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Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for Feminists.

The big news in astrology this week is that Mercury will be going retrograde in Virgo starting Tuesday.

When Mercury slows down, and appears to us on planet Earth to be going backwards, it can be an energetic call to take a step back from whatever you are currently working on and fine-tune your foundation, process what’s been happening, or even understanding your motives before moving on to completing feelings, events or projects.

This is a great time to pause, reflect, and gain more information, understanding, or grounding before moving onward. It’s OK to take some time out — the universe is opening up to provide a channel for us to create a better finished product, whatever that may be. If you flow with this energy instead of pushing ahead, you will most likely have an easier time this month.

The next retrograde (in December) will be in Capricorn, another Earth sign, really showing us that whatever we are in the midst of right now (and have been through all of 2016), we need to be fully grounded with and connected to it before really finalizing the work. See your scopes below for more information.


Aries: This Mercury retrograde falls in your house of daily habits, routines and rituals. It’s asking you to hit the pause button on the little pieces and parts that make up each day of your life. The energy will be asking you to take a step back and look at nutrition, movement, mealtimes and placements, daily spiritual practices, therapy, journaling, crafts, time spent before and after work, daily obligations and even how you unwind after work. What changes have you been wanting to make that you just haven’t yet? What have you felt called to do but you just “don’t have enough time?” Now is the time to implement an intention to manifest these necessary activities in your life! Take a breath, review your day-to-day life without judgement, and discover where you can improve for maximum happiness. Look for some major clues this upcoming weekend.

Taurus: Mercury will be retrograde in your fifth house, which represents fun, relaxation, cutting loose and even romance. The energy will be asking you to slow down and reorganize your thoughts around what makes something fun for you, along with when and how you feel safe, celebrated, truly relaxed and how you communicate that idea to yourself and other people. Is your voice really being heard, Taurus? Do you feel oftentimes trapped in situations that you can’t fully relax in or have fun in because you don’t feel safe, loved or wanted? This weekend you could see some powerful clues in regards to how you feel about fun in general and what can be reorganized or restructured to create more fun in your life by allowing yourself the boundaries, voice and attitudes that you truly NEED to properly have fun in life. Review without judgement and look for the signs. Set intentions for for healing where you need it and for the expansion of things that are working for you.

Gemini: The spotlight on your home and hearth remains lit this Mercury retrograde, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself obsessively reorganizing your place, cleaning and/or redecorating. In fact, if you’ve been putting off a good deep clean and reorganization of your space, this is the time to to do it! The window between now and September 22, when Mercury goes direct, will allow you to do these chores in a way that will help reorganize your space in a way that will establish a more grounded and holistic approach to your life and wellbeing that will serve you in the future. The energies are asking you to take the time to reflect on, re-create and organize your personal home space so that you can run more effectively in the future. Have fun with this — use this weekend to plan and kick off any personal home projects you feel good about.

Cancer: This Mercury retrograde is going to hit your house of communications, which is going to require some deep breaths, held-back sighs and a driving passion to find new and innovative ways of communicating. I highly suggest starting ASAP (but no later than this weekend) making a commitment to being fully grounded in your day-to-day life, including all methods of movement, nutrition, breathwork and thinking before you speak. This is going to feel like a test of some sort, but relax and rely on all you’ve learned to help you prep. You can rise above and hold safety, integrity and boundaries in how you speak with your words and body language. You can be authentic — you just need to be patient with yourself and others and compassionate to yourself and your inner child. Don’t be afraid to let go of old habits and to create newer, better ones, Cancer.

Leo: You might have felt a sudden need to recalibrate your ideals in regard to how you make money and why you make money. This has been an energetic and planetary concentration of creating and resourcing pathways to personal financial freedom with the integrity and truth you so desire. This Mercury retrograde is going to ask you to pause, reflect and reconstruct anything that needs to be worked on before continuing this pursuit. This is the time to look back on all you’ve done and see the bigger picture — the higher-level vision of what you need, want and intend to manifest. Look at all the details, large and small if you can, so that when Mercury goes direct on September 22, you have a solid plan and foundation in place. Also, please remember to celebrate your achievements and get excited about the future. No fear!

Virgo: The past few weeks may have felt major for you, Virgo, and I hope that you’re really going to recognize the past and upcoming weeks as a strong sign of how far you’ve come and how far you can actually go. Things that were just dreams may be coming true for you now, or are at least starting to come together. Also, struggles that you have been having and changes you may not have expected may have dragged you down in past few weeks, but Mercury retrograde will give you opportunity to sit down, breathe and process what’s been happening and how it’s affected you. This is a great time to journal and reflect. Be gentle with yourself, love yourself and dream even bigger for the future. Take a step back now so you can fully plan for the future.

Libra: This can be quite an experimental time for you, Libra. This Mercury retrograde, you have the opportunity to experiment with your own consciousness in major ways. As long as you remain open, grounded and able to work with your idea of intuition, you have a chance to see though a different lens. Start with how you define intuition, and how often (and in what ways) you communicate with and notice your own intuition. You can use this time to really establish a firm grounding in what you actually call your intuition and how that develops and works with your other modes of consciousness. Stay centered and in your body through all communications. If you have trouble making a decision, drop down into your body — feel how you feel. Do you feel tight and tense? Are you clenching parts of your body? Or do you feel relaxed, open and breathing easy? Watch your body and breath throughout this time and you’ll be able to create a strong foundation in being able to lean on intuition in future decision-making.

Scorpio: So much has been happening in your social life the past few weeks, Scorpio, that you might feel like you’ve been in the middle of a whirlwind. I urge you to look beyond just replaying the past few weeks in your mind, and actually begin to formulate ideas around how all this social activity has begun to reshape your idea of community, who you see yourself as in your community and who you want to become as well. It’s possible to use this Mercury retrograde to pause and reflect on these lessons and your own values and how you see yourself in your current social space and community at large and how you can continue to nurture that seed. Things will slow down, but take note of what you’re walking away with and use that to lay the groundwork for the future. It could also very well be connected to how you feel you want to make money in the future. This month, connect the dots and observe.

Sagittarius: The period from now to September 22 is going to ask you to pause and reflect on certain aspects of your career and to live in the moment as an observer, seeing how and what you can make improvements on. Don’t become absorbed in small details, agendas or “problems” that may or may not be important in a few weeks. You’re being called right now to focus on the big picture, and not sweat “how you’re going to get out of anything.” If you’re unhappy, take stock of how and why and start to formulate a plan to move through that unhappiness as soon as September ends. If you are happy where you’re at professionally, look at how you can improve and create a more solid foundation so that when the month ends, you can move ahead with full force. Stay rugged, stay flexible and and know that things will get easier at the end of the month.

Capricorn: Studying and learning is your immediate task at hand this Mercury retrograde. You will experience a unique opportunity to be energetically supported to take time out to learn and expand your knowledge base around whatever you feel passionate about. If you feel like time is slowing down and opening up doors for you to read more or participate more in anything that brings you access to knowledge, allow yourself to open up to those possibilities and create a safe and fun arena for you to do so. Also, feel free to allow new modes of dealing with your inner consciousness that include not being hard on yourself or allowing your inner critic to run rampant. You may have felt a bit too “in your own head” the past few weeks, which may have been very stressful at times, but soon you should have an opportunity to more freely explore your consciousness without guilt and allow new modalities of knowledge into your being.

Aquarius: You are in the midst of a major transformation, and this Mercury retrograde is asking you to pause, slow down and take into account everything you’ve learned this year as you continue to lay the groundwork around the awesome being you are becoming and the beautiful new life you are creating. The next few weeks will ask you to really geek out on the little details of how you can build off of the work you’ve been doing all year, and how to bring that healing and work to the next level. This includes how often you check in with yourself and give yourself support, so that when do enter the more subtle nuances of communicating with others and being in the world, you stand grounded and ready to bring to the table your real authentic self to the table in all forms of communications, interactions and modes of being. Allow new modes of intimacy with yourself; it will help create new modes of intimacy with others.

Pisces: Things may start to feel a bit weird in your relationships now through September 22, but don’t worry — nothing that happens in this time period is permanent. Things are in flux in your personal relationships, and the planetary energies are asking you to take a step back and just observe what’s happening. This is a great time to get in some much-needed rest and relaxation and also some much-needed connection with your professional life. While things are moving slow or weird, take yourself out of full play and use your energies to recalibrate your professional vision of yourself. Also be on the lookout for opportunities to increase intimacy — even if that means being more patient with your partners — and to find new ways of communicating that bring you closer together. Stay grounded, present and in your breath and body through your interactions and let love guide the way.


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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