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Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for Feminists.

With so much terror, trauma and sadness in our country, it’s imperative — now more than ever — to begin to collectively and individually allow time and space for healing, self-love and love of other people. Hate can be healed, and we as a nation have the ability to individually master our negative dialogue, hatred and misunderstanding of our own humanity.

Healing on a collective level starts with each one of us on a personal level and our commitment to stand up when we see oppression. It starts with being able to live with a deep understanding of what BIPOC have been through and how we can best align with their cause — and the cause of creating a healthier society.

I encourage you all to really reach into yourselves this week with your horoscope below to try to focus on love and the power to stand up to speak your truth and the truth of what we know is right. Now is the time to examine the social structures that afford privilege to some while oppressing others. We must all band together to strike against oppressive, harmful forces while holding space for each other’s pain and individual experiences right now.  As Venus moves into Leo on Wednesday, we can all tap into the energy by allowing our hearts to roar the truth into the world in a firm but loving way.


Aries: Early this week there will be a strong focus on your one-on-one relationships. You will feel more attracted to the ones you truly love all week, but the importance of the partnerships in your life will especially be highlighted on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday through the weekend, you will feel intense emotions regarding sensitive areas of your life; you may be on edge, especially Thursday. Prepare ahead and remember that even Aries needs self-compassion and check-ins with their inner selves. Do what feels good. While it’s more than OK to set boundaries, you want to be sure you are setting them up in a way that’s healthy. Things should brighten up over the weekend as the energy pushes you toward learning about truth and freedom.

Taurus: This week you have an opportunity to really create and maintain a lot of balancing and positive recalibrations in your home life to make it more loving, comfortable and supportive. You need a positive home base, Taurus, and this week gives you ample opportunity to create just that. Wednesday and Thursday could be tense in your personal relationships, however, and you will need to remember to check in with yourself and your emotions before things get out of hand. It would be best to wait to channel the extreme energy you are feeling into the weekend, when you have some opportunities to redirect that energy into new territory in your sexual experiences. Taking a step back to ask, “why am I so angry?” before starting an argument could save you some energy and avoid some hurt feelings.

Gemini: You will have lots of help in your already brilliant communications with your loved ones this week, thanks to Venus moving into Leo in your house of personal communications. Starting Thursday, you should have an easier time giving and accepting in conversations with the ones you love. Monday and Tuesday will also be beneficial to anyone you’re feeling romantic about. This would be a good time have a low-key early-week date night. Wednesday and Thursday are screaming for you to please practice self-care and create space for hydration, proper nutrition, exercise, tea and restful sleep. Over the weekend things will start to come together with your friends and loved ones where you may find common ground in regards to truth, freedom and individuality. Hosting a meetup or conscious social gathering would be a good fit Saturday or Sunday.

Cancer: Starting on Thursday, Venus in Leo is conspiring to show you that you have extremely valuable gifts to offer the world and you need to love yourself enough to get out of your own way and start doing them. You have the talents you need to not only do what you know you love to do, but also to make money off of these skills. It all starts with self-acceptance and the self-confidence to go out there and do it, so tune into these energies this week. Monday and Tuesday are great for not only proper nutrition and hydration, sleep and self-care, but also to journal, set goals and size up your competitors. Watch what other people are doing and get inspired. Get this going Monday and Tuesday so that Wednesday and Thursday you can be ready to have a fun date night out or in. There’s a lot of energy moving you towards going out and having fun as well, so be prepared to schedule your week accordingly. By the weekend, you will be repeating those self-care practices you started at the beginning of the week and adding a new plan of action that revolves around who you are and your truth.

Leo: Venus in your sign this Thursday will finally feel like some much-needed universal assistance coming to your aid to help things flow more freely and in harmony in your everyday life. If you been feeling tensions or trouble in the dating world, you will feel a big lift, especially over the weekend. Wednesday and Thursday are all about taking some action in your home space. You’ve had a lot of ups and downs the past few weeks when it’s come to your living space, but this Wednesday and Thursday give you the opportunity to finally solidify some movement in the right direction. The weekend could bring about the opportunity to for romance and fun again, finally. Just make sure you’ve done the work to give yourself the lair that you know you need to function properly.

Virgo: Venus in Leo this week should finally give you the ability to delve into areas of your psyche that you don’t often necessarily let yourself play with. There’s been pieces and ideas wafting through your brain, but you haven’t exactly allowed yourself to go there; starting this Thursday, you will. You will have the ability to listen and even love the more mysterious and deeper parts of yourself. You will have the ability to explore these new ideas without judgement. Yes, it will take some work at first to recondition your thinking and free yourself, but the energy to make it happen is there if you want it. I would suggest sticking close to home over the weekend and studying, reading and allowing yourself to be. You will be happier the closer you stay to your own four walls.

Libra: This week, Venus in Leo will finally bring the gift of friendship into your life. Moreso in the coming weeks, but this Thursday marks the beginning of you reaching back out to your friends and getting back in the groove of those personal communications and interactions. Monday and Tuesday would be perfect days to prep for this new phase in your friendships by connecting with yourself and really getting grounded and solid in who you are. Over the weekend, you will have the opportunity to start meaningful and truth-driven conversations, so make sure you take care of yourself during the first part of the week.

Scorpio: Venus in Leo on Thursday is going to bring some explosive creativity and fun back into your career realms. This is just the beginning of a few weeks of opportunities arriving around your career. Allow yourself to have fun, be creative and stand strong for what you believe is right for you. Over the weekend you will have even more of a chance to gain clarity around what makes you uniquely you and what gifts, talents and other things you have to share with the world. You do have viable, marketable skills and you can make a living doing what you want. This is the beginning of the journey. Wednesday and Thursday are great days to ground yourself within who you are and set goals for yourself. Do some heavy thinking or rituals around who you are and what you want.

Sagittarius: The Universe is trying to tell you that you have some real power, but there’s some baseline knowledge that you need to brush up on first. Starting this Thursday with Venus in Leo moving into your house of higher learning, and other powerful transits soon, it’s definitely the time to start taking classes, workshops, trips or any other activities that are going to level up your intellectual prowess. You are being groomed to become a true leader as only you can be, and there’s a lot of work you need to do first! Wednesday and Thursday are inviting you to dive really deep in your subconscious mind to rediscover some things that you might have been pushing further down or struggling with the last few weeks. These days are especially strong for power-journaling and creating a sacred space for yourself to do the healing that these parts of your consciousness need. By the weekend you will be busy reformulating your game plan around who you are and where you want to go.

Capricorn: Venus in Leo this Thursday is asking you to relax and come to the table in regards to your own sexuality a little differently. This difference could actually come in the form of just being able to let go and have fun! Venus in Leo is encouraging you to own your feelings, even if they don’t fit into what you think you should feel. Check in with your body and your spirit before making judgement calls on yourself. Liberate yourself from any unwanted ideas about sexuality that are not yours. You get to identify as you want to identify. Wednesday and Thursday you could have some help from your friends and community on this matter that could be really worth listening to. Finally, over the weekend, the stars are asking you to freely dive deep within your psyche for the truths you know are real, and to finally begin to wrestle with some of the shadow material you’ve been trying to push down. Liberate!

Aquarius: Venus in Leo is roaring right into your seventh house of relationships and partnerships this Thursday. This will make for smooth communications and fiery fun in your one-on-one relationships, whether they be romantic or just friendly. You need this — especially after Saturn came in and did some sometimes intense restructuring of your friendships and community. Expect things to flow easier, especially if you are working in that direction. Wednesday and Thursday will be great days to do some deep diving as far as your emotions and your career and how they are connected. Expect things to start moving forward for you again career-wise as well. Over the weekend you will have some extra power in your interactions with friends. It would be a good weekend to plan a meetup or rally people together for a common cause, which is so needed right now.

Pisces: Venus moves into Leo in your house of daily routines, prompting you to get really loving and fun about your self-care routines which, let’s be honest, might be lacking right now! The stars are trying to tell you that you need to set up a self-care routine and have it be rooted in things you absolutely love to do. Dieting and exercise may not be your favorite thing and can be triggering for folks with eating disorders and difficult for those with disabilities.  What if it came in the form of doing something you love — like cooking big, healthier meals or dancing?  What about long hot soaks in salt baths or calming and grounding essential oils? Deconstruct the idea of exercise and think of it for what it is: keeping your body in motion for stretches of time. What is your favorite form of motion? If you’ve had abstract ideas about what you need, it’s time to get solid on them and bring them into your life. Wednesday and Thursday give you plenty of opportunity to do some research and study about what can best benefit you. Over the weekend you will begin to see how your self-care can powerfully impact your career as well.


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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