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Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for feminists: This week is all about the Moon in Libra chilling us out and the Moon in Scorpio heating us up.

by The Mystical Sister

This week should be relatively steady — at least Tuesday through Thursday — with a waning Moon in Libra giving us the green light to put chill on repeat and practice lots of self-care. Things heat up Thursday night through Saturday night with the Moon in passionate, wild and sometimes moody Scorpio. Sunday, the Moon will be in Sagittarius, inspiring us all to let our independence move us forward.


Aries: The week may start off with you having a keen interest in your one-on-one relationships. Tuesday morning through Thursday night is a great time to talk it out with a partner, BFF or lover, or just spend some quality time with them. This could lead into things getting ultra-sexy Thursday night through Saturday night, and you may feel like exploding with passion — physically, emotionally or both. Just make sure to be clear with your needs and boundaries, and stay with what makes you feel safe. On Sunday, pencil in time for some solo reading, writing or being around what inspires you.

Taurus: The week starts off with you having an awesome, super-luxe self-care Moon smiling down on your sign. Take some time out for you and do things that feel grounding, balancing and nourishing. You’ll need the peace and quiet, because Thursday night through Saturday night you may have fiery, intense, passionate or moody feelings towards your lover, partner or BFFs. Make sure you stay clear on what you’re trying to communicate before you let it rip, especially if it’s misdirected at the wrong person or people! Sunday you may need to get real about shared finances or personal freedoms.

Gemini:  The week starts off on a fun note for you, Gemini, and the more you can bask in the lap of luxury (even if it’s affordable, free, bargain or dollar-store luxury) the better you’ll feel. Take time for lazy and indulgent play this Tuesday through Thursday. Thursday night through Saturday could have you feeling moody and like hanging close to home, so give yourself the excuse to take the whole week for self-care! This is an excellent time to process feelings as well. With the election, we’ve all had trauma, so integrating your feelings can be powerful these days. Sunday begins with a focus on your lover, lovers, BFFs, partner or partners.

Cancer: You may have felt like sticking close to home since the full Moon in your sign last week, and this week that trend may very well continue. Try to maximize the time you spend at home until Thursday evening. Thursday night into Saturday night, things could get quite wild and adventurous, especially if you are on the prowl for romance. These could be great date nights for you, as long as you stay present and safe. Sunday you can prep for the rest of the week by getting in touch with what you need for self care, every day, to feel good.

Leo: Tuesday through Thursday are perfect days for communicating and getting your point across, especially if you’ve been in tough conversations with folks. If you feel comfortable, reach out for some resolution this week. Thursday through Saturday you may honestly feel like skulking around the house, and you could be particularly moody, so make sure you take advantage of any downtime and up your self-care ante. Movement may be helpful at this time, too. Breathing and grounding practices may not come naturally right now, but will be beneficial. Sunday this week is your funday. Get out there and do whatever makes you happy!

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Virgo: A lovely way to start off Tuesday through Thursday this week would be to make a list of things you’re thankful for or do some work around gratitude. Even if you have to coax yourself to see your gratitude, having gratitude around your possessions and finances at this time may help facilitate greater abundance for you down the line. Thursday night through Saturday night, things could get extra spicy (for better or worse) around your communications with other folks, so take care and take extra time with your words. Sunday, you may feel like staying home and watching some awesome documentaries, especially about music. Stay with what inspires you!

Libra: Tuesday through Thursday night, the Moon is in your sign! You may feel extra powerful, energetic or on top of it this week. Get your big tasks done early on this week if you can, because by Thursday night through Saturday night you may start to feel moody or incomplete around your self-esteem or net worth. I encourage you to observe whatever comes up and listen. Don’t act outright — just try to work with your unconscious feelings by paying attention to them, or asking them questions like “where did you come from?” or “what are you looking for?” Sunday, it’s time to communicate!

Scorpio: This may be an awesome week for you, Scorpio, with Tuesday through Thursday feeling extra spacy, but in a balanced and luxurious way. Pay attention to your psyche and what makes it feel comfortable. Thursday night through Saturday night, you may feel like you have extra energy or be feeling yourself extra hard. These will be great times to go out there and get stuff done! Sunday is a great day to go vintage shopping, or clothes shopping in general.

Sagittarius: The week starts off on a social note for you, Sag — Tuesday through Thursday evening should be great times for you to get together with friends or your community. Thursday through Saturday evening, however, you could be feeling downright weird, and may feel your subconscious emotions bubbling to the surface. I encourage you to just sit with them and observe, maybe give them voice and safe space to speak. Our unconscious tends to hurt us more when we don’t pay attention than when we do. Sunday, it is all about YOU!

Capricorn: This Tuesday through Thursday evening is your prime time to get stuff done at work. You’ll have balance and harmony in your career and work relations. Thursday night through late Saturday night, you’ll have moved on from work to play, and may be feeling wild and like getting down with your BFFs and your whole group of friends. You may also have a lot of intense feelings within your organizing work, and you could choose to put your energy into community rather than partying. Sunday is for spacing out!

Aquarius: Tuesday through Thursday you may want to pencil in some extra time for reading, writing and learning, because you have an excellent window here to allow some higher knowledge in! Books, documentaries, museums — anything you can add that gets you “higher” in the inspired way will work! Thursday through Saturday night, you may feel quite moody and/or obsessive about career, but be careful to not feel like you’re off track with your plans over nothing. This is a great time to take some time off and refresh your psyche, working with its inner complexities and what you need to smooth out there, before you move to conquering your outward status. Sunday is all about friends. Plan something fun!

Pisces: If you’ve been putting off having a “money talk” with your partner or partners, Tuesday through Thursday would be great days for you to sit down with them and get your thoughts out. Communication should flow easier at these times, and you may be able to see each other’s points of view more clearly. Thursday through Saturday night you may be feeling extra wild and dark, and I challenge you to work with the energy of things that inspire and excite, even if they are more mysterious. Sunday is the best day of the week to start drafting career “to-dos.”

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The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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