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Astrology for Feminists.

This week is all about the new Moon and solar eclipse in Pisces on Sunday, which gives us a chance wipe the karmic slate clean.

Astrology for Feminists.

We have some pretty big planetary movement this week, so we can expect some breakthroughs, especially around our sense of spiritual self, and around the self as sacred.

On Saturday, Mercury moves into Pisces, nudging our sense of empathy and enlightenment to go further. We may feel a strong call to be of service with our thoughts, speech and action. The next day, on Sunday, we experience a new Moon solar eclipse with both the Moon and the Sun in Pisces! This may feel like an extremely powerful and intense day, filled with a fresh blast of new opportunities, a chance to “start over” or wipe the karmic slate clean and step into a whole new modality of being. If you’ve been struggling in certain areas, especially where Pisces falls in your chart, this Solar Eclipse may bring about great opportunities for breakthrough! The more open and receptive you can be, the better you will feel when changes happen. Read on for more info regarding your sign.

Aries: Monday night through Thursday morning you have a strong window to get a lot of work done around career. These are perfect days for getting new resumes written and going hard on projects or tasks. Thursday morning, the vibe will shift to you wanting to play meaningfully with your friends and community. The new Moon solar eclipse in Pisces is all happening in your 12th house, which will rapidly connect you to your subconscious and your spirituality, allowing you to really wipe your psychic slate clean. This is a great opportunity to reconnect with repressed or closed-off areas of your psyche and allow real healing to come through.

Taurus: Monday night through Thursday morning may have you searching for grounding in art, music, film, history or anything else that truly inspires you. Surrounding yourself with these things or ideas may help unlock key points that could be important later this week.Thursday morning through Saturday evening, you may find yourself applying a more independent approach to career or major projects. You could find yourself utilizing your inspirations during these days as well. The new Moon solar eclipse will shine a spotlight on your friendship and community, and this may feel like a major awakening as to how you relate to your friends, what friends and groups you choose to associate with and how you do that association. Are you working toward the greater good with your friends, or are you stuck in toxic loops? If it’s the latter, you may expect shakeups and drama, but all things are moving in a direction that’s probably better for you in the long run.

Gemini: You may find this week is a bit rough to start, and you may feel like you’re under a pressure almost to transform Monday night through Thursday morning. Employ self-care and self-compassion as needed and try to really listen to what your psyche is trying to say. The vibe lifts Thursday morning through Saturday evening as you start to feel drawn to radical and unique things that inspire you. This inspiration will segue into the new Moon solar eclipse on Sunday, showing you newer and better ways of thinking about your career. Radical changes and new opportunities may be happening all around you, so buckle up and know that this change is probably for your greatest good.

Cancer: The week may start off on a hard note in regard to your lover or partner. You might be questioning your relationship with them and feeling very guarded. Take extra time to weigh options before making final decisions Monday night through Thursday morning. Thursday morning through Saturday evening the vibe will start to lift as a fresh breeze of transformation blows in and allows you to pinpoint things you want or need to shift. The new Moon solar eclipse Sunday will open up new opportunities for you to self-educate, learn through a class, and/or otherwise develop yourself. You may also be brought opportunities to travel or expand in some way. You are unfolding into a new, better version of yourself, and this energy will help you level up fast.

Leo: Monday night through Thursday morning will be a great time for you to calibrate your routines and rituals for the rest of the week. Concentrating on what you need to do to feel good every day will be especially helpful. Thursday morning through Saturday evening may offer a fun opportunity to hang out with your partner, lover or BFFs, as long as you keep things as low-key as possible. The new Moon solar eclipse Sunday hits the part of your chart that represents transformation, so you may want to prep for an opportunity to truly let go of pieces and parts of yourself that you no longer vibe with. The more open you are to transformation at this time, the better! There will be ample energy to transform and repaint yourself the way you want.

Virgo: Monday night through Thursday morning you may feel like doing some fun, low-key, grounding things for yourself in the self-care department. The self-care and focus on daily routines will continue into early Saturday evening, but late in the week you’ll be willing to try some more out-there, and even weird or techy, ways of applying self-care to your routine. Think about buying that food processor you’ve been wanting, or even upgrading your lights in your home. The big news comes on Sunday, when the new Moon solar eclipse will hit your house of relationships, opening up a massive, golden door of opportunity around one-on-one partnerships. This is the kind of mega energy that transforms you and opens you up to the point where you’re finally ready for that special someone; they might even appear around this time. Do the work. Let the love flow.

Libra: Monday through Thursday morning you have great opportunity energetically for decluttering and grounding yourself in your home. Get your chores done by Thursday afternoon, because between then and Sunday evening you may have a very wild and independent streak. Remember to stay safe — and that during Pisces season, substances can affect us even more than they usually do. If you haven’t been treating your bod and mind right, by Sunday you could feel an explosion of opportunity to finally start centering yourself in self-care, nurturing your body and your mind through sleep, rest, mindfulness, meditation and self-compassion. Allow the healing energy of the eclipse in Pisces wash over you and transform your daily habits for the better!

Scorpio: Monday through Thursday morning may be difficult times for communications, but if you really need to have a hard or even intense conversation, you can really benefit from getting grounded and centered before you go into it. Thursday through Saturday, you are probably going to feel like revamping your room or place, and you may find yourself manically cleaning while blasting music! Don’t worry, Scorpio, you’ll get a chance to play on Sunday, as the new Moon solar eclipse in Pisces highlights the part of your chart that represents fun and romance! If you can stay free and wild — and not try to play for keeps right away — you may have some very interesting opportunities arise! This eclipse is also teaching you to relax and enjoy the ride. It’s a healing balm, allowing you to let go of past resentment, trauma or anguish and open up to new possibilities of being happier. Stay loose but centered in who you are, and see where the eclipse energy takes you!

Sagittarius: This week is going to be about money, security, home, foundation and communications. Monday night through Thursday morning, you may feel stress come up around long-term stability, self-worth or having enough. Don’t freak out if these feelings are hard; simply journal out your feels and start roadmapping, in baby steps, how you can get where you need or want to go. Don’t get overwhelmed; just take finances and security piece by piece. Start with a program to pay off debt and work your way to a savings plan, for instance. Thursday through Saturday will be great days to communicate, and the vibe will generally be lighter. The new Moon solar eclipse will affect your house of home, and you may find awesome opportunities to find your dream room or place, roommates or dream home. You have a lot of connection to your ancestors as well, and this would be a great day to meditate, celebrate or commune with your ancestral heroes and loved ones.

Capricorn: The week starts off with the Moon in your sign, giving you the extra boost you need to get things “over the line” and solidified in your favor Monday night through Thursday morning. Thursday morning you may feel like getting risky with finances, but be careful of investing, changing finances or things related to your security. Think things over until after Saturday night and triple-check with professionals before proceeding. Watch overspending these days, too. The new Moon solar eclipse falls in the part of your chart that rules communications, so you can expect fresh new energy in relation to how, when and why you communicate with folks. This energy is going to open up new opportunities for you to be really aligned with your authentic self and who you really are and what it is you’re trying to say! You’re moving into a whole new era of being heard and being you, Capricorn!

Aquarius: Monday through Thursday morning, you may feel like grounding and centering through yoga, movement, daily meditation practice and/or a tough armor of self-care. Tapping into these energies may help you get through these days more easily. Thursday morning through Saturday evening, the Moon will head to your sign, so you may experience extra energy, uplift or confidence these days. The new Moon solar eclipse in Pisces on Sunday will offer a powerful and unique opportunity to heal deep-rooted self-esteem and self-worth issues. You are leveling up, Aquarius, and this Eclipse energy will give you the freedom you need to let old and toxic ways of thinking about yourself and your finances go, forever. Gear up and allow yourself to be open to step into a new era of prosperity!

Pisces: Monday night through Thursday morning, you may feel like you are grounding your friend group or holding a lot of space for people, especially if they are going through things right now. Don’t overextend your energy, but realize that you may be able to hold extra space for your friends and community at this time. Get in your socializing at the beginning of the week, because Thursday morning through Saturday early evening, you may feel very spacy, or like you’re called to really communicate with deep parts of your subconscious mind. Allow a conversation to flow, via journaling or even talking to yourself, for best results. The new Moon solar eclipse is happening in your sign, Pisces, so prepare to have a beautiful flow of golden light and love energy fall through you and empower you to take yourself to the next level. The more open you are to positive change at this time, the more powerful the breakthrough will be!


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The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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