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Astrology for Feminists.

In this week’s Astrology for Feminists, find out how the new Moon in innovative Aquarius this Friday will reboot your life!

Astrology for Feminists.

For most of this week, the Moon will be waning and darkening as she gears up to be birthed anew Friday afternoon in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius. This week is a great time to review your own personal protocols and see where you can be improving and growing as a human being to benefit your fellow human beings in whatever way feels most appropriate and meaningful to you, and in a way that also feels compassionate to yourself! The Aquarius new Moon Friday afternoon gives us all the energy to re-birth our own approaches to how we can benefit the world and solidify our intentions for this coming month and year. Things may feel extra heavy until Friday, so please remember to self-care and self-nurture — and remember that others may be feeling icky as well.


Aries: This week starts off on a expansive note for you Aries. Monday through Tuesday afternoon may be great times to read, collect music or check out art! Tuesday afternoon through Thursday evening you may feel a bit moody and wanting or needing some time for yourself — and that’s OK! You may want to use this time for self-care and self-nurturing. You may also want to get some organizing done in and around your career. Thursday late night, but especially through early Sunday, you may be feeling extremely social. The new Moon on Friday is beckoning you to reach out and expand your social circles! Sunday is the spaciest day you may have seen in a while, which may not be a bad thing at all!

Taurus: This week may start off on transformative note for you, Taurus. You may be dealing with feelings of change Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday evening are perfect times for you to sit back and work self-care magic with books, art, music or TV. You may feel like sticking extra close to home and relaxing, and that’s OK, too.The new Moon on Friday is a great career reset for you that allows you to have insight into the changes that have to happen and ideals that need to be met in order for you to be truly happy. Sunday you will feel extremely social, and it may be fun to get together with friends and community members this day.

Gemini: Monday and Tuesday, your primary concern may be your partner and these two days would be the best days of the week to talk anything out with them. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday night you may feel extra moody, and like you want or need to take an extra heaping dose of self-care and self-nurturing to end this Lunar cycle. The new Moon in your fellow air sign of Aquarius should have you feeling much better, bringing with it fresh verve and a heavy dose of inspiration to your sign. You may feel on intellectual fire and need to talk, read, write or art “it out.” Sunday you may feel like making a statement to your friends, family and/or community.

Cancer: Monday and Tuesday are the best days of the week to organize a fluid plan around self-care, daily routines and rituals so that you are prepped and ready for the rest of the week. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday evening you may be feeling extra icky around your partner, partners or BFFs, and you may feel like taking space and keeping distant. The vibe will lift Friday and over the weekend as the new Moon blossoms in Aquarius, and you may feel fresh inspiration to flex your intellectual muscles. This will continue into Sunday, when you may feel like getting quite engaged with art, music and reading. The sky’s the limit to what you can get inspired by this weekend!

Leo: Monday and Tuesday would be great days to get in a date with someone new or old, depending on what you’ve got going on right now, as long as it feels safe! Tuesday afternoon through Thursday evening are the perfect times for extreme self-care and working on letting go of outdated ways of nourishing and grounding yourself. By Friday the vibe will lift, and the new Moon will bring some power in your relationship sector. If things with a special someone have been unclear or wavering back and forth, Friday or through the weekend is when you’ll finally get some clarity. Sunday will feel transformative — let the feelings flow like water.

Virgo: Monday and Tuesday may feel like great days to clean, organize and create around your personal home space. You may even have fun with your chores these days if you can blast the music loud enough! Tuesday through Thursday evening may not feel very fun, Virgo, and you may have to resign yourself to serious self-love and self-care these days. The new Moon on Friday lifts the vibe dramatically, though, bringing you new life and inspiration around self-care and how it helps you not only feel better, but be better! Get creative when coming up with new ideas around how you can live better on a daily basis in regards to how you nourish, ground and center yourself in all ways. Sunday is all about having fun with the special someone in your life: your lover, partner or BFF.

Libra: Monday and Tuesday may be the best days of the week to communicate — as in, hitting send, having that talk or pitching those clients. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday evening you may feel like spending extra time by yourself, at home, as this astrology is really well-suited for taking some time out and putting on extra layers of self-care before proceeding in the real world. The vibe will lift dramatically Friday afternoon as the new Moon in Aquarius brings an extra hot dose of fun into your life! You may feel like being social, chatting or focusing on your humanitarian skills into Sunday. Sunday gives you the perfect opportunity to foster new and/or woo-woo ways of self-care into your life. Get creative for best results.

Scorpio: Monday and Tuesday are great days to go shopping, so if you’ve been wanting to put together that wardrobe for the weekend, these days would be prime. You may not feel like talking much Tuesday afternoon through Thursday evening, and staying solo and doing your self-care routines and rituals may be perfect ways to spend this time. The vibe changes dramatically Friday afternoon, however, and you may feel fresh verve and inspiration around your home, ancestors or family. This may come as the power you need to finally say things that have been on your mind. Sunday will probably be your “fun day” this week, so plan something special you’ve been wanting to do!

Sagittarius: The week starts off with the Moon in your sign, so you may be feeling extra powerful and confident Monday and most of Tuesday. Tuesday through Thursday evening, however, you may feel very cranky, and I would urge you to focus on the things you have that you love, instead of what you don’t have. Use simple things like your bathroom for self-care and self-nurturing. The vibe will lift Friday with a sparkling New Moon affecting the way you communicate and the need for communication in your life. Sunday you may feel like getting extra woo-woo in your home zone.

Capricorn: Monday and Tuesday you may feel extra spacy, and meditation and grounding work could help you facilitate more powerful days. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday evening, the Moon will be in your sign, but it is waning and you may seriously benefit by turning your thoughts and directing your actions inward with heaps of radical self-love and self-care, especially before doing anything in the real world. The vibe will shift dramatically Friday afternoon, as the new Moon may bring you new ideas and intellectual possibilities, especially around your self-worth. Sunday, communications may feel extra spacy, so leave some time out for thinking and processing.  

Aquarius: Monday and Tuesday may be great days to make dates with your BFFs or friends, plan community meetings or just be highly visible in your communities in general. Tuesday afternoon through Thursday evening, you may feel extra moody, sensitive and introverted, so taking this time out for radical self-care and self-nurturing will help you feel better. Self-care is crucial for you, Aquarius! The vibe shifts dramatically Friday with a sparkling new Moon in your sign, bringing you lots of fresh confidence and inspiration to truly be you. Work the magic all weekend for best results!

Pisces: Monday and Tuesday are going to be your “get stuff done days” this week, as you have the ability to make headway at work with your projects or even bigger plans or goals around career. Tuesday through Thursday you may feel social, but also angsty, moody and introverted at the same time. Spa nights with your BFF or text convos while you self-care could be great ways to work this energy out! Friday afternoon, the vibe shifts radically with a sparkling new Moon in Aquarius making you think extra hard about things that may have felt too “woo-woo” or out-there to consider before. Sunday, the Moon cycles back to your sign, so you may expect to feel confident and good all day.

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The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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