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Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for Feminists.

Things may have been feeling awfully dense and heavy lately, and even though we are still dealing with a lot in the outside world, Monday will welcome the first day of  the Sun in Sagittarius, which will which will feel like a bit of cool, fresh air after the thick and subversive roller coaster ride that we were on in Scorpio season.

The week also starts out with the first-quarter Moon in Virgo. It will remain in Virgo until Wednesday afternoon. From there it inches over to Libra and spends three days there, including Thanksgiving. The Moon in Libra over these days should give us a helping hand around holiday plans and interactions (if you are choosing to celebrate the holiday). Libra is ruled by Venus, which promotes comfort, harmony and a loving, tender vibration. The Moon in Libra can be a happy, comforting time, which can foster coziness and good cheer. With Jupiter in Libra as well we have an extra catalyst for good luck and easy flow these days. See your scopes below for more detailed info!

Aries: The week starts with the Moon in Virgo in your house of daily habits and routines. You may be feeling an urge to clean, organize and eat very well, and this could be a helpful and needed boost, especially if you’re preparing to celebrate this week. You can also use this vibe to really geek out on self-care; coloring is a great way to work with this Lunar energy. Wednesday afternoon through late Friday could be perfect for hanging out with your loved ones, no matter how or where you choose to do so. Lots of positive communications and loving vibes will be out in the ether for you to flow with. Things will get more intense over the weekend; Saturday and Sunday you could be experience some revelations or seedlings of profound change. What changes have you been needing to make but too afraid to do so, Aries? You may want to use this energy to dive into the possibilities of what you can do (or give up) to make yourself better.

Taurus: The week may start out with a drive to have fun. Maybe it’s squeezing in a last-minute date before Wednesday afternoon, or maybe it’s doing something gentle to remind yourself that you love yourself. By Wednesday evening, you will be moving into an extremely comforting vibration, where you may want to surround yourself with small items and things that make you feel good. Clean sheets, cheerful and comforting smells, oils and candles could all be positively breathtaking for you these days. You may also have an easier flow communicating with those in and around your home, which may come just in time for the holiday. The weekend may prove to be sexy AF, and you might want to make sure you’re emotionally and physically ready to channel the seductive and sultry vibes the Moon in Scorpio will bring to your seventh house!

Gemini: The beginning of the week could find you going into overdrive cleaning and organizing your home, especially if you’re prepping to have guests later in the week. The Moon will truly aid any endeavors around fixing, organizing or decorating. The vibe will change Wednesday afternoon through late Friday, delivering a happy, fun and comforting vibration. You may enjoy peaceful situations, loving comforts and find some moments of true fun over these days. This could help smooth out any issues you were expecting around celebrating the holiday, if you are choosing to celebrate. You may feel have to keep from overworking yourself over the weekend. Getting things done is fine, but not at the cost of burnout. Watch your feelings and protect yourself this weekend.

Cancer: Monday through Wednesday afternoon may be ideal for shooting off emails, texts and having granular conversations. If you need to spell it out with someone, get it out of the way by Wednesday afternoon. The more detailed you can get about what you need, how you feel and how you respond, the better! Wednesday evening through late Friday should bring you harmonious and happy times involving your home or others’ homes. You may expect to feel cozy, comfy and taken cared of. You may also expect things like clean sheets, towels and new candles to be fun and exciting — and you may feel it’s easier to feel “at home” or at ease. Communications may flow easier than you thought. The weekend may bring seductive and sexy fun, or you can channel this energy into deep meditation and mining your soul for insights.

Leo: If you have any financial loose ends to tie up the week, Monday through early Wednesday afternoon will be the most helpful times of the week to get those tasks done. This could include paying bills, re-balancing your budget or checking and maintaining bank accounts. It could also mean anything having to do with your possessions, like dropping off or picking up dry cleaning, furnishings, utensils or tools. Wednesday afternoon through late Friday you may potentially have easier conversations, and communications may feel blessed, charmed or easier. You may be feeling quite drained by the weekend, and you may need a prescription of deep sleep and (safe) sex to put you back in the groove.

Virgo: The week will start off a potentially high note for you, Virgo, as the Lunar energies are aligned with your sign! You could take extra time to celebrate yourself and review all your accomplishments of late. You could even put these in a journal, so you have a “positives” list about yourself when you start to feel bad. This “celebrate Virgo” vibe will last until early Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday afternoon through late Friday may bring livelihood, or a want or need to share — or even donate big and give back to causes you support. With the holiday, if you are choosing to celebrate it, this may be the perfect time to open your home and/or possessions up to folks in need. Late Friday night and all weekend could prove exhausting for trying to have conversations or get your point across. You may feel extra edgy and need to remind yourself to take time out when necessary.

Libra: The beginning of the week may be the perfect time to dive deep in your own mind and get your thoughts and spiritual self organized before heading out into the real world, especially if you are partaking in the holiday celebrations. You have some powerful Lunar energy to use as a tool to work on your consciousness Monday through early Wednesday afternoon. Early Wednesday afternoon into late Friday, the Moon will be in your sign, gracing you with some inner balance, calm and love as you move through your week and the holiday. This weekend, you may feel like purging your closet, cabinets, desk or other areas where you keep possessions. This is a great time of year to find old clothes or items and donate to someone who needs them! This weekend’s Lunar energies support such endeavors.

Scorpio: The week could start off on a particularly social note for you, and you may feel like really talking and having very detailed, granular conversations with folks Monday through Wednesday early afternoon. Wednesday through late Friday, might land you in prime self-care/self-nurture territory, and you may have to say “no,” cancel plans, and/or not participate if you feel drained, tired or like you just need to focus on yourself. You may be able to find a balance and celebrate the holiday, but also find time to steal away for luxurious baths and rolling around in clean sheets and beautiful scents as well. The weekend is all about you, and late Friday night all the way through Sunday, it’s OK to put the focus on yourself, Scorpio. You know you deserve it. 

Sagittarius: Happy birthday season, Sag! If things have been feeling a bit heavy lately, you can rely on some fresh, fun energy to bring you — and those around you — some uplift. Mercury is also in your sign, and you may expect easier communications flow for the next week and half (roughly). In addition to feeling yourself early this week, you may also be pushing extra hard around work and your career. You can expect to be in a social and cheerful mood Wednesday through late Friday as the Moon in Libra nudges your 11th house of friends and friendships, making this a perfect time to steal away for a Friendsgiving or similar alternative. The weekend may feel more intense, as you may be drawn to the more submerged parts of your psyche and consciousness. Mediation, sound or gong bath can be awesome ways to channel this energy.

Capricorn: This Monday through early Wednesday afternoon could find you devouring books and articles and listening to all the podcasts, Capricorn! Wednesday through Friday, you may have power issues with a particular parent if you are choosing to see or speak with your parents this holiday season. There is a lot of nurturing and loving energy around you, so you might want to breathe deep if you feel triggered or upset dealing with a family member or boss. Tap into the calm and balanced vibration of the Moon in Libra at this time. Jupiter in Libra as well makes comfort and joy easily accessible; you may just have to turn “off” a particular person if need be. The weekend may find you tearing off with friends to blow off some much needed steam — or just to catch up.

Aquarius: The week may begin with your mind racing around with new and vibrant ideas on how to lock down your personal power and transformation. You may want to get really granular and list specifics: things you can and/or want to do to propel yourself into the next paradigm of yourself. The more detailed oriented the better, whether it’s creating checklists and schedules or literally spelling out your own personal values on paper. Wednesday afternoon through late Friday you may have reading, exploring and being visionary on your mind, and the Moon will aid any work you do in this direction. If you are partaking in holiday celebrations or staying with friends or family, you may find yourself running off to read while everyone watches TV. The weekend will find you looking deeply into career, and you may even find yourself hustling overtime Saturday and Sunday.

Pisces: The week may start off on an intense note regarding your close relationships. You may potentially need to be very detailed and granular with your partner or partners, BFFs or family. Spelling out your feelings and being very exact with explanations around how you feel may be helpful at this time. Wednesday afternoon through late Friday night, you may find more healing and transformation around particular situations than you originally expected. You could also need to confront facts or situations around how you share money with your partner. Friday night through the rest of the weekend could find you looking for some extreme adventures. Taking a fun trip to an exotic or intense locale or doing something out the ordinary in your own backyard could be on your mind.

The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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