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Astrology for Feminists.

This week’s astrology is all about Venus retro, recovering from the full Moon in Virgo and getting ready for the Moon’s energy in Sagittarius this weekend.

Venus retrograde is fully underway this week, and you could start to see its effect creeping into the picture. Venus retro tends to slow down romance, career and finances — and sometimes even house-hunting — for all the signs. Don’t push too hard for the next few weeks, and if you can just go with the flow, do it. This transit is in play until at least mid- to late April.

The Moon this week is in Libra Monday through Wednesday morning, which will be a balancing refresher after last weekend’s potent and ignited full Moon in Virgo. You should start to see drama subsiding and your emotions start to clarify and steady a bit. Midweek, though, the Moon will be waning in sensitive Scorpio, making us feel emotional and looking to potentially isolate. Perfect times for self-care! Friday evening around 8 p.m. Pacific Time, however, we perk up as the Moon moves into sunny and optimistic Sagittarius for the entire weekend! Perfect for communicating, socializing, blasting tunes and reviewing philosophy.

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Aries: You have a lot happening right now for you, Aries, and that’s OK! You have Venus retrograde in your sign, making things feel stalled out or confusing, but you also have Mercury moving into in your sign this week, which will help you communicate strongly and in alignment with your authentic self. Leverage the power of communication where things feel like they are falling flat and work Mars warrior energy in the re-creation of self. Monday through Wednesday are the best days of the week to have a one-on-one with your sweetie, so if you’re looking for a groovy date night or day, pick one or all of these! Things will start to get a bit emotional and edgy Wednesday morning through Friday evening, but I would urge you to use this time for transformation and working out any anxieties you have through healthy sexual expression. Friday evening through the rest of the weekend will be perfect for digging through record bins, bookstores or vintage stores and finding things that inspire you.

Taurus: Venus retrograde and Mercury moving into your 12th house this week could make you feel super spacy. You may feel inclined to dabble in new forms of communicating with your subconscious mind or your spiritual self over the next few weeks. Mars in your sign is giving you a lot of extra oopmh to get things done, so you have a nice window of opportunity to delve into deeper and more intimate subjects. Monday through Wednesday morning are the perfect days to hit the reset button on your daily meal, sleep and self-care schedules. Find a great daily routine balance these days that you can hold onto, and set yourself up for success for the rest of the Moon cycle. Things may get feisty, emotional or passionate with your lovers Wednesday through Friday evening, so brace yourself for potential tears or drama. You may want to think about how you can hold yourself together well, even in the face of rough seas. The weekend may find you seeking out some healthy sexual healing — try to stay open and flexible with your partner.

Gemini: Don’t burn yourself out by overextending your social life over the next few weeks! Geminis needs their space, so be careful to give yourself some downtime. Mars in your 12th house ensures you you’ll get plenty accomplished if you turn inward and focus on your subconscious or meditation. Monday through Wednesday morning may be the best times of the week to have some fun that balances and nourishes you — maybe a spa treatment or long bath. The self-care vibe slides into the rest of the week — Wednesday through Friday evening are perfect days for deep and regenerative self-care. One hint of warning: not following your daily routines these days may come back to bite you, hard. Friday evening through the rest of the weekend will be perfect times to spend with your lovers or besties. You may want to keep it low-key but you’ll have plenty of fun doing it!

Cancer: Venus is retrograde in your career sector, so if you feel stalled out or like you’re pushing too hard, you may want to back off and go with the flow for the next few weeks. You can also leverage your communications where you feel like you really need extra support, because you’ll have it from Mercury, which is also in your career house. Just be sure to think long and hard before speaking or hitting the “send” button. Monday through Wednesday may pull you deeply into home and/or family issues, and you could have an opportunity to let go of something that is no longer serving you. Wednesday through Friday evening, you might be feeling extra sexy, and could be looking to work out some restless energy in a safe and sexual way. The weekend may take you to task on creating new daily routines for yourself that include reading, taking in art or surrounding yourself with the philosophers and thinkers you care about.

Leo: Venus retrograde may call you to revisit things from the past that inspired you and turned you on in an artistic or philosophical way. You also may be inspired to revisit places that you once traveled and found stimulating. You have Mars in your career sector, giving you the push to get any projects or career-related work past the finish line. Monday through Wednesday morning may be the best times to communicate and get things wrapped up or moved forward. Be on the lookout for issues with family members or housemates. Wednesday morning through early Friday evening, people may be feeling emotional and you may be feeling quite private — make sure you’re ready to keep your boundaries gentle, yet firm. Things will get super fun over the weekend, and you may just want to let your heart and mind roam free and show you where to go and what to do!

Virgo: This Venus retrograde is all about transformation around your love life, Virgo! You have an awesome opportunity to level up in self-love, partner love (and finances!). You may not know what’s happening until it’s over; just go with the flow and allow deep changes to be possible. If things aren’t working out with someone, or you’re not getting the commitment you seek, you may want to re-examine the relationship and how the person is actually treating you. Love thyself, Virgo, for best results! This week, Monday through Wednesday will be good days to balance your finances. Looking ahead for the month or even year may be great ideas these days. Wednesday morning through Friday evening may be extremely sensitive around communications, so you may want to triple-check with yourself before speaking or hitting “send.” Friday evening through the rest of the weekend, you may feel like doing extra fun things around the house or neighborhood. Keep it low-key and local for best results.

Libra: You have a lot happening in your partnership sector right now, and with that energy — including Venus retrograde — you may feel extra confused. Take some deep breaths and understand that, right now, a true transformation is happening to you in regard to love and partnerships. Stay breathing, and allow the ride to illuminate who you really are and what you truly want. This week, Monday through Wednesday morning will give you extra power to examine what’s not working so that you can let it go forever. Wednesday morning through Friday evening, you could be feeling extra sensitive around finances, so try to allow yourself to feel proud of where you’ve been and where you are coming from, and accept, with gratitude, what you have now. Friday through the rest of the weekend, things will perk up and you’ll have the opportunity to have some really fun and engaging conversations.

Scorpio: For the next few weeks, the fun you’ve been having is going to continue, but not without the universe pointing you toward a solid daily self-care routine that includes proper nourishment, beauty sleep and some form of movement! Monday through Wednesday morning you may feel ultra spacy, and you could find some grounding in meditation or therapy. The Moon will be in your sign Wednesday morning through Friday evening, giving you a much-needed boost. These are great personal self-care days for you, Scorpio. Friday evening through the rest of the weekend promises to be a fun and exciting time to get some thrift-store shopping done and get super creative with your wardrobe!

Sagittarius: Venus retrograde may be severely dampening your ability to have fun the way you’re used to. You may want to open up and explore new possibilities for what fun and/or romance means to you! Pair this idea with putting together a stronger sense of stability and strength in your daily routines. Monday through Wednesday morning may find you in need of reaching out to your friends and community to find balance. Wednesday morning through Friday evening you may feel quite quiet, reserved and wanting to be alone with your thoughts. Even if you feel broody, you could be able to get to some deep places these days and shed unwanted layers from your psyche. Friday evening through the weekend, the Moon is in your sign, prompting you to have some fun, even if things seem kind of upside-down right now.

Capricorn: Venus retrograde is cutting through your home and family sector. You might have rare opportunities to go back to family members and heal wounds, reconnect or learn more about your heritage. This may also be a fabulous time for working with your ancestors. If you are looking for a new place right now, things could be up in the air for a while, until late April or early May. This week, Monday through Wednesday morning start off on a balanced note in regard to your career. This would be a great time to edit your process and keep things that really work for you. You may be feeling socially irritated, or even left out, Wednesday morning through Friday evening, so you may want to be extra aware of where your emotions are running high — and where people may actually be not treating you 100 percent. The weekend may give you an extra nudge to go deep in your explorations of what moves you on a philosophical or spiritual level.

Aquarius: Venus is retrograde in your communications sector, so for the next few weeks you may want to really check in with yourself to see if your communications with the outside world are in alignment with your true self. You may also see some movement with family, or finding a new place, until mid-April, because Mars is in your sector of family and home. Monday through Wednesday will give you lots of opportunity to connect to what really inspires you, and you may find that looking at art or reading can be quite balancing these days. Wednesday morning through Friday evening, you may find yourself feeling very sensitive around your career, and you may want to write out all the facts — and even timeline your achievements — instead of putting yourself down. Friday evening through the rest of the weekend promises to be super fun, especially in relation to connecting with friends and community. If you’ve been longing to be social, this is the weekend for it!

Pisces: Venus is retrograde in your sign, and then will move into Aries in your second house. This could stir up deep-seated issues about your self-confidence and self-worth. You may want to make this Venus retrograde transit all about self-love and finding new ways to feel confident and good about yourself. Monday through Wednesday you may want to invest extra time in activities that make you feel grounded and fresh. Self-care and proper nourishment may come easier these days than the rest of the week. Wednesday morning through Friday evening, you may feel like diving deep into some darker artwork, books or movies. You may want to get gothic or even read up on occult studies. This weekend you may receive an influx of fresh ideas around what you’re capable of, careerwise. Let your dreams run wild! Journal out your ideal career path and keep the paper handy — you’ll be needing it again!


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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