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Fb. In. Tw. Be.
Astrology for Feminists.

The big astrology news this week is a full Moon in Cancer Thursday at 3:34 a.m. PST. You’ll most likely feel it all week and into the weekend. All signs are that we need to be on high self-care alert and we should try to maximize our self-nurturing time this week, especially between Tuesday evening and Saturday. Thursday evening through the weekend are perfect times to set intentions, work spellcraft or do rituals!


Aries: You may feel like you need to communicate more than usual Monday through Tuesday evening! Talking is great, Aries, but you may want to think it over thoroughly before clicking “send” or opening up and letting it all out. Think like the boss you are — before you speak up like one. Tuesday late evening until Thursday evening, you may not feel like leaving your home base, and this would be a perfect time of the month to take extra time out for rest and rejuvenation. Thursday evening through Saturday evening promise to deliver some opportunities for fun, and you may have more chances than usual to get out there and do things you enjoy. It’s also great astro weather for a wild date night with a lover or a BFF! Don’t party too hard, though — Saturday night and Sunday are the perfect days for organizing, decluttering and systematically strategizing and implementing self-care and self-nurturing routines!

Taurus: You may feel very emotional in regard to your finances, self-esteem or self-worth at the opening of this week, Taurus. Try to remember to pencil in some things for yourself that make you feel good and proud of who you are. You can also use any edgy energy you might be feeling to cut through debt, create a plan around finances or declutter your wardrobe. From late Tuesday through late Thursday, the vibe may get moodier and you could be feeling very emotional, especially around communications. Remember to self-care to the max these days for best results. The vibe will lift late Thursday night and into the weekend, but you may not feel like going out. You may prefer to just kick it quietly at home with your music, chat with your siblings or get it on in your bedroom. You may actually have a blast doing things closer to home, whatever they may be. Think gourmet snacks and luxury blankets for best results. This can actually be a great time for some (safe) sexual healing as well. Saturday night into Sunday you could have fun just chilling at home organizing your underwear drawer!

Gemini: The Moon starts off the week in your sign, giving you more positivity and energy. You may feel some extra swagger until Tuesday evening, which could help with projects you’ve been wanting to work on. From Tuesday evening until late Thursday, you may feel like you’re on a roller coaster of emotion; the Moon in Cancer may make you extra emotional about your self-esteem and self-worth, and you may also be moody about your job, self-worth or finances. You may also be tempted to compare yourself with others, which may not be healthy for you. Self-care your way through these intense feelings and nurture yourself. Thursday through Saturday, however, you might feel more like communicating, and owning your own power could come easily, but not without some emotion. These would also be power days for having important conversations. Saturday night and Sunday you may feel like lying close to home and reorganizing your bookshelf, deep-cleaning the bathroom and/or kitchen and or organizing your wardrobe!

Cancer: The week may start off on a hyper-surreal note and you might feel spacy, like you just want to meditate, chill or do some productive but very low-key movement. Tuesday evening through Thursday evening, however, you may feel a bit better and more energetic as the Moon will be in your sign. Even though you might be feeling optimistic, you could get emotional easily and you may want to self-care and nurture as much as possible these days. Thursday night to Saturday night are perfect days to get your shopping on, especially if you’ve been coveting vintage, luxury or statement pieces that make you feel awesome and inspired. Also a great day to cut your hair if you’ve been wanting to. Be careful communicating with people Saturday night and Sunday; you might find yourself getting really picky about what other people are saying to you, causing stresses or flare-ups with friends and or lovers. Find your chill and put the detail-oriented vibes into intellectual pieces of convo, not emotional ones. You can also choose to put any nervous energy into some spellwork this weekend.

Leo: The week could start off on a very social and chatty note for you, Leo! You may feel like talking, interacting and getting involved in discussions around you. Tuesday night through Thursday night, however, could find yourself wanting to retreat and isolate, treating yourself to dreamier self-care goodies like dream journaling, meditation, energy healing, crystal work or Yin movement. Self-care may feel super awesome right now, and your body and mind will thank you for it, so turn up the pampering volume. Thursday night through Saturday night you may have a blast of fresh verve as the full Moon moves into your sign! Enjoy the high vibes while they last, because Saturday night and Sunday may have you stressing over your finances — or feeling so carefree that you forget about your finances and rack up debt. In a more productive sense, this would be a great day to balance your budget and or pay off debt! Put your best foot forward and use the energy to crush financial AND self-esteem issues with a spell or intention-setting session!

Virgo: Monday and Tuesday could be prime days for getting any sort of career-related writing done. For example, if you have to write for a project, a resume, emails or website, this could be a stellar window to knock it out. Tuesday evening until Thursday evening you may want to reach out and be social, but be careful that you’re not using your BFFs to complain. If you need to take a break from the fray and chill solo, you should, as self-care maximizes itself under this lunar placement. If you’re feeling cranky, hook up with a bestie via text, do simultaneous self-care acts and send each other pics. Whether you include your buds or not, please practice self-care Thursday all day, in little ways, to keep yourself from getting frazzled. Thursday night through Saturday night may be great nights for meditation, movement and dream journaling and particularly spellwork or ritual. It’s also a great time for dramatic movies or theater. Saturday night into Sunday, you may be feeling yourself extra hard as you celebrate the continued full Moon in your own sign. It may give you an added boost for the end of the week.

Libra: The beginning of this week, you may benefit from treating reading as a self-care act, going through your favorite authors and picking out passages you especially love and reading them aloud. That extra dose of inspiration may carry you through midweek, as you might be feeling extra sensitive about your career. Don’t worry if you’re not exactly where you think you should be — dreams take time to manifest! Practice extra self-care these days and turn to trusted friends Thursday through Saturday, as they might be able to provide strong feedback or just help you let loose and have some much-needed fun. Saturday night and Sunday, you may find extra happy vibes around volunteering and helping wherever you can, even if it’s a something small.  You may also find solutions, tiny or large, to problems more easily, or unite with your metaphysical urges. Spellwork and ritual are extra potent Thursday through the weekend with the full Moon Thursday night.

Scorpio: Be careful not to jab at yourself the beginning of the week, Scorpio. You may find an inner dialogue that is particularly brash, but you need to remember to love yourself. If there’s something you need to deal with, deal with it — but support yourself while you’re dealing with it for best results. Be especially kind to yourself Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday night through Thursday night, I would suggest staying home with your favorite books, movies or toys that bring you inspiration, and treat midweek as one long self-care act. Thursday night into Saturday evening is when you’ll finally be feeling like you’ve got a lot of energy again, and these would be great nights to work on your higher intentions for career. Spellwork is especially powerful now because of the full Moon Thursday. Focus on what makes you feel inspired and brings you joy for maximum results. Saturday night and Sunday is when you start feeling social again and want to have some practical hang time with your crew.

Sagittarius: The week may start off with you needing extra mental stimulation from your partner. If you need to talk it out with your lover or lovers, Monday and Tuesday would be awesome times to get out your feelings with your words and see where they land. This could also be great energy for a date night to chat and catch up with your partner. Tuesday night through Thursday night you could be feeling extra emotional and uncomfortable. You may want to notice what’s coming up for you and make a note to discuss it in therapy or in your journal. This is definitely going to be a time of self-care, especially Thursday all day. Try to pamper yourself as much as you can. Thursday night through Saturday are the perfect days for turning to things that truly inspire you, especially things like art, theater and music. Saturday night and Sunday you may feel like geeking out extra hard on your career goals. This is the perfect time to crank out a plan and focus on what’s not working for you anymore. That way, you can ditch anything you don’t need for your career next week as the Moon wanes.

Capricorn: The week, you may want to kick things off with an awesome podcast that talks about healthy daily habits or improvements that will ease your stress and allow you to ultimately be more productive. As a Capricorn, it’s hard for you to take a time-out, but you need to, and Monday and Tuesday would be great days to get ideas by talking or listening. Positive self-talk and affirmations are also great suggestions. Tuesday night through Thursday, be on high bae alert, as you may have some serious revelations or feelings around your partner, partner, lover or lovers. Notice your emotions and how you express them, and be mindful that even though you are may be dealing with your partner, you still have to deal with yourself first. Keeping yourself grounded, nourished and kitted out in self-care style will help you deal with others in your life, including best friends. If you’re completely solo, be on alert for how you deal with your ideas about relationships and how you can feel more secure moving forward when you do meet the right person. This energy spills from Thursday night into Saturday night, beckoning you to go even deeper than you may want to experience. Saturday night into Sunday, I would suggest forgetting it all for a minute and curling up with a  good book.

Aquarius: This week you may start off feeling quite chatty and verbose, and you may have fun indulging in conversation with co-workers, friends and particularly romantic partners Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday evening through Thursday evening, the vibe shifts dramatically, and you may feel like staying solitary. Make sure that when you are not at work, in a meeting or doing something you absolutely have to that you’re practicing self-care. Using this full Moon in Cancer to pamper yourself is a perfect way to celebrate it. Pull out all the stops and leave no self-care stone unturned! Thursday evening into Saturday evening, the focus will shift to your one-on-one relationships, whether romantic or platonic. Be aware that people, even yourself, may be feeling extra ”me-oriented” during this time; take your time and be kind with your lovers, partners and friends. Saturday night through Sunday, you may feel extra inclined to go deep with yourself and may find solace in meditation, Yin movement and deep creative soul-diving.

Pisces: This Monday and Tuesday you may feel like staying close to home, but you can be especially talkative or chatty with roommates, partners or anyone you share your space with. If you’re living solo, this may be a great time to start utilizing affirmation or journaling out loud. Tuesday night through Thursday, you may actually enjoy the full Moon, but your enjoyment may depend on what level of self-care you’re willing to partake in. This is a great time to have fun with your self-care tasks and do what you want to do, even if it doesn’t fit the self-care norm. Maybe it’s lounging and playing video games, or maybe it’s sitting and looking out a window. This energy will continue well into the weekend; Thursday night through Saturday night will also be perfect for engaging in fun and unique nourishing action items for yourself. Saturday into Sunday, it’s time to plan a practical date night or day with your partner, BFF or yourself!

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The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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