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Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for Feminists.

I want this column to continue to be a safe space where we can all take a deep breath and focus inward, on ourselves, and what the Lunar cycles are trying to tell us. I’m wishing all signs love, hope and mindful times this week, rich with lots of self-care and grounding, as we begin the week with a full Moon Monday morning in the comforting, earthy, grounded and nourishing sign of Taurus.

This full Moon will also be a supermoon, so its energies can feel amplified. A supermoon occurs when the Moon is closest to the Earth, and it can look tremendous in the sky. The emotional impact of the Moon may be felt more heavily at this time as well — and with the Moon in the centered, comforting and nature loving sign of Taurus, this energy may be tapped and used as the big comfy blanket we may all need right now.


Aries: This full Moon in your sign Monday may give you extra power and grounding to finally go for the type of life you want to live. This week may be a good week to look at your life holistically and meditate on what you want to change, create or shape alignment with. It may feel like you’re just teetering on the brink of success. If you just hang on, what you need is going to be just around the corner, as long as you are making space for it. This would be a powerful time to keep tabs on your transformation, accept that you are changing and growing, and nourish the parts of you you want to keep while gently letting go of the lifestyle traits, habits and people that you need to say goodbye to.

Taurus: The full Moon Monday will be in your sign, Taurus, so you may be feeling that extra energy on yourself and in your life. This week would be a fantastic time to remember one of the special lessons of your sign, which is to nourish, ground, center and comfort yourself and those around you. You may want to make time this week to just relax, seeking comfort in your own home and the places you love. Celebrate yourself and celebrate simple, luxurious comforts like running water, clean bed sheets and nourishing food. You may want to make time for nature, no matter how busy you are this week. You may find it brings you great comfort, joy and insight.

Gemini: You may want to remember to rest, ground and nourish yourself this week, Gemini, especially on and around Monday. The powerful full Moon in Taurus has the power to ground and comfort you, but if you let your mind fight or chatter its way through the week you could end up feeling ultra fried. You may need to reach out for new for ways to blow off steam — and remember to set an intention to just have some fun as well, which could prove quite therapeutic for you. This week would also be a great week to look back on any new Moon intentions you set around Halloween, or resonating themes from then that involve your daily habits and routines. Are you living with habits that support and nourish you inside and out?

Cancer: This week’s full Moon should be (as all full Moons should be to you, Cancer) a cue to put self-care first and allow yourself lots of extra time and space to deal with stuff and treat yourself well. This week it may feel like if you handle that consistently — and really check up and make sure your inner child is happy — you will see some fabulous opportunities within your current, blossoming or brand-new friend groups to go out there and make other people happy. Only after you are nourished, grounded and happy can you start organizing within your community to make a better, safer, happier world. You may be pleasantly surprised at how much you can help.

Leo: The full Moon on Monday morning will be nudging you ever closer to your dreams involving your career and career aspirations. However, you may want to remember from the new Moon around Halloween that having a happy home helps you conquer the world. The new Moon energy may have called you to take a really intensive look around your home life and what changes needed to be made there — and you may have started to make those changes. What have you felt shift in a positive way since that time? As you set your sights on your career now and on how to best make yourself happy in your professional life, you may want to remember to consistently give back to your home, offering the support it needs to stay feeling good. This includes supporting, nourishing and comforting yourself as well.

Virgo: The full Moon on Monday may call you to shut off social media, television or anything internet-related and surround yourself with either books or an impromptu unplugged getaway. This may be the best week of the whole year to sit back and relax, staying home with the books you love, holding them and their lessons close. If you are able to get out of town hassle-free and want to travel, this week could be a great time for that. Whether it’s visiting your local bookstore, reading your old favorites, or booking a last-minute trip, the keywords here are unplug and stress-free. This week you may choose to obey the call of distant lands, whether it be in a novel or on a plane, that make you feel whole again.

Libra: You may need to take some extra time to yourself this week, Libra, as you may feel like things are changing faster than you can handle — or in a way that feels overwhelming. It’s OK to feel overwhelmed, but it’s also OK to realize that sometimes with change comes struggle. It’s also important to remember that sometimes with change also comes freedom, hope and more options. Take expert care of yourself this week and allow lots of time and space to ponder how you’ve changed in the past week, month and year, taking the time to congratulate yourself for the areas that you’ve manifested positive change and growth. You may want to meditate on how you deal with change and your attitudes about it. Just saying the word “change” and feeling yourself in your body could be helpful. Do you hear “change” and grow tense? Or do you hear “change” and feel relief?

Scorpio: This week you may feel the call to be the rock and comfort zone to your lovers, partners and closest friends. You may want to first nourish yourself inside and out before attempting to make anyone else comfortable. After you’ve found this sweet spot for yourself, you may feel like you have a rare ability to keep hope alive, faces smiling and people laughing in your closest circles. You may be a magnetic force of happiness and hope for your loved ones, and you may wear that with pride. Feel good about sharing your fiery light with those you love.

Sagittarius: This might be the best week of the whole month to stop prioritizing anything else but self-care. If you’ve been running around, feeling stressed or pressured, this week would be a great time to sit back and relax while nourishing your mind and body. Do you have opportunities around you to find some peace and quiet in your home, let go and be quiet? Have you ever considered a social media unplug or diet? Your mind might be constantly teetering on the edge of going into overtime right now, but if you temper the mind with physical pleasures of the body, things may even out to a very happy medium. You have a bright, intellectual mind, Sagittarius, but this week is not the time to overextend or fry that mind. Nurture it, along with your body, lovingly and respectfully.

Capricorn: This week the full Moon’s energies may prompt you to just let go and have some fun in a safe and loving way. I would even go so far to say that this week you may find fun shopping for new sheets, scented candles, blankets, soaps and foods. Fun may very well involve buying a $20 bottle of olive oil or a new pillow. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be luxurious, Capricorn, but the idea is to take the time to invest in your physical comfort. This week the full Moon is asking you to treat yourself to a judgement-free goodie, invest time in enjoying it and embrace the thankfulness such an act may generate in your life.

Aquarius: My advice this week, Aquarius, is to keep your mind on contributing to your home and your neighborhood. Do you have the things you need in your home to make you happy and keep you healthy? Meditating on the beauty of running water, a soft lamp, a new candle or even the power of electricity may make you quite happy this week, especially if you find the time to really use these things and be thankful for them. You may have larger community or world themes on your mind this week, but I would urge you to start seeing how you can start helping by living your truth within yourself, in your own home, in your own neighborhood. Start your impact small and perfect it, because the world will be next.

Pisces: This week you may feel the urge to be calm, grounded and centered in your communications with folks. You may be the voice of reason in many situations with this attitude — and you may also be a major inspiration. I would urge you first, however — before you talk, text, dial, meme or post — to truly take care of yourself inside and out. That means lots of sleep, lots of nourishing food, lots of water and lots of positive affirmations. Shower yourself with love this week, Pisces, especially before you talk with others. Reading may be especially fun this week, and you have the right to call off all social engagements and just stay in bed and read in your off time.


Darla Downing is The Mystical Sister and you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram for more healing astrological and conscious updates.


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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