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Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for Feminists.

The world may be going crazy this week, but I’d like to hold space for my readers (and myself) to have a safe space away from all the chaos in our time together this week. Please remember that no matter what is happening out there, no matter how important politics are to you, that you are the most important thing for yourself to take care of. See below for more information on how the stars are guiding our energy this week and how we can work best with it.

Aries: The week may start off on an intellectual note as you experience lots of rapid-fire discourse with your friends and community.  Some of this may be around how you can make an impact socially or change things for the better. The energy may shift, however, around Tuesday afternoon, urging you to turn inward and explore how these theories, attitudes and philosophies affect your inner psychological workings and vice versa. You can take the time to dive deep and come out with some valuable insights around who you are and what you want in your psyche vs. what is unwelcome and inherited/learned/forced upon you by the outside world. Thursday evening until Saturday evening, the Moon will be in your sign, which will perhaps help you be strong and visible within your own groups and the outside world. Saturday evening through Sunday may have you thinking about your finances and what you need to create and or sustain a life that is nurturing, stable and comfortable.

Taurus: The beginning of the week may find you brainstorming new ideas on how to tweak your professional development. You might find technology especially helpful to break the ground you need to to move forward. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday evening may have you feeling the spirit of revolution, change and/or betterment with your friends, community or social groups. You may feel particularly “on fire” about issues and/or potential solutions. Thursday evening through early Saturday night, you may feel called to do some work with your higher mind, which could include journaling, soul searching or self-discussion. Saturday night through Sunday, the Moon returns to your sign, which could bring a sense of comfort, ease and peace for you. Sunday may be a great day to stay home and relax.

Gemini: This week may start off on a “visionary” note, prompting you to seek higher knowledge where you can find it. Books, culture, museums, mentors, classes and philosophy are all things that could be very attractive to you early in the week. Tuesday evening through Thursday evening may usher in some uncertainty or confusion around your career path. You may try to self-nurture your way through these days, and you may choose not to second guess or doubt yourself and just get through the fog. Thursday evening through Saturday evening may have you feeling very social, and you may want to take advantage of these days by planning your activities with others in your community or friend groups on Thursday night, Friday and into Saturday evening. By late Saturday evening through Sunday, you may feel called to nature, movement and practicing an all-day “self-care Sunday.”

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Cancer: The week may start off with you visiting opportunities to change in positive and powerful ways. Have you been building new mental and or emotional structures that are helping you feel better? The Moon’s energies can aid these movements until Tuesday afternoon, when the energy will switch. You may want to channel this energy — which lasts until Thursday evening — as one of vision, readings, writing and learning, or revisiting the past in moments that inspire you. You may want to try not to drown your sorrows in substances. Thursday evening through Saturday would be the best time of the week, maybe even the month, to work on your professional development. Rewriting resumes, profiles, preparing for big talks, pitches or branding could have extra power these days. Saturday evening into all day Sunday may be your most social part of the week. Are you allowing only non-toxic people and energies into your life?

Leo: You may be feeling so independent to start the week that you may push away your lover, lovers or closest friends. It’s OK to need the time; you may just want to check up on your communication to make sure the important people in your life know why you’re taking a break. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday evening may feel strange, and you could feel some old patterns bubbling up to the surface, but I would encourage you to remember to self-nurture and take this as an opportunity to “re-parent” yourself in a kind, loving, non-toxic way. You may want to create a clear and sober space to work out longstanding issues these days and clear the room for lots of self positive behavior and talk. Thursday evening through Saturday evening you may feel a burst of energy to read, and learn. This could be an awesome weekend for a workshop, class or community educational event. Saturday night into Sunday may have you thinking about professional development and career stability. Remember that anything you can do to get something happening for yourself in this realm is positive!

Virgo: The week may kick off with some interesting thoughts around self-care and daily habits. How can you maybe utilize technology to up your self-care practice? There are so many apps and new and innovative ways to calm, soothe and regenerate now, have you tried experimenting with any of them? Tuesday afternoon the energies may shift and bring you to the best few days of the week to have a date night with your special someone or someones. Tuesday through Thursday may have you feeling extra romantic, but you may want to make sure you take it easy on the wine if you are partaking. Thursday evening through Saturday evening may be a powerful window of opportunity to take note of areas you may want to change or rebirth. This would be a lovely time to connect with your inner goddess and take stock of your new Moon intentions. Saturday night into Sunday may be the perfect time to just stay home, read and relax.

Libra: The week may start off on a different note for you, perhaps prompting you to do something wild, romantic or extra fun. If you’re a parent, you may find this a good time to just get on the rug and play with your children like you are a young one too. Tuesday evening the energies will shift, and I want to caution Libras to be wary of overdoing it on substances; try to channel the Piscean Moon energy until Thursday evening in a positive, socially conscious, proactive way, and not to just “check out.” Overdo it on bath bombs, aromatherapy, candles and quiet time — not wine, liquor or beyond. Thursday night into Saturday night are active nights for meetups with loved ones, and you may find sexual energy easier to access at these times. Just remember to stay safe and don’t give your power away to those who don’t earn it. Saturday through Sunday may have you feeling the need to regenerate, renew and regrow — not just your physical parts, but also your mental and emotional parts as well. You may want to take time out these days, away from the outside world.

Scorpio: You might start off the week feeling on fire in your own home (in a good way!), especially around side, creative or art projects you are working on. All day Monday into Tuesday afternoon might be a great time to start a project as well — the more innovative and stranger, the better. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday evening you may very well be tempted with drinking and or using substances, going out or “pushing a limit” — and that has the potential to be toxic or end in a way that may not make you feel good or safe. You might want to think twice before going into overdrive, and check in with your feelings and inner child on the regular these times. Thursday evening through Saturday evening you may find new bursts of energy around your daily routines and habits. How does self-care fit into your daily agenda? Saturday night into Sunday might be the best days of the week to have a date night with your lover, partners or friends.

Sagittarius: Monday into Tuesday afternoon might have you feeling extra witty and quippy, and you may be looking to mentally spar with people. These are good times for being poignant, fresh and the smartest voice in the room. Tuesday afternoon into Thursday evening you may feel as if you need to just lock the doors and stay inside, and that does not have to be a weird or bad thing. Try not overdo anything — you may want to be wary of bringing an excess of alcohol into your home as well. If you find yourself stocking up on alcohol, you may want to check in with yourself by simply asking, “where is this coming from? Is it a healthy place?” Thursday night through Saturday may be the best nights of the week to get out of the house and be social, while Saturday night and Sunday may have you feeling like heading straight back to the couch for some rest and relaxation. You may want to remind yourself that it’s OK to take time out to do nothing!

Capricorn: Monday through Tuesday afternoon could have you innovating ideas around how and why you make money. You may often like “tried and true,” Capricorn, but if you dream and test something new you might just find something that really works! Tuesday afternoon through Thursday evening, things could get quite hazy and weird in your communications with others so you may want to try to schedule things like meetings, pitches or functions away from those days if you can. Thursday evening through Saturday evening you may feel like buckling down on home projects or working on your space. Saturday and into Sunday might have you on high alert for doing something fancy and special for yourself or a lover or lovers. It may not be super creative or functional but you might need to just say ok and treat yourself, especially if it’s to a big meal.

Aquarius: Monday through Tuesday afternoon, the Moon is in your sign, so you could feel some extra uplift from the Moon and stars getting you through the day. You may also want to take some time out to journal about what you love about yourself, your strengths, etc. Celebrate yourself, Aquarius! Tuesday afternoon through Thursday evening could have you feeling extremely hazy or unsure of your finances. It may be best to budget where possible and not do anything spendy these days. Ask yourself if you really need something before purchasing. Thursday evening through Saturday evening are the best days of the week for communication, so if you have emails to send, pitches to pitch, friends to talk with or anything else that requires communicating, you might want to schedule it for these times. Saturday night into Sunday, you may just want to stay home and relax as much and as often as possible, especially if that means curling up in a super luxurious blanket and eating well and often.

Pisces: Monday into Tuesday afternoon may have you feeling spacey and weirder than normal, especially if you’re digging around in your psyche or trying to connect within. You could also be getting a lot done in these realms at these times — more so than any other time of the month! Tuesday afternoon through Thursday evening, the Moon will be in your sign, giving you extra verve, lift and hopefully making you feel extra good. Take some time to journal about what you love about yourself. What makes you strong? Thursday evening into Saturday evening you may be working extra hard on that side hustle for cash, or just reinventing yourself financially.
You may want to be wary of overspending during these times as well. Saturday evening through Sunday would be great times to have a really natural and grounded conversation. If you’ve been needing to clear the air, these days may be extra helpful!

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The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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