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Astrology for Feminists.


The energy right now, astrologically, is palpable! We are on a high alert to be patient and compassionate with ourselves and others.

This week there’s is a mutable Grand Cross featuring Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. You can look at this simply and holistically as the four elements: Earth, air, fire and water coming together to form a wellspring of energy for us. It’s an opportunity to ground ourselves solidly in what we know we need to be happy while allowing ourselves room for change and gentle self-discipline.

What do you need to do to stay happy and positive in your daily life? Use this precious opportunity to create small steps that form the foundation of a happier way of living! Remember to take time to nurture yourself above all, and the answers will come.


 You are perfectly aligned for excellent moon magic this week, Aries. A Cancer Moon Monday and Tuesday in your fourth house of home and family will provide you the perfect opportunity to take some much needed space from the outside world and focus on making your lair cozy and comforting. By the weekend, the Moon will move into detail-oriented Virgo, which will prompt you to reorganize and redefine your daily routine. What can you integrate into your daily routine that really maximizes your prowess, Aries? Be open to new discoveries this weekend, and if you feel pulled towards adding something to your everyday rituals, then do it!


Monday and Tuesday the Moon in Cancer will provide a constructive time for communications for you, Taurus. You might feel yourself able to open up a little bit more easily than you normally do. Go with it! Wednesday and Thursday would be good days to purchase something luxurious for your home, or redo a room to make it feel more comfortable for you. The weekend would be ideal for a well-planned and thought-out day trip, a scheduled weekend of activities or a date. The more you geek out on the details, the better.


The outlook for you, Gemini, is sunny and romantic all week! It’s also possible that you are dealing with developing intensities in one-on-one partnerships. Saturn’s lengthy stay in your seventh house of relationships is testing you. However, positive relationships will grow solid foundations under this astrological weather. The weekend is calling you to stay home to clean and organize your space. This doesn’t really mean major purchases, it means more so; it’s more about cleaning out old clutter and making room for the new so you can breathe easier.


The Moon is in your sign Monday and Tuesday, and the Moon rules your sign, Cancer. This means you may be exceptionally sensitive. This is a waxing crescent, so the vibes should be geared towards positive intentions and setting goals for yourself. Celebrate what’s good in your life. Pay extra attention to your daily habits and things that make you feel good that you do regularly but might be slacking on lately. Mars retrograde in your sixth house of daily routine can feel like you’re pulling extra hard to get your workout, healthy eating, spiritual development or journaling routine on. Work with noting WHY you feel like you can’t do it. Go deeper than “I’m tired.” Here is where you will find the spark to keep you going.


Wednesday and Thursday, the Moon will be in your sign. Be prepared to do some thinking around your home and family. Now would be a great time to revisit things from the past that may be affecting how you choose to live, what your space looks like and what’s in your space. Revisiting these things on an emotional level will be helpful. The weekend would be a great time to connect your realizations about how you spend money and how you can best re-organize your reserves to make your life better.


The Moon will pass through your eleventh house of friendship and twelfth house of the subconscious this week before finally nesting with Jupiter in your sign for the weekend. This should you give you some extra ability to reach out to friends and show them you care during Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday should find you concentrating on matters that really stir your soul and what’s going on behind all the decisions you make. Finally, Friday Saturday and Sunday will be all about you and your center.


 This weekend is going to be all about digging really deep and connecting your subconscious to your sense of self-worth. What beliefs do you hold that threaten or harm your self-worth? What beliefs do you hold that can help boost your self-esteem and how you handle yourself in the world? Believe it or not, all this inner thinking will, in the long run, help you make more money. But first you have to create a safe space to dive deep within your mind and weed out limiting beliefs. Instead, tend to your self-compassionate thoughts.


Mars retrograde is still pulsing away in your sign, giving you extra ferocity and energy but also making you take a step back and wonder, “am I doing what’s best?” Tuesday and Wednesday would be best used to dig deep into your bookshelf and find something that stimulates your mind. The weekend will find you categorizing your social circle. Where do you feel like you have power? Where do you feel you belong? Where do you feel you have to struggle to keep up? Don’t worry about acting on any of this yet. Just take note and allow yourself to feel.


 By now you are probably really sick of Pluto retrograding in your second house of self-worth and finances. Pluto likes to destroy so it can recreate — it going retrograde through your finance sector can feel dizzying, especially if you don’t have your finances on lockdown. Lean on your friends this weekend to help you create a plan to get out of debt, save money or rethink your philosophy on money. Is it positive? Is it negative? How can you make positive changes? These would be helpful things to have an organized and financially astute friend help you with!


 Take the first part of this week to avoid getting distracted by dating apps or messaging. Instead, actually sit down and plan how you can best utilize your space and resources for learning this weekend. Breathe deep into your center — visualize what you love and want to learn more about. Find it? Now go out and and find a workshop, book, class, webinar or tutorial on it. Now is a highly auspicious time for this and it will likely benefit you more than you could possibly imagine.


The Moon will be transiting in your sixth house of daily routine and habit Monday and Tuesday, so try to stay close to home and stick with any fitness/nutrition/spirituality practice regime that you know you need in order to be happy. This weekend you will have another great opportunity to organize your most intense thoughts. Look at how these two subjects correlate for maximum impact and growth.


 The Moon will have its more intense transits this week through your romance AND relationship sector. Monday and Tuesday, be prepared for emotions to be running high. By the weekend you will want to shift or reorganize some of the details about your relationship. All of these feelings can be positive! In fact, the more positive you are the better other people around you will feel.


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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