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Astrology for Feminists.

This week, the big news in Astrology for Feminists is the full Moon and lunar eclipse on Friday in Leo, which will bring big shifts for everybody.

Astrology for Feminists.

We are in the midst of Aquarius season, so our thinking may be innovative, progressive and focused on change. This week the moon will be moving through Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo. This means we are on a self-care watch Monday night until late Thursday night, especially to prep for a full Moon and lunar eclipse in Leo early Friday. This will be a dramatic day, so make sure that you give yourself and others a lot of space. You may expect meltdowns and drama from yourself and others, so be mindful of your emotions and dig deep into what they are telling you. Eclipses give us a chance to make major shifts and changes if we want, and we can use this energy to radically shed parts of ourselves we no longer need or have outgrown. Read your scopes below for more insight!


Aries: You may want to get all your communication done on Monday. By Monday night and through Thursday night you may feel like staying home, practicing self-care to the max — you might not be in the best space to connect with other people via social activities or projects. To prep for Friday’s full Moon and lunar eclipse you might expect a shift in a romantic situation that’s maybe feeling stuck or teetering on the brink of decision. If you’re single and looking, this could be a great date night. That energy does flow throughout the weekend, however, you may want to shift back to self-care via daily habits and routines Saturday and Sunday.

Taurus: Monday night through Thursday night you may feel very sensitive when it comes to conversations, and you may want to take yourself out of communications unless absolutely necessary. Your focus will continue on yourself, mainly your home and family, with the full Moon lunar eclipse in your fourth house Friday. This could be an opportunity to heal your home space or relations with a family member, and there could be a big change or possibly even drama at this time. Friday, expect waves that could flow into the weekend, although by Saturday and Sunday you should be feeling more uplifted and in the mood to celebrate or have a cute date night.

Gemini: The Moon is in your sign on Monday, so things may feel light and breezy for you. Tuesday through late Thursday night, however, you could feel cranky, especially when it comes to finances or self-worth. These are great opportunities to practice self-care to nurture yourself out of bad feelings. The full Moon lunar eclipse Friday may dramatically affect your communications, so be on drama watch this entire day and night! You may speak without thinking and set off a whole chain of reactions you regret so be mindful of yourself, and of course how other people are speaking to you. Saturday and Sunday you may still feel this energy, but you will also have the opportunity to reorganize and tidy your home space, which will make you feel extra good.

Cancer: You may feel extra spacey Monday, so give yourself plenty of time to get ready, before going out into the world. Monday night through Thursday night the Moon is in your sign, and you may feel good, but also intense, so give yourself extra self-care these days as well. Friday, with the full Moon lunar eclipse, you may feel a dramatic shift when it comes to self-esteem or money, and you could have some serious breakdowns or breakthroughs, depending on where you are at. Remember, any breakdown you have can eventually be spun as breakthrough, so allow yourself to feel your feelings and learn the lesson of this shift. Old, outmoded ways of being have to be shed so you can embody a more confident you. Saturday and Sunday are great days to work on writing, or have conversations that need an analytical approach.

Leo: Monday you may feel social and talkative, so if you need to have important conversations, try to schedule them in on this day. Tuesday through Thursday night you may feel quite dreamy and introspective, and you might not want to chat with folks at all. Pump up the self-care these days and prep for Friday’s dramatic full Moon lunar eclipse in your sign! This may feel like a fresh and awesome blast of inspiration and celebration of yourself, so make time to feel good about yourself and celebrate. This energy moves into the weekend and mingles with a bit of pickiness and analysis around your finances. Remember, make a plan if you need to, but don’t question your self-worth in the process.

Virgo: Monday will be a great day to focus on career and taking meetings, calling clients, working on projects, etc. Tuesday through Thursday night, you may feel the need for group self-care, like inviting friends over for at-home facials, maybe meeting up at a bathhouse or spa or hosting a coloring night. Friday’s full Moon lunar eclipse, however, may have you breaking off from the fray and hanging solo while you meditate, journal, practice mindfulness or dance through your emotions. You may want to clear some major time Friday and into the weekend for yourself to just move and express, especially within the realms of your subconscious and unconscious minds. Saturday and Sunday the Moon is in your sign, and you may feel like celebrating you. Give yourself permission to love yourself fully.

Libra: Monday is a great day to sit down with some art, books or cool documentaries and start the week on an expansive note. Tuesday through Thursday night, you may experience a lot of feelings around your career, and if you’re not taking care of yourself through your days and weeks, you could start to feel it now. Friday’s full Moon lunar eclipse occurs in your social sector, so be on high alert for drama from yourself in response to your friends and social circles, or expect high drama from your friends as well. If something’s been bubbling under the surface, expect it to come out on Friday. Saturday and Sunday will give you the opportunity to dive deep into your unconscious to find out where these issues are really coming from so you can heal them and move forward.

Scorpio: Monday may feel a bit strange for you, so take some extra time for self-care. Self-care is really the predominant theme of the week, as Tuesday through Thursday will point you in that direction, but with an inspirational twist. These are great days to nurture yourself with art, film, history or reading. You’ll want to feel prepared, because Friday you could expect a very sudden and dramatic shift at work or in your career. Things that have felt stuck could suddenly become unstuck and start moving again! Saturday and Sunday you may feel social, but you may want to be mindful of being too analytical of your friends.

Sagittarius: You may want to be wary on Monday — you may be feeling heavy or dragged down, and you could expect a fight with your partner or partners. Give yourself a lot of room and try not to let fights, anger or over emotions feed into something really big. Tuesday through Thursday you may feel strange, and self-care should be a number one priority. Also make sure you approach money issues with your partner or partners tactfully these days. The full Moon lunar eclipse may feel like a sigh of relief, bringing a fresh breeze of expansion your way with books, music, poetry or art. This tumbles into the weekend, although Saturday and Sunday may also have you thinking over time about your career. You may not want to get too burnt out on being analytical here.

Capricorn: Monday is a great day to play with your self-care priorities and come up with a process that works, even if it’s just for this week. Tuesday through Thursday, you get to actually practice them, and you may feel pulled between nurturing yourself and spending time with your partner, who may be in need of nurturing, too! See if you can do some self-care things together for optimum effect. Friday’s full Moon lunar eclipse may bring forth a big, dramatic moment of change or transformation for you that may be symbolic. Try not get overwhelmed, and remember that breakdowns can lead to breakthroughs if you stay present and working with your emotions. These feelings may very well flow into the weekend, but you may also have an opportunity to do something fun with research these days as well.

Aquarius: Monday should start off feeling like a fun and talkative day for you. Tuesday through Thursday you will be ultra-focused on self-care, and you may want to take every chance you have — both at home at outside — to self-nurture. Friday the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is happening in your house of partnerships, so if you’ve been feeling stuck in this area, or on the brink with potential partner or partners, this may be the day you see a major shift. This energy will trickle into the weekend, but Saturday and Sunday you may also feel like getting back to self-care and paying extra attention to your health and well-being.

Pisces: On Monday, it may feel a bit hard to “get up and go” if you’re starting your work week, but once you’re up and out the door you will probably feel fine. Tuesday through Thursday night you may feel like doing some serious crafting, coloring, cooking or even movie nights at your house, and you can use these activities as a way of practicing self-care. The full Moon lunar eclipse this Friday falls in your house house of daily routines and habits, so if you haven’t been taking care of yourself, you may expect something dramatic that brings this up and makes a point of showing you how important really taking care of yourself is. You also have a lot of energy available to you to change things, so this could be a fabulous time to come up with a new self-care schedule for yourself!

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The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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