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Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for Feminists.

Hello astro trippers! It may have been an intense weekend fueled with emotions, awakenings, celebrations and psychic vibrations, all brought to us by the powerful Aries full Moon Saturday. A pro tip to start your week could be taking the time to fully integrate what you have learned/awakened to, observed or experienced.

So many of us juggle so much in our lives, and we are often running from one experience to another to “get it done.” However, this can take an emotional toll on our precious selves. Even taking a 15-minute “me” break to re-center, re-ground, meditate, journal — or whatever you need to properly self-nurture — can turn a bad day into a good (or at least OK) day! Love yourself, and the energy of the universe finds a way to shore up that love and create positive, self-sustaining self-nurturing. You deserve it — and if you feel like you don’t, reach out to a professional for support until you realize you do.


Aries: You may start off the week by taking a glimpse at your finances, and you may start to hear a distinctive thought that you are worth more than what you are currently “settling” for. You don’t have to immediately charge into action, but you may want to reflect on how you feel and what actions or steps you can take to move forward in positive direction that will eventually meet your goals. You may feel quite talkative midweek. These could be the best days of the whole week to have conversations big or small, but you may want to be mindful that the planetary energies are likely to brew up a very wild and independent feeling in regard to relationships for you, Aries. You may just need time alone to think things through before you say anything definitive. Thursday through Saturday afternoon could bring quality time in your home — these would  be perfect days to self-nurture and pamper yourself inside and out, including cooking up some awesome comfort foods. You may have awesome and powerful realizations if you let your mind wander these next few weeks. Saturday afternoon through the rest of the weekend could be extremely wild, so if you’re planning activities, social events or other things that involve fun and romance, this weekend may be the best out of the whole month to get out there and experience life.

Taurus: The week could start off on a solid note for you, Taurus, and you may be focused on all the special things that make you unique and remind you of what you love to celebrate about yourself. Monday could be a great day to take a “me” day for yourself to self-care and self-nurture as much as you can. You may be feeling a push to balance out your daily routines and create structures that have a lasting impact in a positive way moving forward, especially around nutrition, hydration and sleep –the basics. You might feel a strong pull to hustle hard or communicate at work early Tuesday morning into early Thursday morning, and it could be a great time to send messages, work on your website or push your social media. Thursday morning through Saturday mid-afternoon might have you feeling a bit cranky, so be sure to make time for yourself and be extra kind to yourself and everyone you speak with. On the weekend you might find some extra fun things to do around the house or in your neighborhood. If you haven’t looked into maximizing the opportunity for fun in your own backyard (literally), then you might want to this weekend!

Gemini: Things could be pretty quiet for you this week, Gemini, which might be music to your ears, as you are in a real period of regeneration and rebirth until the end of the calendar year. Being in a cycle of renewal can sometimes be tough, but always worth it! Reach out for support if you need it. The week could get off to a less intense and rather spacy start for you. Your head might be up in the clouds (in a positive way) and you might be drawn to anything that makes you feel release, and positive in your own headspace. You could benefit from some extra solid earth grounding work, meditation or getting out in nature and immersing yourself in it. Earth vibes might just contain unique and hidden mental/emotional gems for you to discover and play with and take with you all year or lifetime! Early Tuesday through early Thursday morning the Moon will be in your sign, gracing you with an extra sense of fierceness, chattiness and self-respect. These could be your power days where you can really make some strides working on and or through self-confidence issues. Thursday morning through early Saturday afternoon could have you feeling emotional around money, and you might want to watch for overspending or buying things you don’t need. Saturday afternoon through Sunday could be the most powerful days of the week to have conversations, especially ones where you have to stand tall or stand up for yourself.

Cancer: You could start off the week with phone calls or hot cups of tea or coffee with besties, which may give you the insight and support you need at this time. Early Tuesday through early Thursday morning could make you feel like diving for your favorite books, documentaries or art pieces and continuing the conversation, but maybe this time with yourself. Inner dialogue work can be so inspirational, and inspiration could be flying really high this week! If you’re working on projects or thinking about kicking one off, this may be a great time to finally do it! You could also initiate a great dialogue with an artistic or spiritual teacher, or have a really fun time getting “high” off chanting! Thursday morning through early Saturday afternoon you could be feeling extra emotional, so remember to really crank up the self-care. Baths, pools, saunas, spas, journaling, cooking, baking, movement, welding — whatever it is that makes you feel good, you might want to get out there (or stay inside) and do! Saturday through Sunday could be awesome for eradicating debts or making strategic plans for your career and money goals.

Leo:The best part of the week is going to be the weekend, Leo! Whatever challenges you have during the week, you may want to brave them with a smile, knowing you will rule Saturday and Sunday. Monday, however, your mind is going to be on career and stabilizing that aspect of your life so that you can continue to move forward with your grand professional vision for yourself. Early Tuesday through early Thursday morning may move you to be extra social, so if you’re looking to meet up with peeps, these may be the best days. Also be mindful of not “checking out” on social media these days. Notice how you feel on and off your phone, and take notes on what makes you feel good vs. what makes you feel depressed/anxious/drained. Thursday morning through early Saturday afternoon you might want to just stay home, as you might feel like getting cozy and just spacing out for a bit. It also may be good prep for Saturday afternoon and Sunday, where you may feel like getting out and about in art, social activity, projects or your community. Work the energy to create a safe and confident place for yourself and others for the rest of the lunar cycle!

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Virgo: This Monday, you might feel extra encouragement from the Moon to draw on the wisdom and resources around you, including diving into readings, learning, taking or reviewing an online class. This could also be a great day to plan any trips you might have coming up.The planets might be trying to teach you something, and if relationships with others are nebulous, it may be time to focus on yourself. Early Tuesday through early Thursday morning might be the best days of the week –even the whole month — to pitch, broadcast and/or transmit yourself to the professional public and your audience. This could include blasting yourself (in a positive way) on social media, setting up job interviews or doing presentations for the exec or management team. It might be voicing your opinion or getting yourself out there in your professional sphere. Thursday morning through early Saturday afternoon, you may be calling on all your closest buds to have an all-out feelings fest, and you know what? That’s OK. Do whatever you need to do to get your feelings out, even if it means broaching a scary topic, standing up for yourself or just letting your friends know how you feel. It’s more than OK to speak up! Saturday through the rest of the weekend you might find yourself drawn to some more active versions of practices like yoga, meditation, movement or anything that helps you enjoy your own headspace.

Libra: The week may start out on a highly regenerative note, with the lunar energies possibly pulling you towards gently rebuilding a solid foundation for yourself so you can maximize feelings of safety, security and nourishment. Early Tuesday through early Thursday morning you might be intensely driven to dive deep into print, media, books, zines, etc. This could be a helpful vibe, but you may want to remember to pull yourself out of any internet “holes” you fall into, and/or be mindful of all triggering material. Thursday morning through early Saturday afternoon could have you feeling extra feels around where you career is headed, so remember not to get overwhelmed! Try to take changes or frustrations as they come. These may be good days to create a plan or strategy for where you’re looking to go, or check in with yourself in regard to what your professional needs and desires are. Don’t give up if you don’t have what you want overnight! Saturday through Sunday might be the time to de-stress with your friends, loved ones and community. If you’re working on creative projects with buds, this could be the weekend you make a lot of headway!  

Scorpio: Monday might just be the most romantic night of the week for you, especially if you give in to rest and relaxation with a date or by yourself. Think cozy, comfy, cool instead of crazy, sexy, cool! Early Tuesday through early Thursday morning could have you feeling very vocal about getting out there and working any rebirth you’ve been feeling. Protect those baby buds, because you’re not done yet. You’ve just begun to transform, Scorpio, and this midweek period might be great to reach out to folks for support or to flaunt what you’ve got! Another great resource is your mind — you have some deep things happening in your subconscious, so make sure to let them breathe, air out and get support if needed! If you’re looking for a therapist, you might find an awesome one right now! Thursday morning through early Saturday afternoon could have you stepping on the brakes and doing some more internal work through research. This could mean reading, watching videos of your idols, museums, anything that injects you with passion and connects you with the sources that inspire you! Saturday afternoon through Sunday you could be on a wicked rampage as far as tackling that professional to-do list, and if anyone is in your way, I feel sorry for them! Show no mercy and be the warrior you know you are as you unleash your tenacious ambitions out into the real world.

Sagittarius: The week may start off on a comfy cozy note for you, Sag, especially if you can stay grounded, hydrated, nourished and loving to yourself! It’s a great note to start the week on, and one that will be more apparent the more you play into it, so get ready to take extra care of yourself.  Early Tuesday morning through early Thursday morning you may feel like texting, calling or even video chatting your crush, partner or closest friends, so get prepared to start talking up a storm. If you’re feeling low energy, or like you might not want to be talkative, remember that it’s OK — you can utilize the Lunar energy for connecting with yourself. Journaling could be an excellent activity these days. Thursday morning through early Saturday afternoon could have you feeling like you just need to relax, restore, renew and regenerate — it’s OK to tell people “no” and take some time for yourself. Taking it easy will be a good segue into late Saturday afternoon and Sunday, where you may feel a heightened interest around reading and learning! You could very well have books, learning and documentaries on the mind.

Capricorn: Monday might be pulling your energies towards doing something fun and super grounding for yourself. A walk in the woods, a hike, a grounding meditation or even taking out your journal and creating a plan for yourself might make you feel awesome and re-energized. You might want to think about activities that you really enjoy and can put some passion into as well — after you’ve covered the self-care basics. Hydration, nutrition, sleep! Tuesday morning through early Thursday morning, you could feel like integrating friends or loved ones into your daily routines more, maybe fitting in a cup of coffee with a friend or Skyping someone close to you. You also might want to get intellectual via conversation and play with new ideas and progressive thoughts. Thursday morning through early Saturday afternoon might have you feeling extra cranky, so take it extra easy on yourself and on the folks closest to you. Saturday afternoon and Sunday could find yourself feeling a powerful sense of rebirth or regeneration, especially when it comes to career. You also might have to tackle issues with your professional life, but you are certainly up to the challenge, as long as you remember to stay confident and appreciate your wilder ideas. Your career can use them!

Aquarius: Monday might be the hardest day of all to pull yourself up and out of bed, Aquarius, but you have so much to look forward to this week, especially if you stay in your own strength and power. Stay positive and you will glide right through midweek and into the weekend. Early Tuesday through early Thursday morning could put you in a zingy mood and you may be looking to pepper your day with intellectual conversations and witty remarks. As long as you stay centered, you may have a chance to really wow some folks in your life! Thursday morning through early Saturday afternoon, however, might have you slowing down and wanting to just relax and stay home, getting in lots of self-care! If that’s not possible and you have to travel or move, you might want to make sure you have everything you need to keep yourself happy on the road. Saturday afternoon and the rest of the weekend is perfect for hanging out with your lover, lovers, partner or friends and doing fun, exciting and adventurous things! Whether it’s an explosive sticker party, extreme sporting,movement or trying new foods, let yourself have permission to experience and enjoy!

Pisces: You may feel like taking yourself offline Monday and putting a boundary up around social media, texting, phone calls and basic human contact. You may not be feeling as introverted — you might just be feeling plain lazy and getting back to folks ASAP may not be on your agenda. You know what? That’s OK! Those vibes might let up a bit early Tuesday through early Thursday and you may feel more talkative, but it might just be directed towards those closest to you. If you’re not seeing the commitments you are really looking for from closer relationships, now might be a good time to have an open a dialogue within yourself and ask yourself, “why am I pressing this person for a commitment?” Have you ever tried talking to yourself positively in the mirror or journaling aloud? These could be great days to start! Thursday morning through early Saturday afternoon could have you seeking fun in the most low-key and homey-est of places, including your bathtub or hot shower. Sometimes a good soak in the water or a hot cup of tea can really re-center and re-balance us. The weekend might have you doing something adventurous, traveling (even locally) or putting something spontaneous into your day. Maybe it’s trying a new food or night spot, a new meetup group or even new spices in a new meal you decide to cook up!


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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