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Astrology for Feminists.

This week’s astrology forecast includes the Moon in Leo and Libra, and Mercury will finally go direct. Read on for your personal horoscope!

Mercury finally goes direct this week, ending an intense retrograde that for many of us was especially challenging. Keep the faith as we enter a brand new week with Mercury going direct on Thursday and a sunny and creative Moon in Leo that will highlight our week. The moon will then move into Libra to guide us through the weekend.

Aries: Monday may feel like a sensitive, even gloomy day for you, Aries. Protect your emotions and create boundaries for yourself that allow you time and space to heal at home. Monday night through Thursday, things may start to feel much better, and your thoughts may turn to creativity, romance or having some fun. Do the things you need to do to feel good these days, and to feel creatively fulfilled. Thursday early morning through Saturday may feel intellectually more challenging and a bit raw, especially if you are not doing self-care work or trying to integrate self-care and healing into your daily routines. This is where all the hangovers and food you know is not good for your soul will catch up with you. Saturday morning through the rest of the weekend offer an opportunity to rebalance a one-on-one relationship.

Taurus: Communications may feel very sensitive this Monday, especially for you, Taurus. Try to recognize where you may be feeling sensitive beforehand so you can anticipate and be ready. You may find lots of fun and creativity at home this week from Monday night until Thursday morning. Think artistic deep dives, art books, cinema, painting — all in the comfort of your power lair. Thursday morning until Saturday morning may feel challenging. You may feel like you keep trying to have some good times but are only met with intensity. The vibe will shift by late Saturday morning and you will get a chance to put some positive balance on your daily habits and routines.

Gemini: Your self confidence may be quite sensitive this Monday. Protect feelings around self-worth, finances and possessions. You may want to steer clear of comparing yourself to other people. Monday through Thursday morning will give you ample opportunity to speak your mind on how you’ve been feeling. You’re likely to roar through with new information or initiate bold conversations. Thursday morning through Saturday morning you may feel restless around your home, and any attempts at “fixing the place up” may feel like failure. You may want to try to get out of the house and into your neighborhood or an exploratory trip instead. Act like a scientist, collecting data about where you live, the streets and shops you live near. Saturday morning through Sunday will give you a chance to allow some fun back into your life.

Cancer: Monday, the Moon is in your sign all day, giving you some extra power and confidence, but also urging you to put some solid boundaries up. Monday night through Thursday morning, you have an opportunity to level up your confidence around your self-worth. Thursday morning through Saturday morning, however, you may want to be on guard for potential intensity on your part in conversations. The rest of the weekend clears up and you may want to stay close to home to relax and rejuvenate.

Leo: Monday may feel very dreamy and sensitive for you and you may want to block off some time for yourself to meditate, journal or just do a self-check-in. The Moon roars into your sign Monday night and stays there until early Thursday morning, giving you lots of extra pep and zing to get things done. Thursday morning through Saturday morning, the Lunar energy will be highlighting your finances and possessions. Try not to beat yourself up or overthink your self-worth these days. Saturday morning through the rest of the weekend, you will be feeling more balanced, especially around your communications.

Virgo: Monday may be very tricky when it comes to dealing with friends or community members. People may be feeling very sensitive, and with Mercury retrograde, miscommunications could abound on Monday. By Monday evening, the energy will shift into an active and creative energy, prompting you to allow your own personal inner dialogue to flow. Art therapy or other creative endeavors can be helpful until Thursday morning. Thursday morning through Saturday morning, the Moon will be in your sign, gracing you with presence, power, energy and confidence. Saturday morning through the rest of the weekend may feel balanced — this could be an especially good time to balance your checkbook.

Libra: Monday may be a hard day, careerwise. You may feel sensitive or not be able to get much done in this area. Monday night through Thursday morning the vibes will shift, bringing your attention to friendships. You may feel social at this time and like celebrating with friends. Thursday morning through Saturday morning, things may feel intense, and you may want to withdraw from the fray and work on your own stream of consciousness. Please remember to self-soothe and self-care these days. Saturday morning through the rest of the weekend the Moon will be in your sign, giving you lots of power and confidence. Relax and shine your light!

Scorpio: Monday may feel moody, and you may want to indulge the moodiness by hooking up with some dramatic art or cinema. Monday night through Thursday morning, however, the vibe will shift and you may be able to get a lot tackled around career. Think sending off resumes, completing projects and raising your hand in meetings. Thursday morning through Saturday morning could be friend-focused, but be wary of too much intensity or judgement in regards to your crew. Saturday morning through the rest of the weekend you may feel a bit spacey but balanced, and you may feel called to align yourself with your own inner voice and stream of consciousness.

Sagittarius: Monday may feel very, very sensitive, Sag, and it’s important to take time out for self-care. Monday night brings a shift in energy, and you may be feeling very artistic and creative until Thursday morning. Thursday morning through Saturday morning may give you a chance to get some work done, especially if you have projects at work that require you to be analytical. Get a head start on those kinds of things during this window. Saturday morning through the rest of the weekend bring a balanced and fun energy to share with friends.

Capricorn: The week could start on a very sensitive note for one-on-one relationships, Capricorn. Be mindful of your sweetie and their needs on this day. Monday night through Thursday morning, the vibe will shift and bring your attention to your own personal creative transformation. Now is the time to feed yourself with the inspiration you need to flourish. Thursday morning through Saturday morning, the expansion may continue, although you may find inspiration in number-crunching and arranging little details. Saturday morning through the rest of the weekend may feel super-balanced and centered around career and opportunities.

Aquarius: Monday is a great day to stay in and self-care, especially with water. Monday night through Thursday morning, the vibe will change and you could be able to move forward with your feelings in regard to relationships. Be vocal if you feel it, but please remember Mercury is retro untill Thursday! Say what you mean and mean what you say to avoid complications. Thursday through Saturday, you may find some golden insights for your own internal transformation if you are willing to dig deep. Saturday morning through the rest of the weekend beckon you to travel, to engage in what balances and inspires you and to expand.

Pisces: Monday could be fun if you take a lot of time out for watery self-care! Monday night, the vibe will lift for sure, allowing lots of new inspiration and fun ideas to come into your everyday routines. Get back to what turns you on and inspires you on the daily through Thursday morning for best results. Thursday morning through Saturday morning, you may feel itchy and even argumentative in relationships. Ask yourself, “do I have to prove I’m right?” before egging an argument on. Saturday morning through the rest of the weekend is smooth sailing and can be very healing and transformative for you. Prepare to balance and float on.


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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