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Fb. In. Tw. Be.


This week beckons us to prep for the big weekend we are about to experience. That’s when Mercury will go direct, the Sun will move from earthy Taurus to airy Gemini and the full Moon will shine at 1 degree Sagittarius. The Sun moves into Gemini at about 6 a.m. Friday, while the full Moon happens 11:48 a.m. on Saturday morning Pacific Time.

This is the moment of Mercury retrograde that will feel the most intense. We’ll see the lessons from those recent scrambled communications and inward journeys blossom into something more. The Full Moon in Sagittarius, a fire sign, is aspected close to retrograde Mars, also in Sagittarius. Mars is also almost exactly opposite Venus, and the moon will be opposite the Sun.

What does this mean? How does that translate for those of us who have been dealing with intense emotions, desires and feelings for the past few weeks? To begin with, Mercury is finally going direct, or out of retrograde. Also, Mars and the full Moon in Sagittarius carry a lot of power. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which is now going direct, adding to the jolt of pure energy that is set up in these aspects.

I see the full moon in Sagittarius usually being quite fun and social. Sagittariuses are the satyrs of Greek Mythology. Their full Moons usually bring a happy, free and independent vibe, which can usher in adventure and unique experiences in social gatherings, especially with the Sun in Gemini. However Mars is retrograde in Sagittarius as well, turning the tide and bringing that fiery moon energy inside, where it will illuminate the causes of fear and anger within us.

Mars is also almost completely opposite Venus in Taurus, which holds grounded space for this transformation. This looks and feels to me like the Tarot’s alchemical Wheel of Fortune. It’s a fiery and energetic wheel of insight directed within to spotlight emerging aspects of ourselves, brought to the surface by the retrograde. This spotlight is powerful and fiery — mixed with the potent Sun energy in Gemini, it can give us the power to start spinning the wheel of our unconscious in the direction we want to go.

No doubt, over the past few weeks you have had feelings or situations that were shocking, hurtful or made you feel “out of control.” Moving with the energy of this retrograde, perhaps you’ve been probing these feelings or actions, asking where or why is this happening. Where inside me is this coming from? With this gentle questioning, hopefully we have all had a chance to unearth some unconscious aspects of ourselves. While this may have been a very chaotic time, we now have the power to shine a beam of fire on these feelings and alchemically transform them and get them moving into the best direction we can.

This Moon in Sagittarius is going to be like a floodgate of fire, loosening up the parts that were stuck, flowing us into our own transformed energy so we can move in the right direction. This is the climax of the process, so continue to be extra kind to yourself and others. Put romantic relationships on a time-out if need be this week and focus inward. You won’t feel completely “right” if you are not pouring your energy into yourself.


Aries: Your ruler, Mars, is retrograde in fiery Sagittarius, so you will feel this full Moon harder than maybe any other sign in the zodiac aside from Sagittarius. Please read the introduction, as it will absolutely pertain to you. Mars retrograde is opposite Venus, so be prepared to encounter issues with your significant other. If you have been having issues, prepare for them to come to a head this weekend. Use this energy wisely by turning inward and looking at your actions as well as your partners. The full Moon action is happening in your ninth house, so use this time to study up on something you love — it will aid the transformation.

Taurus: The sun is leaving your sign and entering the air sign of Gemini, which will be refreshing for you. This signifies a transition from bodily and earth energy to intellectual energy. You will be able to use your grounded self to communicate with the world the next few weeks. This full Moon energy happens in your eighth house, so if you feel drawn to the powers of the esoteric arts this week, go full force with it. Venus, your ruler, is opposite Mars this week, so holding space for folks around you would be a beautiful way to transform your emotions. If you don’t feel strong enough to do that, hold space for and go easy on yourself as you face any challenges this week.

Gemini: Happy birthday, Gemini! You are the great communicators and teachers of the zodiac. The sun moving into your sign is definitely a big affair this week, along with the full Moon in Sagittarius. Fire and air can go well together, intellectually fanning the flames of the emotional transformation at hand. The full Moon happens in your seventh house of partnerships. Your ruler, Mercury, is still retrograde, so be extra careful with your partner this week. With so much going on in your seventh house, you could be coming to grips with realizations around how you handle relationships and the role that anger or personal energy plays in them. Let the energy flow through you and transform anything that comes up for healing.

Cancer: This full Moon is taking place in your sixth house of daily routine and work. This energy could transform your daily rituals, routines and eating habits to make you a more nourished person all around. If something is not quite right in your day to day life with yourself or anyone in your household, it will come up for examination this week. Also, the Moon is your ruler, so there will be a deep emotional aspect to this energy as well for you. Let changes happen and use the energy to create a new, sustainable you.

Leo: Darling Leos, this full Moon is here to teach you something quite important about how you choose to spend your free time. This is a powerful time to pick up the guitar, the paintbrush, the blowtorch, the sewing machine — whatever personal hobby makes you feel happy. Your identity is connected to this hobby — now is the time to take the rumbling in your heart and put it on paper, a blog, a song or mural. You have the power to become the artist you’ve always wanted to become this weekend. Go for it.

Virgo: This full Moon shakeup is directly in your fourth house of home, family and ancestry. Ancestral psychological patterns that have been controlling you for years unconsciously could suddenly be transmuted and/or realized. If you were, or are just recently becoming, aware of patterns created in childhood or by your family, this is the moment to transform them. You have the rare power to bathe them in this savage alchemical fire, gain ground over what has been a hurdle for you and make it work for you. Your ruler, Mercury, will still be retrograde, but it will help you to dig deep this week. By the weekend, you’ll be ready to concisely pour out your heart and transform your psyche.

Libra: You have a powerful chance to transform thinking patterns and ways of communicating this weekend, Libra. This is a massive full Moon shakeup aspected to your ruler, Venus, and it has all the power you need to transform how you speak with other people and how you are heard. Don’t be afraid to admit where changes need to be made. Instead of wondering how you will fix it, just put yourself in a safe, grounded space this weekend where you can connect to the transforming fire vibe and let it flow through you. The more grounded through yoga, hiking or magick work you are, the better this weekend’s energy will work for you.

Scorpio: This full Moon happens in your second house, which represents how you value yourself. You could have major insights or revelations on how you are making your money, versus what you really want to be doing or how other people see you and use you. Use this energy to explore new options for yourself in money, commerce and to dig very deep when it comes to self-worth. It will be quite revealing if you let it be. It’s OK to have a meltdown — just remember that this is a lot of energy and you need to stay grounded nourished and in a safe space over the weekend.

Sagittarius: All the full Moon action is happening in your first house of self, so please connect to the Earth and stay grounded any way you can throughout the week and weekend. You will be feeling this vibe before everyone else, and it is going to be incredibly transformative to your image of who you are and who you want to be. Carefully prepare for being transformed at the very core of your being. Your ruler, Jupiter, recently went direct — so you can trust that you are being guided in the right direction. Go with your instinct and trust what feels good.

Capricorn: This full Moon happens in your twelfth house, and it could be just the thing you need to take you over the edge, in a good way, with respect to spirituality. Capricorns can sometimes be so grounded and efficient that they don’t tend to their always-growing psychic garden. The full Moon explosion this weekend is the ultimate till of fresh soil for your psychic abilities and unconscious mind. You can use this energy to most certainly start or deepen a spiritual practice and come to some major realizations around what spirituality means to you.

Aquarius: This is the weekend that you’ve been waiting for, Aquarius. As crazy as it’s been for you, now is the time to use all the lessons you’ve been tallying and learning up to now and unleash them into a beautiful plan of integrated action and interaction with the world. This is your first coming-out party, the weekend where you take the things you’ve been trying to fix about yourself and use them as a healing tool to interact with others and the world. You have the ability to not only heal your community, but to lead it. This is the weekend when you start to see that plan come together for the first time. It’s going to be a process, but you’ve turned a major corner.

Pisces: This full Moon hits your eleventh house of career and prestige. It will not be business as usual at the office this week or the next. It will behoove you to use the beginning of this week to plan, scheme and figure out what exactly you want and how you can best be happy. By “be happy,” I mean to serve your community through your work. Pisces, you love to be of service and you have the ability to channel your energy into something amazing. Clearly communicate what you want and believe you can get it.


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The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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