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Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for Feminists.

The Lunar energies this week are mostly waxing, which means the Moon is gearing up to go full. You can best use this energy for building up to something that you are looking to culminate on or around the full Moon. It’s great for putting your energy out there into the universe, whether that be career changes or tweaks, personal projects you might be developing, art you’re creating or people you’re trying to bring together.

This week the Lunar energies are encouraging you to be active and to continue to work with and around the intentions you set with the New Moon. The Moon will be flowing through Libra on Monday, Scorpio on Tuesday and Wednesday, Sagittarius Thursday through Saturday and into Capricorn on Sunday. Read your scopes for more!


Aries: Monday the Lunar energies are in great placement to plan interpersonal communications with the people that are near and dear to your heart. Tuesday and Wednesday could have you dealing with some major breakthroughs in regards to personal transformation. If you’ve been looking to level up your life, these two days would be great for you to take advantage of! The weekend is going to be the perfect time for you to do something that involves learning and inspiration. Maybe it’s buying some new books and reading them outside? Maybe it’s checking out local art or science exhibits? Follow your interests and you should have a great time.

Taurus: Monday is a great day for you to focus on what needs to be planned and organized for the rest of the week to flow smoothly. Running errands, making plans and adjusting your schedule are all activities that should be given some extra power today. Tuesday and Wednesday are optimal days for communicating with people that you care about. This is a great day to squeeze in meetups or phone calls with the people who really support you. Thursday, Friday and Saturday could find you gearing up for some transformations or changes. Have you felt differently about money lately? Where can you lead your personal power into a positive transformative experience around money and debt? The weekend is a great time to reflect on this, Taurus.

Gemini: Set aside Monday to do something fun for yourself, Gemini! It’s the day of the week where the Lunar energies are best aligned to let you just relax and have a good time. Tuesday and Wednesday the energies will shift to allow you to organize your schedule for the rest of the week (or even month), run errands or lock down anything that could be considered a technical life matter so that you can enjoy the weekend, where the focus for you shifts again — this time to personal relationships! Those you are closest to could jump into your spotlight Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so make sure you set aside time for the people who make you feel the safest and most cared about.

Cancer: The energies on Monday could feel like they’re strongly pulling you to relax in and around your home and neighborhood. If you’re feeling that vibe, go for it, because not listening to that instinct could drain you or make you cranky the rest of the week. Tuesday and Wednesday’s energy are more social for you, leaving you in a more appropriate zone to jump on phone calls, Skype sessions with besties or just going outside of your home and/or work to do something fun for yourself. Maybe getting an ice cream cone or treating yourself to a trinket that is meaningful for you. Thursday, Friday and Saturday could have you geeking out on the little details of your day-to-day that allow you to live in your truth. Do you need time in the morning before work or school to drink a cup of tea or meditate? This weekend is prime for planning that!

Leo: Monday is the best day of the week for you to send out emails, texts or make important phone calls. The Lunar energies are in sync with your communications sector, so if there’s anything you’ve been needing to say, you should be able to say it with ease today! Tuesday and Wednesday you could feel a bit moody, and the Lunar energies are prodding you to just stay home and relax. It would be a good chance to rest up, because social energies will quickly ramp up Thursday, Friday and Saturday. To fully work with the Moon’s energy, plan any meetups, nights out, dinners, lunches and/or functions for these days.

Virgo: Monday would be an awesome day to sort through your finances, balance your budget for the week, month or even year, and dig into any debt that you have that you might want consolidate. The energies are leaning towards providing you the opportunity to get clear and fairly balanced with these issues. Tuesday and Wednesday, the energies could prompt intense communications, so be mindful of your heart and others’ hearts as well before plunging into a big convo. The weekend could find you buzzing around your home and/or neighborhood, finding new and exciting things to do in — and love about — your home turf.

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Libra: Monday is all about you! Do whatever makes you happy Monday, Libra, as the Moon will be in your sign. Tuesday and Wednesday could be more difficult days as you may be experiencing intense emotions around money, debt or self-manifested resources. Remember to ground yourself emotionally, and try to negate any self-fears. You are good enough, Libra, and you are worth it! Let yourself feel the feels, but also allow yourself to not be drowned in fear. Fear can be transmuted into motivation if you want it to be! Thursday, Friday and Saturday are powerful days for communicating your truth, being in your power and having conversations of any kind. Don’t lose faith, stay positive and don’t worry about making any immediate choices just yet.

Scorpio: Tuesday and Wednesday could have you feeling yourself super intensely, Scorpio, as the Moon is in your sign both of these days. Take some time out to journal about yourself, who you are, what you love.This will help you as you roll into Thursday, Friday and Saturday, where you will be more cash- and self-esteem oriented. You’re making some major decisions in regards to who you are and how you really deserve to make money, and these days could be a turning point for you and/or offer you some major insight. Don’t be afraid to accept help from others! If you scheme over the weekend on these topics, you might be ready to make a move on Sunday and into the following week.

Sagittarius: Monday is a great day to network, do lunch or dinner with friends, and/or host a socially conscious meetup or event. Tuesday and Wednesday might find you find you in dreamy and surreal contemplation. You might be feeling introverted, and your mind might be really busy both of these days. Allow yourself to feel, and see where the feelings take you. Observe rather than react for best use of these Lunar energies. Thursday, Friday and Saturday you should feel a major shift as the Moon moves into your sign. This could leave you ready to conquer the weekend in full force, doing things you love, fighting for movements you care about, hanging out with friends or just going off into hyperspace on your own projects while blasting some great music.

Capricorn: Monday is a great day to work on anything that may need to be balanced and/or recalibrated in your career realms. This would be the day to talk with your boss and have your one-on-ones regarding work — or send out your resume or plan your next career move. Tuesday and Wednesday could prompt you get out there and hang with friends, but be careful of what you say. With the Moon in Scorpio, emotions tend to run high and people may not be in the best zone for socializing. Thursday, Friday and Saturday could have you feeling surreal and interested in just blasting your favorite music and working on art, crafts or being outside in nature. If you begin to feel stressed these days, channel your stress into an artistic or creative activity. You’ll feel a lot better after breaking out the notebook, sketchbook, craft kit or toolbox.

Aquarius: Monday is going to be a great day for you to create some time to read! You need  solo intellectual pursuits to say sane, so Monday might be time to cut the social media and crack open a book. Tuesday and Wednesday have you focused on career — and could have you working tirelessly around the clock on personal projects, job hunts or decision-making in regards to how you want to continue with your career and development. These feelings could be intense, so remember to ground yourself and get proper nutrition and hydration. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are social days for you. Remember to let go of any old relations that make you feel like you’re hard to love, and embrace the people who make you feel safe and cared about. You’re going through changes socially, and that’s OK! Only allow people who make you feel good in your life.

Pisces: Monday might be a day of transformation for you, or where you begin to see some clues on where you might be headed. Tuesday and Wednesday are going to afford you the Lunar energies and opportunities to expand your learning and skill set. You might have to nudge yourself into this energy at first, but if you gently push yourself to read or watch some documentaries, you will find it well worth the time. Thursday, Friday and Saturday find you focused on career, whether that’s learning something new, putting out your resume or getting that important conversation with your boss in. With Mars in your career sector as well, this a great time to get new career-oriented things off the ground!


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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