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Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for Feminists.

It’s not too late to plant a seed with the powerful new Moon in Scorpio! The power of this Lunation really resonates through early morning Tuesday. Also, tonight would be a great night to call upon your ancestors and connect with them, leave them offerings or just thank them. Action items could be as simple as looking through photos, tracing your lineage and holding space for the memory of your lineage, or thanking your ancestors who have come before you and struggled. You could do a ritual or advanced offering to relatives as well.

This week would be a great time to water the seeds that you’ve planted and remember that not all the changes you need to make happen at once. When you’re feeling bad, do the things you need to do to make yourself feel better. Self care is THE mantra of this year and into 2017.

Especially as we move towards the election, things will start to feel more energetically heavy, so make sure stay cognizant to do your part in keeping our communities and spaces safe and positive!  

Aries: The new Moon over the weekend could have felt like a jolt of sexual energy, death, rebirth and transformation. This week, you may begin to gather the pieces and rebuild yourself through knowledge and passion. What books, music and art do you love, and do you have enough of them in your life? Tuesday through late Thursday evening would be great times to break out the material that inspires you.Thursday night into late Saturday night would be perfect times to translate what you’ve learned into where you’re going, especially in regards to career and professional development. Are you ready to jump on opportunities if they come your way? Do your prep work this week, Aries, so you feel confident to strike when the iron is hot. Sunday is the best day to socialize this week. Maybe attend a meetup or get out there and mingle with friends, new and old. You could think big, especially in regards to community. You may want to bring social relevance to even the smallest or most casual hangout.

Taurus: The vibe over the weekend may have been very intense in regards to your relationships and realizations about how you consciously or unconsciously are in these relationships. This may bring rebirth, regeneration or new ideas when it comes to partners or your partner — or rebirth about how you feel about partnerships, coupling or relationships in general. The feeling may intensify as the Moon enters as sensitive part of your chart, highlighting intimacy, sexual rebirth and new ideas around holistic sexuality. How can you add the fire element to your Earth energy to create something safe and satisfying for you and those you care about? Early Tuesday through late Thursday night, you might have these topics on your mind. Late Thursday night through late Saturday night may bring you to a more quiet, introspective place, where you could be yearning for your favorite books, museums or documentaries. By Sunday your mind is on career. What can you do to innovate your career or professional development?

Gemini: You may have had some awesome ideas or revelations over the weekend about how you take care of yourself and what you really need to be happy. Even if it was a really small idea, you may want to highlight it and follow through on it. Nurture those seeds, nurture yourself. Early Tuesday into late Thursday night would be the best days to go out and have a great date with your boo, BFF, lover or lovers. More than just a good time, you might be calling into focus what partnership really means to you. Are you having fun? Late Thursday night through Saturday night may have you sexually focused and looking the key themes around your sexuality that keep you grounded and feeling safe. Don’t be afraid to put them into practice with people you feel safest around. Don’t be afraid to embrace the sexual part of yourself as sacred. All day Sunday you may feel like reaching for some weird and wacky books, materials around science and innovation or visiting museums or other places involving learning about wild ideas.

Cancer: The past weekend could have been major for you in terms of remembering how to have fun. From Tuesday until Thursday evening, I would suggest really understanding how the idea of fun and play may need to take a special role in your life so that you can feel good, honest and free to be yourself. How can you incorporate the idea of fun into your everyday life? Is it coloring? Is it crafts or woodwork? Is it community action or nurturing your home? How can you expand these ideals and practices if you want? You might want to get a good idea of how you’ll contribute to your daily routine, especially by the end of the week. Thursday night into early Sunday morning, in particular, might have you more focused on your relationships and their upkeep. Now might be the the time to unleash some forward momentum in these realms. Sunday you might be feeling like you’re heading towards a new space, mentally. It’s more than OK to hit the reset button for yourself via self care — it could be necessary.

Leo: The weekend could have been a very important one for you, especially in regards to home. You also could have had some heavy insights around family, self-worth in regard to family and understanding that sometimes you need to let relationships go if they are toxic or harmful — even if they are family. Monday would be a great night to connect with your ancestors for guidance on these topics, or just in general! Early Tuesday morning through late Thursday evening, things could lighten up and have you feeling like you want to have some fun. You may want explore options that are fun but structured — like crafts, working with tools or building things, art or something that requires patience and configuration. Late Thursday into early Saturday night could have you really taking a look at your daily routines to make sure that you’re in alignment with your true self. Are your daily habits serving you or destroying you? Sunday things could get chatty and fun with your partners, lovers or relations.

Virgo: You may have had some radical insights about how you are heard this past weekend, Virgo, and the energy may resonate until Tuesday morning. The Moon’s energies may be pointing you to take those lessons or ideas around communication and plant them directly into your home. How can you love and respect your home more? Is your home clean and comfy? Is your altar clean and free of dust? Do you have the items that make you feel good and or free when you come home? Tuesday through late Thursday evening could have you concentrating on these ideas and more. Late Thursday into late Saturday could have you out and about looking for fun, but probably not in the club or at a bar. The zodiac is urging to to find a way to have some fun in different ways. Would you be interested in seeing what that is like? Just for a moment? Waking up sober, healthy and refreshed may be the ultimate way to start your Sunday and plan for the week ahead. What can you do to support yourself and feel physically happy every day during the week? Hint: think outside the box.

Libra: This week you may have a chance to see how your need for financial stability on your own terms is directly connected with how you communicate. How do you communicate to the world who you are and what you want? Is your voice deep and strong, or is it fragile and self-conscious? Monday through late Thursday evening, you might want to reflect on these notions and set self-confidence goals. You are beautiful. You are worth loving. You are worth listening to. These could be key mantras for you to work with in the mirror, on the train, in your car, before you go to bed, etc. Late Thursday into late Saturday you may be moving forward with the things you need in your home to feel grounded and safe. This is a theme for you this year, Libra, and I would ask you to maybe consider really doing the work in your home space to open the doorways to live the life you want. Sunday could just be pure weird and wacky conversational joy.

Scorpio: I sincerely hope after this weekend, Scorpio, you are really feeling yourself. You’ve got some serious regenerative energy cooking on the stove Monday into late Thursday. You may need to stay clear and grounded with yourself to maximize the potential. Anything is possible for you, Scorpio, and you may finally be starting to realize it this week and see some cash money flow to you as well. If you’re not seeing money just yet, you may want to focus on the idea of you vs. how you make money and see what is in alignment and what is not. What can you begin to restructure to get you where you want to be? From late Thursday into late Saturday, you may feel changes and restructures around your communication style OR be feeling particularly fiery.  Remember to stay flexible, even if you are upset, and go where the lessons take you. Transformation is your friend, your keeper, your guide.

Sagittarius: You may have felt like this past weekend sent you on a one-way trip to the mental limits of outer space, and you may be just starting to feel your way home. I suggest taking the lessons, images and blips on the mental radar that may have run through your brain over the weekend and incorporate them into a new vision of yourself. You as you been a big theme this year. It will continue to twist, turn and grow — and that’s OK. You’re right where you need to be, Sag, not a day or minute late. Keep going, keep discovering, keep trying new things. Tuesday morning through late Thursday may have you feeling stress or pressure over money. I suggest you be pragmatic about budgeting, but also be forgiving around how you make money. If you’re not happy where you are at, start to investigate what you can change, rework or proceed with professional development. Late Thursday through late Saturday are the best days to communicate with the outside world, so if you’ve been putting off pushing “send,” you may want to deploy it after you’ve double-checked your words. Sunday you’ll want to get weird at home. Think about buying a new gadget or staying on the couch and listening to binaural beats for an hour or so.

Capricorn: You may have felt some interesting vibrations in relation to your idea of friendship, your friend circle and community over the past weekend. Let the lessons, thoughts or ideas ring through into Tuesday morning. You may not want to rush to change anything, just observe. What and who makes you feel good and betters you? Who makes you feel bad, heavy or, worse yet, unsafe? Find your people in finding who makes you feel special. Tuesday through late Thursday, you may feel intense pressure in your deep unconscious. Meditation may be medicinal for you right now, even if it’s from an app on your phone. The deeper you go, the more healing you can create for yourself in the future. It may be a pretty tough few days, but as Thursday night comes around you’ll start to see how working with these issues can bring you the confidence you need to stay strong. In the meantime, you need to feel solid in yourself first, so do what you need to do to make yourself feel good this week. Self nurture, self-care, repeat.

Aquarius: The vibrations of the past weekend may have had you really focusing, dreaming and scheming around your career. I know Aquariuses enough to know that in some way, shape or form, it was productive, and this week, Tuesday through late Thursday in fact, the Moon is guiding you to see how your friends and community at large are a big part of this career rebirth you are looking into at the moment. Also of note: how can you help, and/or be of service? Thursday through late Saturday night could have you feeling like diving deep and finally “mastering” that meditation practice, movement session, ritual or spell work,  journaling and intention setting routine. How can you add structure to the unbound realms of your mind so you can begin to weave these ideas into pragmatic fabric that can make up your everyday life? Sunday, it’s all about you. Revisit your goals and reward yourself for just how very far you have come.

Pisces: This past weekend may have been trailblazing for you as you start to incorporate travel and/or education into your life in a bigger way. This will keep resonating through Tuesday morning, when it will shift into your career. How is what you’re doing or learning helping you professionally? Are you maximizing your professional development? Career and life purpose will be on your mind until Thursday evening, when your focus will shift to friends. You might be making big plans or hosting dinners or meetups at your place Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Perhaps you’ll want to look at the common threads between learning and exploring topics you are passionate about, your career and your friends. Are they in alignment? Do they make sense? Are they symbiotic? Sunday would be a perfect day to journal these thoughts out.

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The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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