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Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for Feminists.

Full Moons are often volatile, intense times, and the one taking place Tuesday — which is in direct opposition to Saturn — may be extra intense, perhaps bringing painful issues to light or springing intense surprises or problems on us. It could also be a real somber moment of reflection, especially around how you choose to communicate. There could be a restructuring of our communication as well. While this may be a difficult aspect, there’s a real window of opportunity to level up your game, make long-lasting changes, or try new things. The Full Moon on Tuesday seems to be shoving us out of our comfort zones and into the future as we create it.

This is the last in a trilogy of Super Moons in 2016. You definitely want to shore up your self-care routines and self-nurturing resources this week, as you may be feeling extra somber or emotional and challenged.

Aries: This Tuesday’s full Moon may really up a lot of information around how you choose to communicate and how you can broaden your horizons regarding communication. There’s a big chance that you could feel empowered to do research and connect with other viewpoints, cultures and ideas and integrate those into how you speak, talk and observe. How can you adjust your communication strategy to be more collective, understanding and knowledgeable? How can you use facts and words to chart vocal ideas with other people and yourself? This could be a helpful challenge this week as you learn to adjust to new ways of thinking and being. Can you embrace some change this week?

Taurus: You may have an extra cathartic experience this full Moon by going through your closet, wardrobe, room or home and throwing things out that you no longer need or find necessary. If you’ve been feeling crushed under the weight of too many possessions, junk piling up or clutter, this full Moon could provide ample opportunity to transform who you are and how you think about yourself and what you deserve. There may be powerful clues in reviewing items that you keep around your home or office space that you don’t actually use or need anymore. I challenge you to dig deeper this week and ask yourself tough questions about your possessions and why you choose them — or why you abandoned them.

Gemini: You may want to take it slow with BFFs and lovers this week, Gemini, as you may be feeling downright cold when it comes to your closest loved ones. Saturn and the full Moon on Tuesday are conspiring to bring some rethinking and restructuring of your close relationships. Be careful not to jump to conclusions or make snap judgements this week that could affect you in the long run. Instead, I would urge you to use this energy as a gateway to serious self-reflection and opening up a dialogue with yourself to better understand who you are and what you want. The more understanding you can be with yourself this week, the better, and if you need to be alone, ask for the time without creating a drama or fuss. Just take some solo space and come back to your partners clearer in a few.

Cancer: There’s a direct connection between your self-worth and how you treat yourself physically, and this full Moon may illuminate some facts about your health and daily habits that might be a challenge to deal with at first, but will help you in the long term. Are you putting nourishing and good food into your body? Are you getting enough time with nature? Are you seeking and partaking in the movement that your body and mind may be needing? Cancers and Cancer risings need to clock extra self-care time as well; are you sticking to a routine that relieves and boosts you? These are questions that may demand answers this week, but don’t worry, because you can change your habits at any time. If you’re feeling called to make adjustments (large or small) this week, obey the urge and take a chance. Try something new — it may really make you happier.

Leo: This week is not the week to plan parties, dates or anything you would deem extra “fun” or “romantic.” Saturn is turning up extra hard in the sector of your astro chart that rules these things and will likely put a damper on cocktail hours, holiday parties or dinner dates. On the flip side, you could really start to make some headway with someone or someones you’ve been dating this week, especially if you are already in a flow. However, if things are not or have not been working out well, you could anticipate a break. Leave extra, extra time to get to and from work, especially on Tuesday, and also make sure you give yourself plenty of breathing room at work, too. Things may be particularly chatty and batty at the same time, so do whatever you need to retain that classic Leonine cool.

Virgo: Getting out of the house and connecting with your friends and community at large might be the best way to handle this entire full Moon week, Virgo. You may feel stifled, bored or too intense at home and/or with family, and your best bet at blowing off steam and getting where the action is would be to get out there and turn up for your wider friend circles and the community at large. You may find that there are unexpected surprises with close friends and lovers as well this week. You also have a chance to change things up a bit in relation to your patterns around friendship and community. What have you wanted to try that you’ve been holding back on? Just by turning up the week, Virgo, you could make some amazing and intensive discoveries that can benefit everyone just as much as yourself.

Libra: Communication could be extra challenging and intense this week, Libra, so don’t be afraid to draw on the lessons you’ve learned this past year and take extra time to answer folks asking for a reply. If you take your time, you’re more likely to be happy with your response than if you just passionately blurt something out or say something just to fill space. Your best bet this week could be to stay at home in bed reading or watching documentaries, especially if they’re sparking a creative dialogue within yourself.

Scorpio: You could see some real changes coming up in and around your personal possessions this week, Scorpio, and how that ties into your sense of rebirth and total renewal. Does your furniture, clothes, car and other personal items absolutely reflect and accentuate who you are — or are you bogged down by what you own? Does what you own express your soul self and real personality, or is it outworn or from a bygone era that no longer does the real you justice? I’m definitely not saying it’s time for a makeover here, but more pointing to the underlying meaning and importance of what you own as something that boosts your confidence and makes you feel good. You want to surround yourself with things that make you feel good, happy and alive — not bad or triggered. It may be time to do some cleanup and haul some bags to Goodwill!

Sagittarius: You could be feeling extra somber this full Moon week, Sagittarius, and you may have some surprising revelations coming your way from loved ones, BFFs or partners. Things could be revealed and energy could be heightened, especially around Tuesday afternoon and onward. Make sure you make space for yourself and other people’s feelings before engaging in unproductive behavior. The more you’re willing to listen to people and hear them out, the better chance you have to heal and repair relationships this week. Try not to judge, be angry or fly off the handle without trying to see things from someone else’s perspective.

Capricorn: This full Moon week could bring the perfect opportunity to delve head-first into your own psychic communication, dialogue with your higher self, meditation practice, bodywork or therapy practice. The results of you trying new things could be a level of ecstatic achievement or unlocked potential in your self-care and self-nurturing practice that helps you achieve new possibilities and higher aspirations for yourself. You could experience an illuminating situation, challenge or issue that may demand some level of inner mental dialogue and spiritual attention. You may want to open up and partake in a daily practice that allows you to have a flourishing and supportive internal dialogue with your brain — and all the pieces, parts and narratives inside.

Aquarius: The community at large is calling you, Aquarius, and asking you to take a firm step forward in your visibility. This week may, in fact, be the culmination of the notion you’ve probably been feeling for a big part of this past year, which is that people really do want and need your different opinions and viewpoints on life. You have real potential to tap into a leadership role this upcoming year, and this week is the kick-off point. This week you carefully see where you feel most happy and comfortable in your friendships and community at large, and make distinct choices about who you want to give your precious time and energy to. The causes and family you seek out this week and beyond are just the beginning of making your mark on society — but you have to get out there!

Pisces: Expect to clock some extra hours this week, Pisces, as your career is going to be quite demanding. The more prepared you are for being needed at work, the easier things will be, as you can expect something work-related to pop up and be a bit of a challenge. The more happy and healthy you can make your home life, the easier it will be for you when you’re at work as well. So now may be the time to have that conversation with your roomies, or reconfigure your room so it feels good. Make sure you have the self-care supplies you need at both home AND work to be able to get through. Pack yourself an emergency kit with essential oils, blankets, music and whatever else you may need to make it through the week with as little stress as possible.


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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