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Astrology for Feminists.


Hello friends and welcome to Astrology for Feminists! By now you all should have been feeling some MAJOR shifts in energy. The stars and universe are continuing to conspire to raise our awareness. While at times it may seem like you’re knee deep in psychic muck, the energies and circumstances we face are ultimately making us stronger and happier than before.  

So continue walking your path of what you know works and feels good for you. Good news: we have a new Moon in Gemini on Saturday! We should continue to work with the Waning Moon energy during the beginning of the week, continuing to rid ourselves of outmoded ways of behaving and being, AND remembering the foundations that the churn of the last few weeks have shown us.

With Mercury retrograde fully behind us, (finally) and A LOT of Gemini literally in the air, (the Sun, Venus and a weekend new Moon)  it would absolutely behoove you right now to pay extra attention to communications of all kinds! Not just how you communicate with others but also how you communicate with yourself. Journal your dreams, thoughts, passions, hopes, fears, etc. Just getting these things out on paper is so important.

We should experience a transition toward bringing the past few weeks’ revelations into our daily lives. It is almost as if they were about cleaning to the dirt at the bottom of our mental and emotional pools to make room for a newer and better us. One word of warning: Mars IS still retrograde in Scorpio. This means that there still are some deep-rooted issues coming up. Be gentle and loving with yourself and others at all times for best results!

Aries: The past few weeks have not been easy, Aries, but this week and weekend should be a breath of fresh air for you. The Moon in your sign Tuesday and Wednesday can be used as a kind of psychic button to reset yourself back to where you feel the most comfortable, and therefore powerful. The weekend should be finally bring some romance and fun back into your communications with others. The airy intellectual vibe of Gemini is a perfect match for your fiery creative and physical passions.

Taurus: This weekend’s full Moon in Gemini joins major planetary action in your second house of self-worth, self-esteem and money. Now would be a great time to review how you look at yourself and how you value yourself. Especially in relationships with other people. Take the time this weekend to set some intentions around who you are and how you feel about yourself. You have a lot to give — don’t hold back! Re-affirm your needs and desires so you can be happy with yourself and others.

Gemini: With so much action happening in your first house, Gemini, this is a fabulous time to celebrate! Remember these good vibes and carry them with you, even when times are bad. Use this time to stay present and realize that what you are doing counts. Your presence to this earth is a gift, and this season is all about cementing deep-rooted positive belief in yourself. Trust your gut and keep shining on!

Cancer: You have a lot happening in your subconscious right now, Cancer. With all this energy concentrated in your 12th house of the inner mind, you absolutely have to find an outlet to explore your spiritual and or creative beliefs. Without channeling this energy properly, you are bound to take your pent-up feelings out on the people you are trying to have the most fun with. Keep it simple, keep it to yourself, but whatever you are feeling, keep playing with and forming new beliefs, ideas, art, whatever strikes you.

Leo: Pay careful attention to your social dynamics, groups and new relationships right now, Leo, because they are really, really important. People are going to be swinging into your life for a reason, and it’s a positive one. Any reaching out you do to different communities or social groups as well will go really smoothly — and you should be able to segway out of an old era of friendships, if need be. This could have you rethinking your home and how you use it. Make good decisions, Leo, and things will fall into place nicely.

Virgo: You have a lot of opportunities regarding positive communications in your work life this week, Virgo. Whether you want to fine-tune your Instagram, pitch a deal to potential clients or look for a new job or apply for a promotion, this would be a great time to do so. Communicate your wants and desires in everything you do and positive things will happen around status and career this week!

Libra: There is SO much happening in your ninth house of higher learning right now! I know it’s hard for you to make a final decision on, well, anything, Libra, but now is the time to learn to use that little thing you have called intuition, and find what makes you feel whole as far as education, reading or classes. If you’ve been interested in taking a workshop, do it. If you’ve been itching to start reading again, go for it. Even if you are all over the place and not cohesive in your interests, you will be arming yourself for the next phase of your life.

Scorpio: You will have some help from the new Moon and Mercury in your relationship sector Thursday and Friday, Scorpio. If you have been needing to talk with a partner, or are looking to spark some romance, these would be prime days. The action should flow into the weekend as you experience positive joint cash resources with your partner or just some really bomb intimate time. Scorpio, don’t even front like you’re not down with the sexy vibes. Enjoy!

Sagittarius: Your partnership sector is lit up like a Christmas tree! Seriously, you are in for a really wonderful, romantic weekend! The more grounded, happy and talkative you are this weekend the better things will work out with your partner. Make sure you take care of yourself early in the week and get your rest in so you can fully maximize the beautiful and romantic energy of this weekend!

Capricorn: Take note of what you are naturally inclined to do this weekend regarding your daily habits, routines meals, sleeping patterns, etc., Capricorn. Whatever you are drawn to, even if it is out of the ordinary for you, is going to be so important to note and stick with for the rest of the year, if not longer. The universe is trying to show you what you really need so you can optimize your daily existence. Whatever you are drawn to this weekend will tell you what adjustments need to be made. Stick a note on your fridge if you have to, but go with the flow and make notes!

Aquarius: It looks like you’re finally getting some FUN back into the picture this week and weekend, Aquarius. You’ve had Saturn intensely re-working your friendships, social circles and communities, and while there have been pleasant opportunities, there’s also been some stress and strain. This week and weekend will usher back the vibe of fun, intellectual stimulation and romance. Take note of who’s still around you that you enjoy being with and treat those people right for best results!

Pisces: You seriously might want to plan a literal “staycation” like in your house this weekend, Pisces. Romance, fun and intellectual conversations are all super strong in your home sector this weekend. I suggest taking the beginning of the week to clean, prep, buy new sheets, pots and pans, outside supplies or even furniture that stimulates you and makes you happy, so that by the weekend you can just chill.


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The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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