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Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for Feminists.

Last week we experienced a Full Moon and “mini” eclipse in Aquarius, which was quite powerful and may have brought up emotions for you, or disruption in your personal/emotional life. This week you might want to journal out your experiences and feelings. Please remember that no matter what is happening around you, it’s so important to create a safe space for yourself and your emotions. It’s hard to move forward in life with ourselves or other people if we don’t love, nurture and protect ourselves first, especially our subconscious.

This weekend, with the waning Moon in Cancer, we will have the opportunity to let go of the things we want to, and seek solace and relief in our home spaces. The Moon in Cancer is much more cozy than the Moon in Aquarius, so if you need some time to mellow out and relax, pencil it in for yourself this weekend. Also, the Sun will be in Virgo until September 23! Happy birthday, Virgos, and out your scopes below for more about how this will affect your sign.


Aries: The Moon is in your sign Monday morning and early afternoon. If you have errands you need to run, work-related conversations, or if it’s time to take someone aside over their microaggressions, this would be the perfect time and day of the week to do so. If you’ve been needing to flex your muscles around your personal self-worth, move forward with a project or contacting people, Monday morning is the time to make the most of the Lunar energies. Tuesday and Wednesday will be a great time for you to ground negotiations around self-worth and money as well. Anything you start Monday morning can easily transition through mid-week and carry extra oomph. This weekend is the perfect weekend for you to stay home and chill, so make sure you schedule in some time for yourself and your home space this Saturday and Sunday. The solar energies of the Sun in Virgo from now until the end of September are going to give you extra detail and planning around your habits and routines. Start thinking about what you need to feel happy and healthy.

Taurus: The Moon is going to be in your sign Tuesday and Wednesday, so you will have ample opportunity to play with ideas about personal identity. With the Sun moving into Virgo in your fifth house of fun and romance, you’ll be able to contemplate some new and interesting ways that you can find personal freedom and happiness through your identity. You’ll have an amazing opportunity to detail pieces and parts of yourself and start to create a cross-section of ideas, actions and ethics that create a unique and finer-tuned you. The energies of the Sun and Moon are asking you to have some fun, and Tuesday and Wednesday will give you the opportunity to reflect on what you love about yourself, and what makes you uniquely you. The weekend will give you ample opportunities to put some of what you worked on earlier in the week into practice as you communicate who you are to others.

Gemini: Tuesday and Wednesday, you might find yourself feeling your inner wheels turning in your subconscious mind. These days are great for meditating, and if you have time you could potentially explore how that affects you. Thursday and Friday will feel like a breath of fresh air for you as the Moon will be in your sign, giving you some relief and mental stimulation to play with as you prep for the weekend. Saturday and Sunday will give you opportunities to look at how you continue to grow and evolve around ideas that circle your personal worth, self-esteem, and how you feel about money and abundance. Don’t be afraid to go deep and dig out any psychological roots that may be preventing you from standing in your true power when it comes to financial earnings. From now until late September, you may also feel a real pull to organize your home, to maximize its potential for happiness for you.

Cancer: You might be feeling a bit sensitive after last week, and this week I would suggest keeping with any personal self care practices, relaxation, sleep and hydration protocols that make you feel on top of your game. I would also suggest getting your socializing in (if you need to) early in the week. Tuesday and Wednesday would be the best days for catching up with people, talking on the phone or getting in touch via social media. By Thursday and into Friday, you might be feeling a deep pull to meditate, space out or journal out some deep subconscious feelings. By the time the Moon moves into your sign over the weekend, you might just want to be in and around the safety of your own home, working on whatever makes you feel the happiest. From now until late September, you may start to feel an urge to make sure your communication style is detailed, organized and getting you where you want to be.

Leo: Prepare to start a new phase of feeling like you finally deserve to be the boss that you know you’ve always been. From now until September 23, you may have fresh ideas around how to make money for yourself that are new, exciting and detail-driven. Maybe you’ve been feeling the feels for quite some time and seeing where you wanted to go; with Virgo moving into your second house you’re going to feel empowered to maximize your self-esteem and your earning potential. Tuesday and Wednesday are great days to deal with your work life, whether it’s re-evaluating or just getting stuff done. Thursday and Friday have the potential to be extra social for you, so get some fun with friends in before the weekend. Saturday and Sunday might find you spacing out on art, in bathtubs or swimming pools, meditating and/or journaling. Also this weekend if you feel like you want to stay home, obey those urges.

Virgo: You have SO much going on in your first house of self and identity, Virgo — you might feel like you’re in a new phase of life, discovering vital facts about who you are, what you love to do, who and what you feel is important to have in your life and how and when you communicate. This is a major time of growth and potential opportunities for you Virgo, and you might be surprised where and how opportunities are popping up for you. Now is a great time to take risks, go the extra mile to reach out to people, and move forward with the relationships you want to invest in. If you feel safe in your power and drawn to something, you might want to consider following through on those actions and thoughts this birthday season! Remember to stay grounded, but allow yourself to go with the flow, as you might get some unexpected opportunities to have fun, learn and grow.

Libra: Libra, between now and your birthday you can consider this a prime time to let your mental guard down a bit around what you feel spirituality is for you and just give yourself a free pass to explore and go different places without wondering “is this right or wrong?” Participate and practice only things that make you feel safe and good, but allow some flexibility in your thoughts, actions and ideas around what “healthy” spiritual life or practice is to you. You have so many great opportunities coming your way in the most unexpected (and maybe ordinary!) things. You have the possibility of unlocking some real inner magic as long as you give yourself permission to just be. Feel your way through things instead of letting your mind dictate to you or confuse you. Go with your gut.

Scorpio: From now until September 23, The Sun in Virgo will be just one of the many planets highlighting your social sector. You may have already been feeling this coming on in the past month or so, but now friends and community will take on an even bigger role in your day-to-day life. You’ve done some hard work this year, so take time to celebrate, connect and find time to express what you need and what makes you feel good in your social relations. Tuesday and Wednesday are really great days to go out to dinner, go shopping or have a spa date with your favorites. The weekend you may find an interest in checking out museums, special films, reading or book shopping with friends. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself!

Sagittarius: This week marks the start of a powerful phase where you will have extra opportunities around your career and your aspirations there — even more so than you’ve already been experiencing. Now through September 23 would be a great time to expand yourself career-wise, whether that’s looking for new opportunities in a field or position, or exploring new options outside of what’s currently happening for you. This is a great time to shine on projects or look for new opportunities. This week, Thursday and Friday look like great days/nights to have a one-on-one session with someone you care about. The weekend could find you feeling a bit sensitive and wanting to stick close to home. It’s OK to obey those urges! Saturday and Sunday might also be great days to start plotting where you feel like things need to transform for you.

Capricorn: If you’ve been feeling a call to learn more about certain subjects, and participate in a need for travel, you might expect those feelings to become even bolder moving from this week through September 23. Virgo moving through your ninth house might have you on a wanderlust for learning and traveling, and you might find yourself learning, growing and stretching in really awesome ways that you didn’t expect. This weekend will give you a great opportunity to meet up one-on-one with those who are closest to you and who really care about your well-being. You might be inclined to ask opinions from them and see where those emotions take you. There could be the potential to uncover something powerful there.

Aquarius: If you feel like you’ve been on the road to transformation, Aquarius, prepare for that road to get bigger and faster between now and September 23. You will have the opportunity to channel some real details into the careful foundation you’ve been crafting for weeks now. Pay close attention to yourself, your needs and desires around everyday routines this weekend, as this might unlock an important key for you as you walk your path between now and the end of September. What kind of physical, mental and spiritual nourishment do you need to be fully you? Where do you feel happiest and how can you keep reinventing yourself to do just that? Don’t make any decisions just yet. Love yourself and observe.

Pisces: Now until the end of September may find you bursting at seams with friends, family and lovers. There is so much happening for you in your seventh house of one-on-one connections that you might feel like there’s not enough time in the day to hug, greet and converse with everyone you want to. Notice any abundance in your favorites, lovies and besties until September 23. Allow in only those in your precious circle who deserve to be there. Even though you will be feeling like including loved ones in on your activities, this weekend you might feel called to just stay home and relax, and if you feel the need to rest, know it’s OK! You also might have some fun taking a bath, getting a massage, doing an at-home spa day or treating yourself in some other way.


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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