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The new moon in Taurus last Friday should have brought a significant shift in vibe. Last week was tense dark moon energy. Dark moons are the perfect time for rest, self reflection and self development. This was felt even more strongly because of all the retrogrades across the board!

Mercury, Pluto and Mars are still retrograde, beckoning us to slow down and do some self-analyzation. Friday should have brought you into a happier, more inspired vibe where you can finally see some traction on all the inner work you’ve been doing.

This week, we are in the first quarter phase of the moon. First quarter comes right after a new moon. What this means for us is that we begin to take those realizations that arose with the dark moon, see where action needs to be taken and begin to formulate a plan.

For example, if we have been struggling with being loving and accepting with people, we can study what triggers us to put up walls and be inflexible, so that we can create a plan to stay grounded and calm and centered with people. If we know that we have issues around our past, we can create pathways to express ourselves and our feelings, such as journaling, art or therapy.

Right now is the perfect time to start seeing how you can make adjustments to what needs to be adjusted, all the while being very gentle with yourself. Change doesn’t happen overnight. It requires strength and dedication. So if you realize there are things that need to be shifted, changed or adjusted, be careful with yourself as you lovingly guide yourself through the process. Create a safe space for yourself this week to grow.

This week is perfect for not only the creation of goals, but the beginning of implementing them into your daily life. In fact, the weekend’s moon in Virgo is begging us to write down and organize our thoughts so we can spring into action!

This is especially important, because there is a potentially volatile full moon the 21st with some tense aspects. The goal this week and next would be to use the energies to create and integrate new ideas, behavior and interaction with those around you. It almost seems like the next full moon is a test to see how much we have learned from the intense energy of the past few weeks.

Aries: With the first quarter moon in Cancer Monday through Wednesday in your fourth house, this would be a great time to initiate things with home and family. If you are not close with your family, plan some goals for your home or do some spring cleaning. The moon in Virgo in your sixth house over the weekend is a great time to see where there is any conflict with your daily routines and schedules and what makes you perform at your best!

Taurus: For much of this week, the moon in sensitive Cancer will fall in your house of communications. Even with all the struggles, you’ve been in a relatively good place this retrograde, so use your stability to spread some emotional wellbeing to those you communicate with!  Thursday and Friday would be ideal days to buy something for your home that’s going to help you luxuriate in a fabulous and creative way. The Moon in Virgo in your fifth house of romance could bring some organization and order to something that has been a bit messy or out of sorts.

Gemini: You continue to grapple with sensitive feelings around self-worth and income. Use the energy to see where there are significant conflicts between what you love to do — and what you are actually doing. How can you connect emotionally to ground yourself and create some goals and small projects that move you toward where you want to be? The moon in your fourth house in Virgo this weekend makes this the perfect time to do some serious spring cleaning and re-organization of your house, so you can be more productive!

Cancer: The moon is in your first of house of self-identity this week, Cancer! Be careful to be slow and easy with yourself. Some intense realizations have popped up with this retrograde, and you want to make sure you are loving and patient with yourself as move toward new ways of thinking and behavior. Cancers need stability and a sense of a foundation to thrive, and the Taurus energy happening with the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Taurus is perfect! Water your seedlings tenderly this week, Cancer, and you will see fabulous results later on this month and into the summer.

Leo: The moon in your sign Wednesday through Friday is a great time to connect with what turns you on creatively. Get busy on something inventive, but make sure it’s relaxing, too. Keep focused on themes about who you are and how you represent yourself to the world, and see how you can use creativity to facilitate this process. This has been an ongoing theme for you and it will peak this summer. You have had Saturn square Jupiter since your birthday last year, but by the end of the month this will be gone. Mercury retrograde could bring back exes or past lovers as well, if it hasn’t already. If you don’t feel fully comfortable, don’t engage. It all goes back to healthy boundaries.

Virgo: This weekend, the moon is your sign! This occurs in your first house, so it’s a great time to get into touch with your feelings about your self-worth, personal views and how you feel these translate to the outside world. It is also a great time to look at physical habits that maximize your emotional happiness and strength. This is a fabulous time to create a new workout routine around something that makes you truly happy — not something you feel you “should” do.

Libra: The moon in Virgo Saturday and Sunday could be a really great opportunity to organize some of the really deep parts of your subconscious. This could mean taking deep unconscious thoughts and formulating them so that they help you in your everyday life.

Scorpio: The ninth house of your chart is highlighted by this first quarter moon in Cancer. This gives you an opportunity to integrate some feelings and emotions regarding how people understand you — and how you understand other people. Scorpio, sometimes you need to open up and understand how others are feeling before you go into your own. This moon phase will help you with that. Open yourself up!

Sagittarius: It is yet another social weekend for you, Sag! The moon in the first quarter highlights your social sector. With the moon in Virgo, this is a great time to organize your contacts list! It’s also a good time to learn to be concise with your friends and acquaintances. You tend be very free-flowing and freedom oriented, which is great, but this weekend you will have the opportunity to get clearer about your communications with your friends. Mars helps you find the extra oomph to move forward with this; just be very clear about spelling out exactly how you feel.

Capricorn: The Moon in Cancer in your seventh house could bring up very real feelings about relationships, Capricorn. Expect to be emotional about this Monday through Wednesday. Fake attachments will be especially hard to stand during this period. Over the weekend the moon moves into Virgo in your ninth house of travel and higher learning. This would be a great time to plan an itinerary for a vacation or research schools or workshops you want to attend.

Aquarius: The moon in Cancer in your sixth house means stay home! If you do so, you will be rewarded. Nest, hydrate and renew Monday through Wednesday. Resting will prep you for the weird weekend, when the moon in Virgo in your mysterious eighth house will give you the opportunity to organize your thoughts around transformation and healing. You can powerfully build off of that clarification. Don’t be afraid to go deep. The retrograde can aid this process.

Pisces: The moon in fellow water sign Cancer Monday through Wednesday in your fifth house can spell out cozy romance at home. Perfect for the beginning of the week. If you’re not partnered up, treat yourself to something special these nights at home. The moon in Virgo in your seventh house over the weekend can make you feel specific and nitpicky around your partners, so make sure you are clear with your communication, but don’t get too stressed and caught up in the little details. If you use the week to prep for the weekend you should be OK!


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The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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