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Astrology for Feminists.

In this week’s Astrology for Feminists, we look at the start of the astrological New Year, Venus retrograde and the Moon’s gentle movement.

The sun enters Aries today, and we’re kicking off spring and the start of the astrological year! Today is a great day to set intentions, practice ritual and celebrate a new start.

The Moon is in Capricorn from Monday until Wednesday evening, giving us an opportunity to move projects or business action items along. However, the Moon will be waning, so things could be slow-moving. The Moon will move into Aquarius on Wednesday evening and stay until late Friday night, giving us an airier and more reflective vibe. This will continue with the waning Moon in Pisces all weekend long, giving us a chance to get cozy and show off our self-care power moves.

Aries: Happy Aries season! The Sun moves into your sign today, and you should be feeling the vibes! Mercury, Venus and Uranus all join the sun in your sign as well, so get ready for an interesting few weeks! Even though things may feel slow or even backwards, you have a lot of power to communicate your way through any roadblocks that may come up. Monday through Wednesday will be the best days of the week to get anything done around your career. Wednesday evening through Friday night will be favorable for meetups with friends, and the weekend will be perfect for relaxation and meditation.

Taurus: Mars is in your sign, giving you ample energy to break through personal ruts and get projects over the line. There’s also a lot of activity in your 12th house of the subconscious, and with Venus retrograde there — along with the Sun, Mercury and Uranus — you might feel inclined to splurge on some mind-expanding activities like yoga, movement, meditation, journaling or even massage or energy work. Monday through Wednesday might be great days for finding inspiration through art, film or music. Wednesday evening through Friday night might bring some weirdness around your career, and the weekend will find you wanting to socialize and party!

Gemini: As the Sun moves into Aries, joining Mercury, Venus retro and Uranus in your social sector, you could be meeting lots of new people, and even hanging out with some old friends or blasts from the pasts. Ride the wave and remember to invest what you want — not what you feel pressure to do. The week starts off on a sensitive note, and you may want to really guard and protect your feelings and self before leaving the house every day. Wednesday evening through Friday night will give you lots of opportunities to stay in, chill and be inspired by books, movies and music! The weekend will have you wondering about your place in your community and the world. What gifts can you share? Your outlook is needed, Gemini! It’s time to shine.

Cancer: You’ve got a lot going on in your career sector right now, including a Venus retrograde. It may seem challenging for the next few weeks — things may feel like they’re starting and stopping, or you may find opportunities magically align for you, or you may be suddenly exiting an old career paradigm to enter a new one. Go with the flow and follow your heart and work your confidence for best results.The week starts off with an emphasis on your one-on-one relationships, and you may actually feel like taking some space. Just be sure to communicate with your partner before you do, so you don’t ghost someone you care about! Wednesday evening through Friday night are perfect for self-care like journaling or self-reflection. You may also want to start planning your own steps in regard to activism. The weekend will bring plenty of opportunities to be inspired by books, art, film and music! Go with the flow for best results.

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Leo: There is a lot of creative verve and energy out there for you to harness! Even if Venus retrograde is stalling some of your creative projects, you can find lots of new ways to explore, communicate and get weird before actually finishing anything. The week will start off on a more structured note for you; however, the waning moon in Capricorn is reining in your daily habits and routines, urging you to take expert care of yourself Monday through Wednesday evening. You may want to do some grounding work for best results. Wednesday evening through Friday night will have you wanting to find an intellectual groove with your lover(s), partner(s) or BFFs. The weekend might make you feel super spacey — be on guard to not go overboard on substances.

Virgo: The transformations continue, Virgo! This week, the sun in Aries is joining Venus retro, Uranus and Mercury to help give you a much-needed boost in self-reflection and giving yourself a very fair, but productive “time out.” Monday through Wednesday evening, you may feel like isolating for fun and much-needed self care. Wednesday evening through Friday night will put you in a zone to inject some new juice into your daily routines and habits. The weekend, however, will be about your BFF, sweetie or boo! Make some plans and have a cozy, breezy time.

Libra: Chaotic love life? Complications in relationships? Old lovers coming back? Libra, your relationships sector is hot right now, to say the least. Allow yourself to open up to past and future lessons and allow yourself to really communicate what you want and need out of a lover or partner(s). You may want to keep things close to home Monday through Wednesday evening, however. This is a great time to break off from a scene and allow yourself to reflect solo. Wednesday through Friday night you’ll be feeling like linking back up with your sweetie for some intellectual stimulation. The rest of the weekend beckons you to add some subconscious work or meditation into your daily habits. With everything going on, you may want to journal or take a breather and meditate.

Scorpio: You are in the midst of a really fabulous opportunity to upgrade your health, nutrition and daily lifestyle. Keep playing with what the energy is sending your way. Keep tweaking and shifting until it feels right, until you feel nourished healthy and whole. Monday through Wednesday, you may feel like shutting down your communications, and if you have any big convos planned, you should schedule them later in the week. Wednesday through Friday night may pull you to stay at home and find a new and different connection to your space. Get creative while you get cozy. The rest of the weekend will beckon you to have a lot of fun and get out there and mingle, maybe even party. Just be careful to not go overboard with substances! You will be susceptible to going too far, so be mindful.

Sagittarius: It’s time to have fun, rediscover fun and to rename what fun is. This season you have a lot of emphasis placed on romance and fun, but the energy is also asking you to be flexible as you reinvent what these things mean to you and how they fit into your life. Monday through Wednesday evening are great days to stay in, chill and look over your long-term financial and life plans. Are you getting closer to your goals? What can you do in the here and now, with the resources you have, to get closer? Wednesday evening through Friday night will be great days for intellectual conversations or high-level talks. The rest of the weekend might be best used cozying up at home with lots of fun supplies like bath bombs, snacks and drinks, fun blankets, coloring books, crafts and art projects!

Capricorn: You might be getting closer to finding your a new apartment or upgrading roommates, and if things have felt stalled on that front, it’s OK! Keep trying. You may want to also use this time to review what your priorities are around your home, and what you need to be happy and feel good. It could be a simple readjustment or a deep clean, or maybe it’s a different neighborhood or different roommates. Monday through Wednesday, the moon will be in your sign — relax and rest these days and take some time to celebrate you. Wednesday through Friday night, you could find some fun and eclectic pieces for your home or wardrobe if you’re out and about shopping. The rest of the weekend will be great for deep communication. If you’ve been meaning to have some heart-to-heart conversations, this is the weekend to do it!

Aquarius: Your communication sector is busy right now, and you may be learning some deep lessons around how and why you communicate the way you do. If you feel like shifting, go ahead — try playing with new ideas, with a strong emphasis on play. Invite your inner child to take over! You may want to try to be open to wins and losses with how you speak and write, and learn as you go without beating yourself up! Self-compassion and forgiveness are key parts of the lessons being learned right now. Monday through Wednesday evening, you may feel like isolating and holding court with your own thoughts and reflections. Wednesday evening through Friday night, the Moon will be in your sign, and while it’s waning, this is a great time for self-care. The rest of the weekend may feel fun and breezy, and you may find some some great and eclectic items for your home or wardrobe if you’re out and about!

Pisces: There may be a lot of ebb and flow around your finances and self-esteem right now, Pisces, and that’s OK! Things are changing for the better, and the energy is gently nudging you to rework, reshape and reform the idea of what you’re worth. In case you didn’t know, Pisces, you’re worth a lot, and you are learning how to be firm and let the world know what you need and what you deserve! The days of allowing anything less than are over! Monday through Wednesday evening, you may feel like being social, or want to keep dates with friends or obligations, but you could be feeling less-than-talkative, and that’s OK! Honor your feelings and go with the flow. Wednesday evening through Friday night you have a great opportunity for a fresh breeze of self-care, so get inventive with how you retreat and pamper yourself. The weekend brings the Moon back to your sign, where you can enjoy a super prime window of celebrating yourself.


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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