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Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for Feminists.

The big astrology news this week is that we have some major planets moving into the sign of Virgo!

Virgo is a sign that loves paying attention to the little details and coming up with a solid plan for moving forward. Virgo is a grounded earth sign that centers around communication. Mercury, (its ruling planet) moved into Virgo on Saturday, and it will stay there until October 7. So for all zodiac signs, communication will have some ease and flow to it from now until the end of the summer. Just watch for specifics when you communicate with each other and make sure you have a solid sense of what you trying to say before you dive in!

Venus will be moving into Virgo as well this Friday, August 5. You can expect interpersonal and intimate relationships to take on a bit of a different vibe compared to the past few weeks. Venus in Virgo loves grounded action, real promises and integrity of intent. Venus in Virgo will bring out the desire to be useful and helpful in relationships through lots of well-thought-out communication.


Aries: Virgo and Mercury this week will be creating some more daily structure around your personal relationships. You might find that from now until early fall you create some cool daily routines with loved ones that can help foster and nourish positive communication. If you keep your eye lovingly on the details of your day-to-day life and take a positive approach to including others in that sacred daily space, you could find the theme of your life taking on some really special high notes. Be watchful for surprises — with Uranus entering your sign, you could see some unexpected shakeups involving your self-image, identity and personality. You have the power to use this energy to reinvent yourself in any way you want or need. Just make sure you keep an eye on your ID and credit cards, birth certificate and personal information.

Taurus: Mercury and Venus will be entering the zone of your astrology chart that rules fun! That’s great news because you can begin to really structure and create some solid foundations around who and what you think is actually fun. There’s no need to include something in your life that doesn’t make you happy, and you have plenty of opportunities this week — and whole month, really — to build relationships with people you share a grounded solid reality with, and whose views make you stronger and vice versa. Don’t be afraid to talk and speak your mind, as Mercury in Virgo will be giving you plentiful opportunities from now until early fall to share the spotlight around important issues, but also around what you want and what you need.

Gemini: You have a lot of action around your home base not only this coming week, but for the rest of the month and summer, Gemini. If you’ve been needing to reorganize how your friends, family and lovers mix and mingle into your daily life, and exactly where each one has (or doesn’t have) a place, be prepared to start working on this ASAP. Thursday and Friday will offer previews for what needs to be done for you to feel happy and healthy in your home. That could mean inviting your loved ones into your home more, or creating clear boundaries with them or with roommates. As long as you clearly communicate your needs and desires to the people you closes to, you will be OK! Speak from the heart and don’t be afraid to micro-manage each little detail of your daily routine if you’re being guided to do so. Make sure you lovingly involve those closest with you, and/or your roommates, in the clearest way possible!

Cancer: With Venus in Virgo lighting up your communications sector for a while, you will be able to finally get your resume and social media together, take your email and networking skills to the next level and be able to have those difficult conversations you’ve been putting off. Also communications in your daily life will flow more smoothly, especially if you watch the details, stay humble and make sure you’re constantly cognizant of other people’s feelings. Also prepare to feel a major boost in your daily lifestyle habits and routines. Mars in Sagittarius in that sector of your chart is screaming for “house witch” rituals, cleaning up your LinkedIn profile and going after a new day job or side hustle — and making sure you are setting aside time to do the things you NEED to do on a daily basis to feel good. Like morning tea, daily affirmations and/or journaling.

Leo: You have so much grounded Earth action happening in your self-esteem house, making now a very good time to finally face your fears around yourself and where or how you belong in the world — just go for it! Whether you are emerging from a newly strengthened place of self-esteem or you have to “fake it ‘til you make it,” the stars are asking you to commit to believing in yourself! You have the power, Leo. This you know, and now it’s time to cement those beliefs and move forward triumphantly into the world, More good news: Mars is back in Sagittarius and in the part of your chart that rules fun, so you can be sure to welcome back some casual happiness into your life! This energy also could help bring casual dating to the next level.

Virgo: No two ways about it, Virgo, the spotlight is on you this week — and, really, all throughout the month of August. Be prepared for some solidly positive perspective around who you are and how you love, communicate and feel about yourself this week and month. You will probably be in positive spirits this month, with conversation flowing like a beautiful cold mountain river, your thoughts flowing onto others in a smooth and polished way like the stones of a riverbed. Your partners, friends and family will be looking to you more than usual for answers, guidance and leadership, and you certainly have the right answers already within you! You may have been waiting some time to shine in this moment, so don’t be afraid to take the limelight with pride. If you’ve been looking at finding new roommates or a new place as well, and you’ve been feeling stuck, that could all change for the better this week and month! Keep on the lookout for what you want — you will find it!

Libra: You’ve been doing some very hard work for a while now on how you communicate and, more important, why you communicate. This week, you begin to reap the rewards of that hard work. Communications should flow easier and be more in alignment with who you really are and what you really want, and not so much coming from a place of wounding or past trauma anymore. You are now living in the moment and you are really starting to grasp the spiritual aspect of what that really actually means. You have a glorious opportunity to recalibrate your spiritual self this month if you’re willing to take the time to really turn inward. It will be hard with so much outer communication happening, but the stars are beckoning you to create sacred time for yourself, to draw into yourself and what you really believe. If you dig deep, you will unearth many treasures! Lean on your friends and community if you feel confused. You have everything you need to next-level your inner life.

Scorpio: You are moving into a new era involving your self-esteem, how you see yourself and how you feel about other people seeing you as well. It’s just in time, because this month — and, yes, even the rest of the summer — promises to be nothing short of a social whirlwind for you. Whether your friend group is large or small, be prepared to be communicating! You also have a strong opportunity to gather or foster community around higher ideals and purposes and to finally draw out details to put solid plans, foundations and strategies into motion. If you are thinking about activism, nonprofit work, phone banking or strategically planning or creating community in your area, now is the time to do it. You have what it takes, Scorpio!

Sagittarius: This Thursday and Friday come with a special preview of what you need to change and or go after in your career this month/summer. Look for clues in how you feel about your career and daily work. You have an amazing opportunity to re-do your resume, your LinkedIn profile and networking skills and create a solid strategy around going for what you truly want, but only after you pay attention to what you really need. Take time out after work Thursday, Friday and even early Saturday morning to brainstorm, list or journal out the seedlings of your master career plan. Confused on where to start? Think long and hard about what you love to learn about in your free time. Grab some books from the library and get reading — it won’t be long until you are heading in the right direction, careerwise.

Capricorn: The stars are begging for you to broaden your personal education this week and, really the rest of the month and season. Until fall, expect lots of opportunities to level up your skill set in what you truly love to learn about. Not only are you going to get a chance to learn more, attend workshops, buy new books or practice new talents, you’re going to be able to set into motion a long-term plan or strategy around how you want this learning to be integrated into your life. You have the opportunity to create some stability and structure around higher learning, which might be something that, deep down, you truly crave. On a more casual level, I also see lots of trips to museums and parks with loved ones, heightened intellectual communication and a boost in metaphysical interests as well. Expect some unexpected surprises from roommates and/or housemates as well this week. Have a plan to deal with them, too, should something suddenly arise.

Aquarius: You are about to enter a month-long/seasonal phase of regeneration and transformation. Now I know, Aquarius, this has been THE theme of 2016 so far for you. Just think about how far you’ve come since this past March. You’ve begun to create a foundation. In the coming weeks, and until the end of the summer, you begin to put the finishing touches, so to speak, on the little details of the changes you’ve made and/or continue to make — or know you need to make. You now have the opportunity to continue to ground the new you and solidify the details that make this the new you. This means geeking out on the details of how you communicate with people — and how to not offend, control or hurt others by being careless with your words. Also geeking out on the details of who you let into your life and who you don’t. This Thursday and Friday, and even early Saturday morning, will generate clues buried deep within your feelings on this topic. If you’re looking to do a new moon ritual, it would be a great idea to do one for guidance and/or celebration on this new you.

Pisces: Interpersonal relationships are your everything this month and the rest of the summer, Pisces. You’re no stranger to being the center of social activity, but this month — and, really, until the end of the summer — you find yourself taking your ideas around these relationships to a really detailed level. You begin to refine your communication skills so that each word and sentence detail what you’re really trying to say. You begin to see your leadership roles in one-on-one partnerships and welcome a graceful humility for the other beings in your life. You begin to see your partnerships in detail, instead of one big blur of activity. Also, you will finally begin to see big changes around career and professional development, especially if you’ve been feeling stalled all summer. The more ready you are, resume-wise, the more open the doors will be!


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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