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Astrology for Feminists.

This week’s astrology features a waning Moon in Libra, which is ideal for self-care, quiet time and positive conversations.

With the effects of last Friday’s eclipse fading and a balanced waning Moon in Libra taking up most of the week, we should begin to feel the energy level out. We should be able to take a breath from all the drama, lessons, breakdowns and breakthroughs we’ve been having. The waning Moon in Libra is ideal for self-care, quiet time and positive conversations. Emotions will begin to run high on the weekend, however, as the moon moves into Scorpio, but things should get more engaging in a positive way on Saturday afternoon. Read on for more info on how it will directly affect you!


Aries: The week may start off with you being interested in and putting focus on your relationships! It’s a good time to spend some low-key down time with your partner and do things that can open you up to connecting more. If you keep communication flowing, things could heat up between you and your lover or lovers as we move from Wednesday through Saturday afternoon. Saturday day into Sunday may be perfect for finding new music, reading or planning a trip. It may also be a great time to focus on your philosophies and sorting out what’s important to you.

Taurus: The week could start off on a fabulous self-care note for you, Taurus. You may want to take Monday through Wednesday to hydrate, nourish and ground your mind and your body. Wednesday through Saturday afternoon, watch for storms with your lover or partner. Things may get tense, even with BFFs or bosses. Stay in your center and your truth, but try to remain calm before jumping to conclusions or making decisions. Things may start to feel more exciting Saturday through Sunday, especially if you allow yourself to get a little dance, music and sexy on.

Gemini: The week may start off on a fun note for you, Gemini, especially if you don’t try to do too much. Just try to remember to enjoy the simple things you love about conversation, dates or romance. Thursday through Saturday afternoon you may not feel like hanging out or doing much, and it’s best to use these days of the week for self-care and self-nourishment. By Saturday afternoon you’ll be feeling more active again, especially in regards to your sweetie or BFF!

Cancer: The week starts off on a self-care note for you, Cancer. Monday through Wednesday night are great days to do some fun, balancing self-nurture, and staying close to home when you can. Thursday through Saturday afternoon you may want to have fun, go on dates or the like, but it may be difficult to actually achieve real “fun.” Saturday afternoon and Sunday may bring you an opportunity to add something snazzy, new and fun into your daily regimen. Music may soothe and inspire.

Leo: Libra in your communications sector Monday through Wednesday night will help ease hard conversations and make communicating easy — and perhaps fun! Thursday through Saturday afternoon you may want to stay home and do self-care as much as possible. You could feel averse to going out and being in the “real world,” choosing to brood about in your castle until Saturday afternoon. The vibe should lift in a big way Saturday evening through Sunday, and you may want to blast some music, make dates with friends and enjoy yourself.

Virgo: Monday through Wednesday you may feel good about finances, and may choose to spend your money wisely or put together a budget or financial plan for the rest of the week or month. Thursday through Saturday afternoon, it may be difficult to communicate and have conversations, and you could feel moody, withdrawn or misunderstood. The vibe lifts Saturday afternoon, and this opens up a positive window for fun and exciting self-care! Mix in music, movies, books and fashion for an extra dose of inspiration.

Libra: Monday through Wednesday should be smooth sailing, and you may feel an energetic boost or more confidence these days. Your attention will shift — perhaps suddenly — to money and finances Thursday through Saturday afternoon, and you may be left feeling tight with money, or hard on yourself for not being “further along.” But the real lesson here is around budgeting, planning and finding solutions, not beating yourself up. Resist the urge and apply compassion before digging into those issues. Saturday and Sunday should be sunny and fun, especially around talking with people.

Scorpio: Monday through Wednesday you may feel inclined to do some personal inner work and mental self care, especially around balancing your inner psyche. Thursday through Saturday afternoon, you may feel quite in your element with the Moon in your sign, and this may be a great time to celebrate yourself and practice self-care. The rest of the weekend brings you opportunities to hustle and make some extra cash.

Sagittarius: Monday through Wednesday night you may want to catch up with friends, and you may even mediate some misunderstandings if you’re feeling up to it and can stay objective. You may feel like spending some serious time with yourself Thursday through Saturday afternoon, deep-diving into your psyche and mining shadow behavior for bright nuggets of insight that can really help you right now. The rest of the weekend should be fun, as the Moon will be in your sign, giving you an extra boost of energy and confidence!

Capricorn: Monday through Wednesday night are great times to tackle career problems, objectives and plans. Creating an action plan and communicating with bosses, co-workers and employees may be easier these days. Thursday through Saturday afternoon you may want to hold off on making social plans with friends; these could be tough days to have fun, feel social and have things go smoothly. The vibe lifts dramatically Saturday afternoon through Sunday, though, and you may want to refresh your psyche with inner work, journaling, meditation or anything that makes your mind feel good and replenished.

Aquarius: Monday through Wednesday night may feel great for reading, balancing out your personal philosophies and expanding your inner vision. Thursday through Saturday afternoon may be tough in your career sector, and you may want to seriously avoid meltdowns, drama or brooding at the workplace. The vibe lifts on Saturday afternoon and through the rest of the weekend, putting you in the mood to reach out to friends and do things that inspire and excite you. Perfect for music, movies and even teaching or attending workshops.

Pisces: Monday through Wednesday night will give you an opportunity to seriously reboot and refresh yourself. A mini positive transformation may happen at this time, and you may want to be on the lookout for what that looks and feels like. Thursday through Saturday you may find yourself interested in darker books, movies or TV. Try not to let the shadow run away with itself here, but instead use the energy to discover and accept something new and relevant about yourself through these desires. You’ll be thinking about your career Saturday afternoon through Sunday, and may find new opportunities to advance.

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The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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