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Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for Feminists.

My heart goes out to all the victims and friends and families of the Oakland fire on Friday. The community it affected is such a powerful, bright and beautiful group, and it breaks my heart to know that there’s so much pain there right now.

Please hold space for one another and your own grief. I would encourage us all to reach out to those we love and celebrate our loved ones’ lives, and mourn their deaths. Please note to take extra care of yourselves this week if you are mourning or supporting those who are grieving.

For those not directly affected, please consider donating to and/or holding extra space for the victims’ loved ones and the community.


Aries: Mercury’s arrival in your house of career may give you some extra power in all things professional for the next few weeks. Now could be a great time to put together a resume or long-term goal and strategy about what you really want and need professionally.  This is a time to envision that better life and put together small, tangible goals to get there. Don’t try to conquer it all at once, but instead think about small steps you can take that will positively impact you in the long term. Whether that’s looking for a new job, pivoting your career path or starting a 401k. Meanwhile, Venus will be powering up your social life, and the rest of the month you may likely see more happy, loving involvement from friends, family and community. Work the vibe by getting out there and connecting.

Taurus: You might feel some significant movement forward with your relationships to books, writing and learning for the next few weeks. This could be a really awesome time to take a workshop, join a book club or get involved in learning with other people. This could also be a great time for travel plans that involve others, allowing for a time of open communication with travel partners or people you may meet (safely) on the road. Venus is also coming into play, positively affecting your professional aspirations and career for the rest of the month. You might have an easier time at work for the next few weeks, and this could be a great time to ask for more money, get a new job (if you’ve been looking) or up your status in some way.

Gemini: You may feel the urge to travel the next few weeks, especially if you can make plans that are low-key, and more about the adventure than getting or being there. If you don’t want to make travel plans or traveling isn’t in the cards for you right now, you may become re-enchanted by reading, especially revisiting your favorite authors, books or stories. From midweek to the end of the month, you could find yourself falling in love with learning all over again. Anything you can do for yourself to promote or support that energy could be really liberating and exciting. Looking to make social plans? Thursday and Friday may the best days this week to make plans with friends or community members.

Cancer: From now until December 19, you’ll have some extra energy urging you to connect with your closest loved ones, thanks to Mercury flowing through your intimate relationship sector. If you need to have deep, important or stable conversations, this week and next would be prime to to engage your loved ones. December 19, the energy will still be there, but Mercury will go retrograde, and communication may begin to feel unstable. Monday through Wednesday, the lunar energies may have you looking to read for escape — or you may actually get out of town for a few days. Thursday and Friday could have you really concentrating on your career and professional development, and you could push to get a lot done in these areas.

Leo: Venus in your seventh house in your opposite sign of Aquarius may give you some unexpected intellectual support in your closest relationships starting midweek, and this could last through the end of the month. If you’ve been looking to add something new or different to the mix with your partner or friends, now would be a great time to introduce those vibrations. You also may start to feel like you can bring your individualism to the relationship more in the coming weeks, and may feel like staying far away from any kind of “traditional” dating/mating vibe and go straight for the wacky or more intense. As long as you stay communicative and present with your partner or BFFs, things should be fun and interesting.

Virgo: From the middle of this week through the rest of December, you have Venus blessing your daily work life, health, habits and routines with calm, ease and comfort. This would be an especially great time to curate and engage in your daily self-care practice. Leveling up with extra sensual (for yourself) touches like bath bombs or flowers, herbal teas and tinctures, lots of rest and relaxation could really make your life better. Eating extra well could feel easier these weeks as well. This weekend, prepare to feel some intensity — and perhaps buffer that sensitivity with extra self-nourishment.

Libra: Venus will be gracing your house of fun and romance from midweek through the end of the month. If you’ve been looking to try dating, you might have a lot of fun going out and trying unusual things or going to places that are off the beaten path. You’re also likely to have more engaging, stimulating conversations in the coming weeks. The next couple of weeks are great for entertaining friends at home, as well. If you’ve been thinking about hosting a group meet-up or salon, this might be the perfect time to do it, especially if you’re adding support to the community.

Scorpio: Mercury in Capricorn will be in your communications sector for a while, giving you a lot of power and opportunity to restructure your communication with the outside world. You are going to see your toolkit broaden and be able to get really firm around communication style and concepts that you may have been shaky on before. The next few weeks will give you a rare power and ability to create solid structures and firm foundations, using the growth you’ve been experiencing and your unique vision around yourself. Venus midweek though the rest of the month will help bring beauty and relaxation into your home. Do you know of some ways you can spruce up your digs to welcome that vibe more?

Sagittarius: Over the next few weeks, Venus will be gracing your communications sector, allowing you to open up and connect with loved ones on a deeper level. If you’ve been needing or wanting to have important conversations, midweek through the rest of the month could be the time to do it. Mercury will help you get really clear about your self-worth and money for a while, and this week, if you are starting important conversations around money or possessions, things could fluctuate between now and the beginning of February. Anything you start this week in regards to money or personal possessions may not be fully resolved until February 7 or so. Be mindful and initiate only if you are ready for things to go up and down a bit.

Capricon: You may find it a lot easier to talk and communicate for the next month and half or more, with Mercury in your sign until early February. Have there been things you’ve been needing to say or conversations that you’ve been wanting to have? Have you been waiting to work on a writing project? If you have anything that involves direct communication, you will have extra energy and power to get these things done in the next few weeks, even with Mercury going retrograde December 19. Try to get your main ideas off the ground and foundations built before the 19th, and Mercury retrograde could actually challenge you in positive ways that yield creative results.

Aquarius: Venus and Mars will be partnered in your first house of self and self-expression from now until December 29. This could generate extra heat and fire for you to really get things done, and reinvent who you feel you are and how you communicate that to others. Mercury is in your 12th house for the next few weeks, which will help you deliver typically intangible messages in a more functional way. You might want to start journaling and writing these few weeks as well, and share those writings with the world. You have a unique window of opportunity to give name to the nameless, form to the formless, and shed a light on understanding things that are typically hard to talk about. This could be an important period of accomplishment, even if you’re only taking small steps.

Pisces: With Venus and Mars in your 12th house, your subconscious and unconscious mind might be overheating. This could create a very active mental state for you, and on the positive side, you could be able to get a lot of creative work done between the middle of this week and the rest of the month. A key point to remember, though, is not to ignore your body. When your mind goes into overdrive, your nervous system can, too; hydration, stretching and grounding will be key for you to proceed successfully for the next few weeks without “burning out.” Grounding with books may be a great way to also stay centered and calm, even if you’ve read them a billion times. Going back to your favorites could be helpful now.

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The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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