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The new Moon in Taurus on Wednesday will shake up everyone’s astrology forecast for the week. Find out what’s in store for you!

This week should be super grounding and will also lend us the energy to help us get our projects and goals back into working form. The weekend brought us a very dark Moon and chill vibe with plenty of sleepy and spacey feelings, but this week we get back to handling our personal and professional business.

The energy won’t officially shift until Wednesday, because the dark Moon in Aries may bring up cranky and aggro behavior Monday and Tuesday. You may be on the lookout for how you can protect yourself with positive boundaries these days, and take a time out if you need it. The new Moon in Taurus will help lovingly ground and guide us towards achieving our goals, finishing our projects and taking care of ourselves in an active way. The waxing Moon in Gemini, Thursday evening until Saturday evening, will bring us into a talkative and intellectual place. We may feel mentally driven at this time, and we may want to reach out with verbal or written communications like texts, calls or emails. The waxing crescent Moon moves into Cancer Saturday evening, urging us to take a big time-out for self-care through Sunday.


Aries: Monday and Tuesday the Moon will be dark and in your sign, Aries; make sure not to step on other people’s boundaries or become to aggressive with others these days. Double-check your reflexes and manage your anger before going off on somebody. Things begin to chill Tuesday evening and into Wednesday and Thursday. The new Moon in Taurus may signal money for you, and you might want to follow opportunities to hustle for cash or put yourself out there for new work. Thursday evening until Saturday evening, you may feel super chatty, so these are great days to get together with folx to talk things out or just conversate. Saturday night into Sunday, you may be called to just stay home and chill out. Self-care will be on the menu for you these days, for sure!

Taurus: Monday and Tuesday may feel intense, and your subconscious may feel raw or edgy. It’s important to self-soothe the beginning of the week, especially if you’re feeling off. The Moon moves into your sign Tuesday evening and goes new on Wednesday in your sign as well, where it will stay until Thursday evening. This may feel like a calm, and solid time, especially around starting new projects, meeting new people or doing action oriented work. Thursday evening until Saturday evening you may feel like making plans, reaching out or connecting with people in regards to making money. This could be a great time to promote your side hustle or connect with folks in regards to money-making projects or ventures. Saturday evening into Sunday may be best used for self-care. You could feel very sensitive in your communications with others.

Gemini: Monday and Tuesday may be intense days, and you could feel moody, anxious or just off, especially when it comes to your friends or social groups. Try to carve out some solo time and check in with yourself and your feelings. Tuesday evening into Wednesday and Thursday may feel a lot better, almost like a cooling breeze washing over you after feeling hot and uncomfortable. Your subconscious feels may be rejoicing in the new Moon, bringing you a lot of positive and comforting energy that you can work with. Think new beginnings and solid foundations in how you nurture yourself, your self-talk and how you support your mind and mental capacities.Thursday evening until Saturday evening the Moon will be supporting you even more as it moves into your sign! You may feel more confident or uplifted at this time. Saturday night and Sunday day may feel extra sensitive.

Cancer: Monday and Tuesday may seem especially rough around the workplace. You may feel pressure on all sides to get things done and just may not have the juice to follow through. Ask for extended deadlines if you need them — and be vocal about running out of bandwidth if you need to. The new Moon Wednesday will bring new opportunities around friendships, and you may feel like starting new things with your friends at this time or have new opportunities to hang out! This can also be a time when more stability and focus can be brought to your friend groups and your sense of community at large. Thursday evening until Saturday evening may spark a very dynamic dialogue with your own inner voice or narrative. You may want to journal heavily or even talk about your feelings with someone you trust. Saturday night into Sunday, the Moon will be in your sign, so give yourself time and space to do whatever it is you want to do.

Leo: You may feel like retreating Monday and Tuesday to look at art, watch movies or just fantasize. The vibe may feel a bit dreary, and you may want to hide out under the covers when you can and get lost in your favorite film or show. The vibe will shift dramatically on Wednesday through Thursday evening as a new Moon in your career sector brings new energy or opportunities to projects. You may start something new at this time, or put focus and energy into completing career-oriented works. You may also be harvesting new ideas or coming up with new ways of approaching things you’ve been working on. Thursday evening, the focus will shift toward friends and having fun, chatting and or catching up with your pals and community members. Being social may flow and come easy these days. Saturday night into Sunday you may be on self-care alert! Time to get in the bathtub or set up on the couch — whatever makes you feel comfortable and nurtured.

Virgo: Monday and Tuesday may feel difficult, and that’s OK, Virgo! You may feel almost as if there is something nagging at you but you don’t know what it is. Try to self-soothe and self-nurture, even as you’re on the go these days. The vibe will lift drastically Wednesday through Thursday evening with a fabulous and solid new Moon in Taurus leading the way for new opportunities for travel, art, inspiration and expansion. What have you been dreaming about lately? Now is a great time to look at those dreams and see how you can root them in reality and get them off the ground! Thursday evening through Saturday night, you may see the vibe lift at work, and you may have more of an opportunity to get things done. This is a also a great time to release materials, launch campaigns or do some social media work as well. These may also be great days to nail a job interview or get out resumes. Saturday and Sunday may feel very chill, and you may feel like gathering with your friends to do something very low-key or soothing like an at-home spa day or a causal and nourishing brunch.

Libra: You may want to be on high alert for squabbles with your lover(s), partner(s) or BFFs Monday and Tuesday. Be wary of where emotions may be flying too fast and too furious between you and the ones you love. The vibe will drastically lift Wednesday as your attention will shift to sensuality and sexuality. There’s a good chance of make-up sex on these days! Or, you can alternately use the energy from this New Moon for healing and transformation. Where do you want to heal or change? Thursday evening until Saturday evening offer a great opportunity to ignite your inspiration. Think travel plans, art, museums, cinema, history or anything that’s going to spark an interest in your heart and get you excited. Saturday and Sunday you may be feeling sensitive around your career. Be gentle and loving with yourself. Write out a list of accomplishments in your career if you’re feeling low. You may want to try to celebrate the victories, the things that got you to where you are today.

Scorpio: Self-care alert for Monday and Tuesday! You may be needing every ounce of self-nurturing and babying that you can bring to yourself. Don’t be afraid to nurture yourself and your inner child these days, even if you’re on the go. Give yourself the time, space and supplies you need to get through the day happy. Wednesday, the vibe will shift dramatically with the new Moon in your house of relationships. Now would be a great time to plant seeds or intentions around what you want for your current or next relationship. If you’re single it’s a great time to get yourself in a zone where dating is possible. You may want to do a powerful ritual, with intention around your romantic life, at this time. Thursday night through Saturday night you may feel talkative and sensual. Communication breakthroughs may be possible. Saturday night into Sunday, you may feel super inspired by self-care!

Sagittarius: Monday and Tuesday may seem super intense. These days may feel rough and like it’s impossible to have any fun. Don’t worry, because the vibe will lift drastically on Wednesday with the new Moon in your house of daily routines and habits. This is a power Moon for you to kickstart a new nourishing habit, especially one that you want to create as a foundation for yourself and your life. Think movement practice, nourishing food, a morning routine that is more expansive than being waking up and shoving yourself out in the world. Think about waking up early, making breakfast, enjoying tea, journaling or even doing some movement work before heading out the door. This is a powerful chance to have that daily life breakthrough you’ve been holding space for! Thursday night through Saturday evening you could feel like having a very verbose and talkative date night. Saturday night into Sunday you may feel like extremely sensual, or like giving yourself some transformative self-care.

Capricorn: Things may feel tetchy in your home zone with family or roommates Monday and Tuesday. Keep in mind a lot of folks may not be feeling 100 percent these days, so try to keep the peace or put up a firm but loving boundary. The vibe will lift drastically on Wednesday, inviting a rebirth of fun into your life. If you have intentions around fun, or how you’re having fun in your life, now would be a great time to express them, celebrate and do ritual. You may want to make plans to incorporate more fun, creativity and romance into your life. Thursday night through Saturday night, you may feel particularly chatty and interested in having an intellectual conversation. Saturday and Sunday you may feel very sensitive around your partner, partners or BFFs. You may want to do self-care and gauge your reactions before engaging in intense conversations with your loved ones.

Aquarius: Monday and Tuesday may prove difficult for communication. You may want to take a time out on putting out communications, emails, texts or conversations in the world. The vibe will lift drastically Wednesday as you have a new Moon in Taurus shining a positive light on your home zone! You may feel renewed energy, fresh gratitude or new opportunities around your home space or family at this time. This is a great time to plant new intentions around your home or what you want out of a home. This may also be a great time to do ritual around your home or family and what you want for them in the future. Thursday evening through Saturday evening you may feel quite social, chatty or creative. Writing, journaling or talking may be especially fun these days. Saturday night through Sunday you may want to stay home and self-care.

Pisces: Try not to spend the first two days of the week, and the last two days of the Moon cycle, spending money. You may regret purchases made at this time, or putting out money where it’s unnecessary. The vibe will shift on Wednesday, when you get a fresh and stable new Moon in Taurus that will help you connect to your communication. If you’ve had intentions that you want to set about how you communicate or how communication is flowing through your life, this would be a really amazing time set those. Or even do ritual work around how you communicate and what you want to put out into the world. Thursday through Saturday evening you may feel like talking up a storm, but in the comfort of your own home. Hosting an at home salon, dinner or book club may be supported these days. Saturday evening and Sunday may feel super fun if you are willing to find the fun in self-care!

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The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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