celebrate yourself! Don’t be afraid to welcome and own your own power.

Taurus: Monday and Tuesday could start with some interesting realizations, changes or innovations around your career and/or public image. You also might find new pieces of technology (apps, electronics etc.) that help you get ahead in your career. Early Wednesday through mid-morning Friday, you could be feeling quite social, surrounding yourself with lots of friends who are talkers, healers, poets, musicians, artists, etc. You could, however, be on high alert for being tempted to imbibe substances; you might want to protect yourself beforehand if you are practicing sobriety. If you are drinking, make sure not to overdo it. By early Friday morning through the full Moon on Sunday, you may start to feel very powerful and grounded about certain deep-rooted issues or thoughts in your psyche. These would be great days to retreat a bit and go inside to powerfully renew. You could be feeling a healing around anger, or situations involving anger. You could have some really serious breakthroughs if you allow yourself the safe space for it.

Gemini: The week could start off an expansive note for you, Gemini, as your mind could be focused on locking down a big trip, reading books or magazine articles or taking some classes. You might also be breathing into a larger, bigger and more broader version of yourself. Take a deep breath and know that it’s OK if the idea is not fully formed yet; just go with what feels right. Midweek, you could feel a push with respect to your career and public persona. Obey the urge to get weird in this arena, and also say yes to meetings with new people if it feels safe. Friday through Sunday, you might feel a very sudden energetic shift with friendships and a real hunger to get out there and pursue new friendships while still maintaining the old ones you actually care about. Could it be time to let go of some old friends that aren’t a good fit anymore? This weekend, especially around the full Moon, could be the one where a strained relationship breaks, or you have the power to say goodbye once and for all. If you’re on track with all the peeps in your life, then you might just feel like getting out there and hanging out. You know you have plenty to say and your character sparks great convos.

Cancer: This week could start with some major feelings — the Moon Monday and Tuesday could be making you extra sensitive regarding areas of your life where you need to innovate and augment so you can properly look toward the future. Cancer, you may not always like to move forward, but sometimes it is necessary to find new tools to help you get there. If you’re being prompted to learn this week — especially if it’s about esoteric studies, meditation, binaural beats, new forms of therapy, sound healing or other things you might normally find off the beaten path —  you might want to really listen, open up and give things a try. The weekend could have you contemplating a power move in your career. You have some real talents and gifts, and you have some really powerful tools in your toolbox. You might want to reconsider how your voice is heard and how you can up the ante to make sure people are listening to the good advice you have to offer! You might be able to find some opportunities to really speak your mind in career realms or really feel heard. The full Moon on Saturday may have you feeling extra feelings, so make sure you create some safe space for yourself, no matter what.

Leo: Monday and Tuesday might have you sparring with your partner or loved ones in intellectual conversations. Don’t be surprised if you feel yourself slipping into talkative and maybe even argumentative regions that you don’t normally visit with the people closest to you. If you keep things forward and fun, and stay flexible in the moment, you could make some really great or empowering discoveries, especially around the people you share your day-to-day with. Wednesday through early Friday morning could find you longing to retreat to regenerate and heal your mental, spiritual and physical bodies. The vibes of the weekend leading up to the full Moon could bring you into a more heightened awareness of a need to travel or learn. Blazing a path to inner expansion could be very much on your mind, so let yourself be empowered and give yourself permission to level up! You could do spells or set intentions around your own expansions this full Moon as well.

Virgo: Monday and Tuesday you could feel a pull to integrate new technology into your everyday life to make your day go smoother. Think about apps that help you with nutrition, errands, child care, home care, etc. You could make some big strides just by downloading something that can majorly help you! Wednesday through early Friday morning could have you doing some offbeat and fun date-night or day things with your partner or closest loved ones. Think concerts, films, festivals or unique hangouts. Be mindful of substances, however, and if you’re sober, take extra precautions to shore up the support in your life; if you are drinking, be mindful of finding a healthy place to stop. This weekend’s full Moon is going to fall into an extra-sensitive part of your chart, affecting your healing and regeneration, so stay as grounded and present as possible early Friday and through the full Moon late Saturday night. You could feel strong energies regarding what needs to change and what can fall away so you can regenerate new parts of your psyche to hold a stronger, more powerful you. Don’t be afraid to put some solo time aside this weekend and dive deep to come out with fresh ideas about your strength and presence.

Libra: Monday and Tuesday could kick the week off with some wacky fun and weirdness if you are open to it, Libra! These two days might inspire you to do something offbeat! (a John Waters movie marathon comes to mind …) Wednesday through early Friday could have you re-visioning new ideas for daily habits or lifestyle pieces that could be coming from a more creative, artistic, crafty or even witchy space. What have you been wanting to add in your day-to-day that brings you to a truly creative place? These days could be fun to experiment with such ideas. Early Friday through late Saturday night could have you on the defensive with your partner or close loved ones. You might want to take some breathing room, especially before you go into deep territory, have important conversations or feel a fight coming on. You could also use it as a powerful time to set intentions or do spellcraft for finding the right partner, if that’s on your radar!

Scorpio: The beginning of the week might have you itching to set out on an offbeat quest with siblings or those you consider family — or it might have you turning over stones to find new, innovative or just plain weird things to do in your neighborhood. If you feel safe to go out and explore uncharted territory in the blocks around your home, you might come up with some really interesting information! Wednesday through early Friday could find you wanting to get out there and party pretty hard, so if you’re currently practicing sobriety, you might want to really shore up your support system and defenses before you say “yes” to social engagements. If you are not sober right now, you might want to watch yourself so you don’t fall in too hard with drinking or substances. Even Tylenol might have an extra effect on you, so you might want to practice mindfulness. Early Friday through late Saturday night could have you feeling inspired to make a total revamp in your personal habits or routines. You might want to re-arrange your bed and/or wake times, where and how you buy groceries/personal care products, where and how you run errands and, most important, how you treat yourself in your home space. Are you loving to yourself when you are home? Are you spending enough time at home and allowing yourself to fully recharge? These could be questions worth asking and then experimenting with!

Sagittarius: Monday and Tuesday could start with you feeling like you really need to connect intellectually with the people and world around you. These could be great days to chat with people who share your visionary inspiration for a better world! You might be able to make some awesome things happen if you make a push for it, even in this short amount of time. Wednesday through early Friday could have you feeling like you just want to stay home and get lost in art books, movies or music. Just watch out for going overboard with substances, especially alcohol. If you are practicing sobriety, make sure you have your support network in place! However, it might be really easy to get lost in the clouds and get high without doing much of anything these days! Early Friday through the full Moon late Saturday could have you ready to go full force out into the world and have some fun, whatever that means to you. It could be a really powerful full Moon for reinvigorating fun and happiness in your life. As long as you stay mindful and conscious, and most of all safe, you might have a real blast with exciting surprises all weekend.

Capricorn: The week may start out with a strong focus on your finances and new ways you can innovate or breathe life back into your current budget. If you don’t have a budget, now could be a great time to experiment with a spreadsheet and/or a list of monthly expenses and see where you can make changes to gain more control! Wednesday into early Friday could see you putting an emphasis on artistic communication. If there have been some artistic projects that you’ve been working on or thinking about where you can really demonstrate your voice, these days may be a great time to get to work. Friday through the full Moon Saturday night could find you making some powerful moves around your home — maybe the next roommate, place or even furniture revamp could sneak up on you, or be revealed in opportunities that are arising.

Aquarius: The week starts out with the Moon in your sign Monday and Tuesday! This could have you feeling yourself to the max, as long as you remember to be easy with yourself and allow yourself the self-confidence you deserve. Midweek Wednesday into early Friday could have you freaking out about money; I would advise you to try not to stress too much, as tides are changing and you may not be worrying forever. You may have to budget and take it a bit easy, and it could be helpful to prioritize nutrition and special care items over anything else. Early Friday into late Saturday, the full Moon could find you unearthing some serious levels of power communication. This weekend would be ideal for having important talks or just displaying your natural love for thoughtful, intellectual and insightful conversation.

Pisces: The week could start out on a spacy, yet talkative, note with Monday’s and Tuesday’s energy delivering extra thoughts around how you can innovate and make change in the deepest recesses of your psyche. You might want to find a BFF to talk it out with! Wednesday through early Friday finds the Moon in your sign, so you might want to prep yourself for feeling yourself super hard and being able to soak up and broadcast feelings of confidence and bolstered self-esteem. You deserve to do what you love, Pisces, and you are so amazing! It’s OK to feel a bit full of yourself every once in awhile. Early Friday morning through the full Moon late Saturday could find you making powerful changes in regard to finances. You may have to roll your sleeves up and get dirty, sift through the debts, payments and power struggles, but ultimately it will be worth it. You could use the energy to make fresh changes to your savings and checking accounts!

The Mystical Sister is a very thankful young resident of the Bay Area and works as an Astrologer, Tarot reader, and practitioner of Kundalini Yoga and Reiki. Follow her on instagram at @sorora_mystica  and on her Facebook page The Mystical Sister for astrological updates and adventures!


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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