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Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for Feminists.

The new Moon in Libra last Friday may have restored a semblance of balance back into your life and spirit. As summer loses its sunny and warm influence on the Earth, and fall’s mysterious and delightfully shadowy fog starts to roll over us, we realize that our hearts, minds and bodies are affected by this beautiful natural change and we too begin to transition. We also begin to reap what we have sown in late spring and early summer.

This week is about recovery, quiet transformation and grounded stability. With the Moon moving out of Scorpio and through Sagittarius and Capricorn over the weekend,we will have an opportunity to let some dust settle and reach deeply into ourselves, our truths and our day-to-day lives. New Moon themes may still be relevant; follow this link to review last week’s Astrology for Feminists and see what’s still resonating for you.


Aries: This week starts out with the Moon in Scorpio passing through your house of transformation. Monday and Tuesday may be excellent days to withdraw and spend some quality time with your feelings. You may have had some big thoughts or ideas about your personal relationships last week, and this week the those themes may continue to dominate. Don’t be afraid to seek help or counsel if you are struggling with things like gender and or sexual identity, internal crisis or confusion. The vibe should lift Wednesday, Thursday and early Friday morning, maybe bringing you out of seclusion and into places where ideas are exchanged and knowledge is offered. Even if this place is the public library, the Moon in Sagittarius may call for you to pick up some threads related to mental and personal expansion. Also these may be good days to make travel plans. Lastly, the weekend will bring the Moon in Capricorn, which might have you going into overdrive in regard to career. This weekend may be a great time to redo a resume, start a job search or delve into projects large and small. You have extra energy from Mars and Pluto, so don’t be afraid to get to work and get creative!

Taurus: Monday and Tuesday start with the Moon in Scorpio going through your house of relationships. You may feel emotional, and may need to give yourself some extra time before speaking with your loved ones if you are feeling angry, angsty or upset. Venus in Scorpio as well could bring you extra energy with your partners and loved ones, and allow you to speak up in positive ways. Wednesday, Thursday and early Friday morning are powerful days to focus on your personal transformation. Maybe take your journal out and take stock in how far you’ve come and where you want to go. You could ask yourself, “how do I want to impact the people and world around me?” Saturday and Sunday might be great days to lock down plans regarding travel. These could also be great days to to kick back and read, take classes, webinars or workshops. You might discover or plan some things that turn out to give you baseline knowledge that you really needed.

Gemini: The week starts off with the Moon in Scorpio glowing brightly in the house that rules your daily habits, routines and rituals. Venus is in this house as well, suggesting that the energy is inviting you to do something that makes you feel beautiful inside and out. This could mean a pampering spa treatment or a delicious pot of exotic tea brewed and imbibed throughout the day, purchasing something that makes you feel fierce when you try it on or maybe just adding a fierce attitude to your day-to-day existence! Wednesday, Thursday and early Friday may have you thinking about — and reaching out to — those closest in your life. These may be excellent date nights whether it’s with friends, lovers or partners! The weekend could find you focusing on grounding yourself and taking stock in how far you’ve come over the last year. It will be a great time to journal and set new milestones for yourself. It could be fun to make a one-, three- and five-year plan for yourself and kick off some projects as well.

Cancer: The Moon will be heading through the house that rules fun for you, Cancer, at the very beginning of this week. Monday and Tuesday should be great days to set up phone chats or video hangouts, to attend local events or have a date night with someone you care about. It could also just mean some rest and relaxation at home. Maybe you kick it up a notch by painting your nails a really rad color or cooking a spicy meal. Wednesday, Thursday and early Friday morning may find you adding some really awesome “to dos” in your personal agenda. You might add something like setting aside time to read or blog, or making time for community and/or action oriented groups. Friday and Saturday will be the perfect days to spend with partners or, if you don’t have a partner, working on partnering up with yourself to create or perfect your side hustle. Mars and Pluto are bringing a lot of energy into that house for you, so anything you start this weekend could begin to amplify. The weirder it is, the better it could be. Don’t be surprised, however, if you feel like you need some alone time. Never be afraid to say what you need.

Leo: You may want to be careful around family members, siblings, roommates and/or neighbors as you start your week, Leo! You could find yourself letting some snark fly — just remember to take a moment to clarify your thoughts if you’re heading somewhere negative. You have the potential to be extra emotional these Monday and Tuesday, so you may want to take extra time for yourself. Wednesday, Thursday and early Friday might be the best days of the week to go out there and do something social. You could connect with social justice-minded friends or acquaintances and get some really great ideas out there together. You might be feeling really optimistic as well. It could be a great few days to make a purchase involving metal, like jewelry or something for your home if you’ve been thinking about it. Friday afternoon and evening, and all day Saturday and Sunday, could bring you back home to really ground yourself in nutrition, body work, breath work, journaling, gardening or even a sporty activity. Working with trees or belladonna could be heightened, if you’re an herbalist.

Virgo: The week starts with the Moon in Scorpio heading through the house that rules communications for you, Virgo. So you may want to watch out for yourself and others, who may be feeling extra sensitive. You may notice things that are wrong or need to be fixed — but if you try, make sure you are firm, yet gentle, in the way you let people know they’ve made a mistake. This way, you might be able to avoid some real arguments or bickering. Wednesday, Thursday and early Friday might find you really focused on staying close to home and discovering new things to enjoy there. Maybe it’s trying out a new local spot or shop, or just spending extra time in places you don’t normally in your own house. Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday could find you turning into even more of a homebody and doing some activities you love and that ground you. Maybe it’s hobbies like arts, crafts, cooking or gardening. This could also be a really great weekend to start an herb garden in your home, even if you’ve never planted one before!

Libra: You could be feeling any tenseness around money start to lift early this week, if you haven’t felt it already. You might see some blessings of abundance come in, especially if you’ve been working hard. You could also be seeing some positive shifts around how you welcome abundance into your life and how you feel in regard to your own personal wealth. It can be especially important to believe that you’re worth riches and abundance before it can begin to manifest fully in your life. Wednesday, Thursday and early Friday, you could be in the mood to blog or attend meetups focused on social justice, feminism and human rights. You might have extra fun networking or meeting new peeps in your community (or world community) that you want to connect with. You also might have extra energy to have socially conscious discussions with friends. Friday and Saturday might find you close to home, or even re-creating or drafting your home so that it fits your needs more. If you’re looking for a new place or roommates, this weekend could be the weekend you land what you’re wishing for!

Scorpio: You might be feeling extra fabulous this week, especially Monday and Tuesday, with both Venus and the Moon in your sign! Don’t be surprised if you feel like you might want to be extra sassy, sashay down the sidewalk or make your outfits extra inspired before heading out the door. Also keep in mind that your emotions could wander into overdrive (as could everyone else’s); taking extra time out for yourself may help you have a better overall experience. Wednesday, Thursday and early Friday you could be extra mindful around money — and might have to pay down some debts. You might also want to, or be able to, give money to a charitable cause. If you can’t donate money, you may want to donate some time. Friday and Saturday could be the best days of the week to have an important conversation, especially if you’ve been putting it off. Just remember to stay loose and allow yourself some extra room if you’re feeling sensitive or emotional. A grounding practice like yoga, journaling, movement in the park or sitting outside, meditating or eating a properly balanced meal may really help you find the right words to get your point across.

Sagittarius: The week starts with you maybe feeling a bit spacy and emotional. You may want to prepare yourself for not being able to say much and just feeling some feelings. By Wednesday, Thursday and early Friday you may feel much more empowered to vocalize. With the Moon in your sign for most of the week, you could prep yourself to get a lot done and have some remarkable moments of being able to shine in your interactions with others. Also, this could be a great time to play with your image and your ideas about who you are. Maybe take stock in how far you’ve come and what you’ve learned, even if it’s just looking back at this year. By the weekend, you could feel some shifts in regard to money and how you want to make it, which has been a continuing theme for you, Sagittarius. What makes you feel good? This weekend could be a great time to get grounded and solid in your ideas and action plans related to work, money and you. Don’t be afraid to dream big — and don’t be afraid to make a plan or strategy around what you want and how to get there, even if you know it won’t be overnight.

Capricorn: The week may kick off with you feeling like getting out into the world and communicating, Capricorn, as the Moon in Scorpio will be transiting your house of friendship and community. If you have important issues that you are trying to get to the bottom of, the lunar energies will provide some assistance for you Monday and Tuesday. You might want to be on high alert for passionate conversations or raw emotions as well. You might want to give yourself some space if you feel you need it. Wednesday, Thursday and early Friday you might be feeling spacey and a bit rebellious. It could be a good idea to blast some music and let your feelings go wherever they need to. Hold space for yourself and let your mind go. The weekend finds the Moon in your sign, so you might be feeling an extra lift — and you could also work with your identity and some self-love.

Aquarius: Monday and Tuesday start with the lunar energies supporting your house of career and profession. These could be great days to book clients, run errands, do some strategic planning, work on marketing or set goals for your long-term vision. In short, it’s a killer two days to get stuff done. Wednesday, Thursday and early Friday you could feel more social than usual — these would be great days to meet up with friends, go to community- and/or action-oriented events or blog and connect online with other activists. This may be a great time to do your socializing for the week, because the weekend could bring you to a place of seclusion and a need to disconnect from the outside world. You might be trying to ground and nourish some very important ideas in your deep subconscious and may not want to be around other people that much. Remind yourself that this is OK — self-nurturing should be number one on your priority list.

Pisces: Monday and Tuesday might be great days to continue diving into thoughts, actions or ideas that allow you to express an expansive quality within yourself and your life. Whether that’s planning a trip and traveling, reading or just broadening your vision around who you are, the beginning of the week you could feel very supported in these areas. Wednesday, Thursday and early Friday, you could feel like refining or re-tooling your professional stance. Whether it be for the day, the month or year, this could be a good time to redraw goals for yourself. The weekend may find you feeling more secluded than social. You might want use the beginning of the week to target some subjects you want to learn and expand on so that when the weekend comes, you’ll have an excuse to just stay home and read!


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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