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Astrology for Feminists.

Happy New Year and a cute wave bye-bye to 2016! 2017 is going to be nothing short of revolutionary, thanks to Uranus and Jupiter in opposition to each other for most of the year. When these two planets come together, you can expect to be in for a real ride, as Uranus rules revolution and rebellion and Jupiter has the power to pave new roads and create new futures.

In 2016, we had Uranus and Pluto coming together, with Pluto tearing down old structures and bringing what was hidden to light, dredging the depths of our personal and collective psyches. Now Uranus, the planet of radical rebellion, and Jupiter will oppose each other for most of 2017, creating tension but also expanding our sense of revolution and change.

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Please remember amidst all of this: before we can change the world, we have to change ourselves. Self-care and personal development is the number one priority right now and all year. Especially this week, as we still have Mercury (sigh) retrograde until the 8th, something to keep in mind if you’re starting to feel frazzled, signing contracts or making big purchases. You may want to reschedule or hold off on initiating or moving forward with anything major until Mercury goes direct.

This week, it may feel very difficult to get back into your workflow and daily grind. If you have to get back to work, you may need extra time to ground and take care of yourself. By this weekend, though, we should be feeling better as Mercury goes back to normal and we have a very grounding and nourishing first quarter Moon in Taurus.


Aries: Monday afternoon to Wednesday morning, the Moon will be urging you to be quiet and private, putting you in a prime position to de-stress, detoxify and hang out with yourself. You may be feeling intense and emotional, or just downright weird. This may be a great time to relax, rejuvenate and really sit and integrate everything that’s happened mentally and emotionally over the holidays. Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon, you may be feeling like entering the real world again. These days would be prime for just being in your power, as the Moon will be in your sign! Friday afternoon through the weekend, you may have a real focus on your personal items, home goods, wardrobe, etc. It might be time to take a closer look or curate some pieces so that they better express you who you really are! Or even better, purchase something for yourself that you absolutely must have.

Taurus: This week may have you feeling super spacy around your friendships, and you may feel like doing wackier things with your buds usual. You may want to face and resist the temptation to do too much, e.g. smoke too much, drink too much, take too much, etc. You’re super vulnerable to that particular kind of behavior, even though NYE is in the past, thanks to Pisces in your 11th house of friendships until early Wednesday. Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon, you could find yourself wanting to stay private and close to home, deeply exploring your subconscious mind and any trauma or energies that need to be revealed to be healed. The lunar energy of Aries in your 12th house is perfect for diving deep and being brave with your thoughts and ideas about your inner self. This is a perfect time to explore your mind without pressure or anxiety, and with lots of courage. Friday afternoon and throughout the weekend you may feel like getting back to you and really standing tall in yourself. The Moon will be in your sign, empowering you all weekend! Watch how and what you react to around “I” and “me” this weekend for extra-rad results.

Gemini: This week you may start yourself thinking about how you need more from your day job, career or profession. Monday afternoon to early Wednesday is an opportunity to muse BIG about your true dreams for yourself, career or legacy. Then, you can make small steps to get there. Roadmapping your wildest career fantasies, moodboarding your ideas or dreaming huge can all be real catalysts for change this year. Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon is a prime time to communicate and get those thoughts out with people you care about. These are the most social days of the week for you, and you could benefit from getting feedback from your crew. You’ll feel extra empowered to make your dreams a reality Friday and through the weekend. With the Moon in Taurus in your 12th house, you’ll have help connecting your dreams to reality. Keep finding small ways to get where you want to go!  

Cancer: Get ready to delve into some rad cinema, music, art and reading! Monday through Wednesday morning are perfect to get surreal and let yourself get into a gooey groove of being inspired by other people’s work! Wednesday morning to Friday afternoon might be a great time to snap back into reality and go hard in your professional life, especially if you’re looking at rebranding yourself or upping your game to your boss. You will want to take action these days in regard to your career, and you can really make things happen for yourself! Friday afternoon through the rest of the weekend you may feel like hanging out with friends, especially over a nice meal or luxury date. It’s a great time to share thoughts that could be pent up from over the holidays, and also to take some time out for yourself. Consider journaling, pampering, maximum self-care and maximum coziness. Treat yourself right for best results!

Leo: The week may start off super deep and introspective for you, Leo, and you may feel like diving down into your personal ideas about your inner self. Death and rebirth as a theme can be super-healing right now; try to be brave enough to go there and reap the rewards that facing big changes or fears can bring. Getting back to reality after the holidays may hit you particularly hard because of this, and I urge you to integrate any spaced-out feelings you might have in your day-to-day tasks. Instead of just “turning off” the shadow or artistic parts of yourself, what if you played with them and brought them (safely) to your everyday reality? You might find some really cool artistic pleasures in what you bring to your day-to-day this week if you try. Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon could give you the opportunity to bring art into a higher point of observation for you, and you may find yourself reveling in its healing benefits. Friday afternoon through the rest of the weekend you may find yourself geeking out on your career. How can you get your prosperity house in order for the new year? Hint: Prosperity and positivity CAN go together with your artistic expression — for real, this time.

Virgo: The week may start off on a romantic or personal note for you, Virgo, but I urge you to be cautious about how you say things and where you direct them. You may want to hold back from being overtly honest, as others may be feeling especially sensitive and you may let words tumble out that aren’t necessarily rooted in reality. You may be feeling sensitive as well; double-check where your remarks are coming from, especially if they seem like they could possibly hurt or offend someone. Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon you may be more inclined to get into a body-moving and energizing yoga, movement, flow or dance practice, and this could help seriously ground you and empower you to get through the weekend. Channel your inner anxiety with movement for rad results. Friday afternoon through the weekend, you may feel like staying close to home, eating great and large meals (guilt-free) and watching some great movies. The less fuss, the better.

Libra: You may not feel like facing reality after the holidays, Libra. It might be difficult for you to get back to the grind, and you may have to hustle extra hard Monday through Wednesday morning to feel like you’re getting anywhere. Try not to push too hard. Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon, your attention will shift to your partner or close friends. Getting in some face time with the ones you hold dear may help soothe your soul. If you’re in a sexual relationship, you may find the ability to (safely) get some tension out in your one-on-one time this upcoming week and weekend. Don’t be afraid to get into the nitty-gritty of what makes you feel safe and sexy.

Scorpio: You need to seriously watch yourself the beginning of this week, Scorpio, especially until Wednesday morning, because there is going to be part of you that does not want to let the party end. You could get yourself into some real trouble if you don’t get grounded back in reality, especially if you have to get back to work. Don’t go overboard, and don’t try to take anyone overboard with you, especially Monday through Wednesday morning. Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon will be the perfect time to whip yourself back into shape and take a moment to deeply focus on health and wellness. It’s a great day to get back into a movement or exercise routine, good eating and lots of well-directed self-care. Friday afternoon through the weekend will find you seeking out some grounded solo time with your lover, lovers, partner, partners and/or friends. This weekend you may be much more inclined to “chill in” with a good meal and wine with your honey instead of going to party town. Which may be a good thing, right?

Sagittarius: This week it may be difficult to get back into reality, Sag. Monday through Wednesday morning, you may feel like blasting some tunes in your casa, doing art or just getting wild in your own space. These could be great days for entertaining in your house, as long as you’re not going overboard with substances and partying. You may feel like continuing the fun Wednesday through Friday afternoon, and you may have a really hard time getting back into the grind this week. Please be responsible and pragmatic, even if you’re feeling otherwise! Remember to tune in to yourself. Friday afternoon through the weekend, however, will give you ample opportunity to get grounded and get back into your workflow and regular life. You may want to stay close to home and make self-care your number one priority. This means pampering yourself and eating very well — without feeling guilty.

Capricorn: The week opens on a rather spacy and wonky note for you, Capricorn. The Moon is in Pisces in the part of your chart affecting your communication Monday through Wednesday morning. Make sure you take extra time for yourself before finalizing anything with other people, or even responding to others. Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon may have you tending to your roots and foundation and formulating new ways to cultivate courage this year. The world needs your resourcefulness, and this is a great period to dive deep and infuse yourself with the courage you need to stand tall through turbulent times. A ritual for courage or bravery can be powerful now! Friday afternoon through the rest of the weekend you may want to just put your feet up and chill, eat lots of good food (guilt-free) and take it easy. You need self-care just like everybody else, Capricorn! Get to it.

Aquarius: You may start the week feeling like you need to simultaneously relax, rejuvenate, do self-care AND take over the world. Clear your calendar Monday afternoon through Wednesday morning and pencil in some therapeutic solo time — in between taking action on your dreams and visions for 2017. Break out the bath bombs and essential oils and turn up the dial to “pamper” for best results. Give yourself permission to succeed by taking care of yourself first. Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon are the best days/nights to get shopping done, especially if you are looking to create or curate a new look. By Friday afternoon and all through the weekend, things might start to feel extra grounded, nourishing and like your communication is landing where it needs to. With Mercury finally out of retrograde, and with Taurus in your communications sector over the weekend, it’s a great time to have long, deep and pragmatic conversations with people. It’s also great for writing! Get to it!

Pisces: The week starts off in your sign and you could be feeling A LOT of energy because you have the Moon, Neptune, Mars and Venus ALL in your sign right now! So much could be going on for you, it may be hard to figure out where to go or what to do next. You could be feeling like you’re going a million miles a minute. Your love life, career and party scenes may be off the charts right now, and I would suggest taking Wednesday through Friday afternoon to ground yourself and get clear on your finances before you do anything else. Be pragmatic around debt and figure out ways to slice and dice your budget to get out of it and into a better financial situation. Friday afternoon and though the weekend would be great times to stay busy, communicating in a grounded and down-to-Earth way with people who make you feel secure, safe and at home. There’s a lot whirling around in your head, and being able to get it all out in a safe environment is a must for you right now.


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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