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Astrology for Feminists.

Last week’s eclipse was a doozy. This week’s Astrology for Feminists is all about how to make the most of how the eclipse affected you.

The solar eclipse this week was intense, opening up a new portal for change, breakthrough and recovery. This week things stabilize and allow us to integrate our breakthroughs and move forward with shedding old baggage and karma and live the story we were born to live!


Aries: The Moon is in your sign most of the week, Aries, and this shines a spotlight on you to get things done! You’re finally feeling freer and like you’re able to move forward with the life you want to live, and it’s time to really embody the person you want to be. Set yourself up for success this week by leaning into what you value most about yourself and kickstarting projects! This will fuel your fire as you move further into the week and weekend. Believing in yourself early on this week will help you really take off as you move into Thursday and beyond.

Taurus: Monday through Thursday morning offer a unique opportunity for you dramatically move past old resentments, hurts or fears that may be lingering. Think of this energy as an alchemical fire that can help you expel and release old grudges you’ve been holding on to. Thursday morning gives you an opportunity to be reborn in a sense, especially if you can fully let go of your past and embrace who you are now. These vibes will be in full effect until Saturday morning, when you’ll be given an opportunity to integrate your new-found self-esteem in the real world — while being able to set up proper boundaries based on self-worth.

Gemini: Your friends may help you more than you realize this week. Monday through Thursday morning, your friends may show you just how important a role they have in your life through something big or small. It could even be you starting the action, but some kind of action will be there. This is part of a bigger process of realizing your highest potential, and it connects with breakthroughs you may have experienced over the weekend. Thursday through Saturday morning will deliver a chance to really ground yourself in any new beliefs about yourself. This would be a great time to self-soothe and nourish your subconscious mind like a freshly planted garden. Saturday through the weekend the Moon is in your sign delivering you all kinds of opportunities to shine and fully lean into the new you!

Cancer: Career will be on fire for you at the beginning of this week, Cancer, so if you’ve been looking for a window of opportunity to take action on anything from projects to resumes to social media, this is it! Be careful to double-check your work before hitting “send” or “post,” because what you put out will have extra impact, good or bad. Thursday morning will bring you an opportunity to get cozy with friends and reach out to community. This is a great time for stabilizing community projects or plans and putting foundational pieces together. The weekend will feel perfect for having a much-needed conversation with your subconscious mind. Is there open communication within yourself? Is communication with you inner self, child or unconscious self a two-way street? Or are you always trying to repress, shame, beat up or deny? I encourage you to explore the road that is more pleasurable — the road that feels good.

Leo: If you are artistic or creative in any way, Leo (of course you are!), prepare for a firestorm of inspiration Monday through Thursday morning. You may find inspiration everywhere, or you may resurface feelings around art music or philosophy you haven’t felt in years. You may see this affecting your work or career in a positive way by the end of the week, even if there is not a direct or conscious correlation. By Saturday, however, you may feel restless from all the work, whether it be 9-to-5 or creative, and you may be looking to play, laugh, jump and, most importantly, talk your way through the weekend.

Virgo: You may still be feeling the eclipse energies the beginning of this week, Virgo, and that’s OK. You’re getting more time and power to break through to another side of consciousness and a fresh you, free from fear and baggage! Monday through Thursday morning may feel intense, even difficult at times, as you are still working though old fears and allowing a full transformation of your subconscious to open up. Remember self-care and self-compassion. Relief comes Thursday morning as you begin to slow down and nest, integrating what you’ve learned over good food and lots of hot tea and cozy downtime. Don’t forget your journal! You’ll be needing her, especially over the weekend — this is a perfect time to write and reflect on who you are and where you want to go this next year, month and week.

Libra: If things have been up in the air around partnerships, expect movement and action this week, especially Monday through Thursday morning. There may be lots of opportunities to move forward in relationships on these days. Thursday through Saturday morning could be extra sensual for you, especially if you are moving into a relationship with someone. If you and your partner are breaking it off, you may want to use these days to throw yourself head-first into a mega-transformation. This includes lots of self-care! The weekend will bring plenty of visionary inspiration! Gear up for feeling chatty, inspired and heading to places like museums, concerts or bookstores.

Scorpio: If you’ve been slacking on your self-care game, you are going to have ample opportunity this week to get back on track. Monday through Thursday will bring plenty of energy that lights a fire under your cute butt — and brings you into the routine of your dreams. Stay compassionate, loving and focused and you can re-create how your whole day-to-day life is structured, if you’d like! Thursday through Saturday could find you getting cozy and sensual with your sweetie, or just hitting the couch to relax and chill. Saturday through the rest of the weekend may be chatty, but resist the urge to spend other people’s money!

Sagittarius: If you have been feeling bored, or like there has been a lack of fun in your life, that’s likely to change Monday through Thursday! You may have to shake things up by (safely) getting out of routines, but there I’m seeing opportunities for you to have lots of fun, and maybe even romance, this week! Thing may calm down a bit Thursday morning, giving you a prime opportunity to recalibrate your daily routines and check back in with yourself. Are you making solo time for yourself? Are you doing things that relax, rejuvenate and inspire? Or are you running yourself ragged? The weekend is urging you to partner up with your sweetie or BFF for some long, fun talks!

Capricorn: If you’re looking for a new home or roomates, or looking to spruce up or renovate your current home, this week could be the week you finally gain momentum! Monday through Thursday morning are prime days to check rental ads, put in applications or head to the furniture store to pick out new stuff! Cleaning your space physically or energetically can be very healthy now as well. Thursday through Saturday morning may be quite romantic, either with your partner or, if you’re single, on dates or meet-ups. Keep it sensual, low-key and cozy for best results. Saturday and through the rest of the weekend gives you a chance to blast fresh new energy and inspiration into your daily habits and routine. What can you do to improve your connection with yourself?

Aquarius: If you’ve been quiet lately, that’s about to change. The beginning of this week will be a firecracker of communication for you, and you’ll have a lot of energy to get things done and speak what’s on your mind. I encourage you stay grounded and centered, as this past weekend was quite transformative for you. Check in with yourself before you unleash your power on the world to make sure you’re coming from a clear, healthy space. Thursday through Saturday morning you may feel like staying home and cozying up. Stay in, nourish and rejuvenate! The weekend will bring lots of opportunities for connections, conversation and romance.

Pisces: Get ready for a whole new fresh blast of self-esteem Pisces! Monday through Thursday morning may be spectacular for gaining self-confidence, self-love and personal momentum.  You may even have some help with money and finances. Thursday through Saturday it’s time to get dirty and have those much-needed grounded and involved conversations you’ve been putting off. Take a deep breath and expand into the nourishing energy around you before diving in. Saturday and the rest of the weekend, invite friends over for maximum fun and great conversation.

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The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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