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This week, Venus is retrograde and Mars is heading into Taurus, which can make for rocky romance but we’ll otherwise feel a lot more grounded.

Venus went retrograde this past Saturday, so love and romance may seem pretty rocky, weird or  difficult until April 15. This can particularly impact newer relationships, or people you meet and start dating during this period. It may be difficult to push new people you’re dating now to commit, and also, adversely, you may wish you hadn’t committed after April! Take extra time with love and romance during this period and use the time to go inside and practice self-love. Often times when we retreat from weird or hurtful situations in romance and self nurture-instead, the answers flow more easily.  

Mars also enters Taurus Friday, which will make us all a little less explosive and fiery, and a little more grounded and methodical in our disagreements, or with what we’re trying to actively achieve out in the world at this time.

Lastly we have a full Moon in Virgo on Sunday! Be on the lookout for that energy that you move into the weekend — you might become supercharged and amplified. Be mindful of your feelings and others’. 


Aries: Monday through Wednesday morning may be days that you feel called to stay home and chill out, hopefully nourishing your mind and body while relaxing. These days would not be prime times to make plans, unless of course they are with your couch or your bathtub. Wednesday afternoon through Friday afternoon, the vibe will shift significantly and bring more action and romance your way. If you were looking to make plans for the week, these may be the best days for them. The weekend will have you wanting to stay close to home so you can monitor, revamp and amp up your current daily habits and routines. Think about strategies around super-nourishment, hyper-relaxation and next-level de-stressing

Taurus: At the beginning of this week, you may feel very sensitive around communications with others, and you may want to leave extra space for yourself and how you process what people say to you. Also, if you feel like you can’t keep up with other people, it’s OK to sit some convos out! Wednesday through Friday afternoon, you may feel like staying close to home, but in a very hyper-luxurious and active-in-your-relaxation way. These are great days to not make plans, put your feet up and chill to the max. The weekend will bring you out of your need for solo or low-key times as you gear up for active, intellectual fun! Just remember to try to not be too critical.

Gemini: The beginning of the week may feel like you are tuning into your needs very clearly as far as your self-confidence and self-worth. Allow yourself to work with the idea of real prosperity and abundance from your own personal point of view. Wednesday through Friday afternoon are going to be marvelous times to communicate, so if you’ve been putting off having vital conversations, these would prime days of the week to have them. The weekend will call you to stay home, but the energy won’t just have you lazing around in sweats. This is a prime weekend to reorganize and redecorate the house, especially if you’re looking to declutter and clean! Just don’t get too hung up on specifics. Make your goal a clean and happy home and see where it takes you.

Cancer: You start off the week with the Moon in your sign. This lunar energy should give you an extra boost around confidence and positivity, but at the same time it could also make you extra sensitive. You may want to be mindful of your emotions and give yourself the time and space you need. Wednesday afternoon through Friday afternoon may be great times to go shopping and buy things that you need — just be careful to not overspend. This is also a great time to do a mini-makeover on yourself and purchase those key pieces missing from your wardrobe. This weekend, you may be feeling very sharp in your communications with folks, so be mindful not dig too deep or go too hard on anyone that doesn’t deserve it.

Leo: The beginning of the week may feel sensitive for you, and Monday through Wednesday could be ideal days to just relax and stay home with your journal or get cozy on some pillows and meditate. Your subconscious will have some things to tell you, so you be sure you’re in a position to receive. Wednesday through Friday afternoon, the Moon moves into your sign, however, so you can expect to feel much more bold, confident and fun these days. Friday afternoon through the rest of the weekend could have you focusing on money, but be careful to use the energy for things like working on debts and long-term financial planning. Picking at yourself for not having more money is not going to help you in the long or short term. Use this powerful energy constructively — not angrily — for best results.

Virgo: Monday through Wednesday you may be feeling social, and you may want to be mindful of where you are sensitive while being around your friends and community. Things will start to shift, Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon, away from social activities and toward more inner and personal matters, especially around your subconscious mind. You may feel extra motivated to do active meditation or journaling. By Friday afternoon and through the rest of the weekend, the Moon will be in your sign, giving you extra balance and confidence through the weekend.

Libra: Monday through Wednesday morning may have you feeling extra sensitive around your work and career. You may want to make extra effort to be positive around the work you have accomplished, and spend some real time roadmapping the future instead of feeling stuck in the past. Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon, however, your mind will switch to social matters. These would be great days to make plans and do things with friends or be active in community engagement. The weekend may feel a bit uncomfortable as things “unstick” themselves from your subconscious and come to the forefront to be worked through. Be mindful and stay compassionate with yourself for best results.

Scorpio: Monday through Wednesday may be great days to get creative and be inspired by things that move you. Have fun and play old movies, records, books or shows. Wednesday through Friday afternoon will be great days for you to get things done, careerwise. If you’ve been thinking about making moves, finishing or starting projects, looking for a job or rewriting your resume, these are great days to do it! The Moon will be prompting you to be social over the weekend, however; just try not be overly critical with people that you care about.

Sagittarius: Monday through Wednesday afternoon may be challenging, Sag. You may be extra-sensitive or you may start noticing things about yourself that you need to transform or let fall away. You may want to choose to work with the energy to let go of what’s no longer serving you. The vibe will shift dramatically Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon, and you may find yourself swept away by inspiring pieces of art, music or movies. These are great days to plan some action around your creativity. The weekend may have you feeling super angsty about your career. Try to channel any anxiety into long-term planning for best results. You have a window of time here to use your anxious energy for long- or short-term career reconstruction or goal-setting!

Capricorn: Monday through Wednesday you may feel particularly sensitive around relationships. You may want to give yourself some extra space between you and your honey. Don’t make any firm decisions (if you can( on these days — especially with Venus going retrograde! Things may feel funky or up in the air right now, and that’s OK. Take the extra time to nurture yourself and things will become clearer. Wednesday through Friday afternoon are great times for radical transformation and shedding old layers on a deep level that no longer serve you. The weekend will be a fantastic time to research for projects — or just do research for yourself!

Aquarius: Monday through Wednesday, the lunar focus may feel like it’s all on your daily habits and routines. This is a great time for rut-busting things that need to change, breaking old habits, or shoring up new ones. Wednesday through Friday afternoon, your partner or BFF will most likely be on your mind, so plan some one-on-one time with them if you can. A midweek date night could really make you smile. The weekend will likely bring about mental transformation — you may be finding that it’s time to let go of sharp-edged or jagged thoughts about yourself and embrace a more holistic and kind way of working with yourself.

Pisces: Monday through Wednesday may be great days for you to sit back, relax and really take care of yourself. In fact, this Lunar energy has self-care written all over it for you, Pisces, but with an added twist. Self-care can be truly fun these days! The theme of self-care continues into the second part of the week. Wednesday through Friday afternoon opens up a perfect window for you to adjust your daily habits and routines to be more nourishing and healthy for yourself. The weekend you will have your boo or your BFFs on your mind. Just try to avoid being too critical of anyone at these times.


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The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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