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Astrology for Feminists.

This week’s astrology forecast calls for reflection, reorganization, cleaning up and healing as the waning Moon moves through the end of the zodiac.

The Moon will go from last quarter to waning this week, and we are in the last phase of Aries season, with the Sun moving into Taurus Friday. You may expect things to become a bit calmer, and you may be comfortable at a slower pace. This time of our Moon phase is for reflecting, for contemplation, reorganizing, cleaning up and healing. This is a more yin and relaxed time, and life may feel easier if we align ourselves with that flow, so be easy with yourself. The Moon will be in Capricorn until Wednesday morning, when it will transition into Aquarius, and then into Pisces on Friday afternoon. My advice is to not make too many plans and allow this time for resting, regrouping and self-care. Read on for your sign!


Aries: The week starts off with you thinking about career. If you have anything to work on or get over the line in regards to work, you may want to get it done by Wednesday morning. After Wednesday morning, you may feel more resistance come up. Let yourself off the hook the rest of the week and weekend by getting your agenda completed as much as you can early on. Wednesday through Friday afternoon are perfect for socializing with friends, especially if you’re working with them on activism, community projects or long-term projects.Just keep in mind not to push too hard. The weekend may feel extra spacy for you, and you may want to carve out large chunks of time for reflection, meditation, slow movement practices and journaling.

Taurus: If you’re looking to solidify travel arrangements, Monday through Wednesday morning may be the best times to lock those plans in. Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon may be a great time to get inventive about your career and reflect on where you can make general improvements or think outside of the box. Friday afternoon through the rest of the weekend you may feel like hanging out with friends, although the vibe may not be as active as you want it to be. Try to go with the flow and meet your friends where they are, if you can. It may not be the most active weekend, but you can still have fun! Be wary of going overboard on substances as well, especially if being around your friends and substances is triggering. P.S.: Taurus season begins Friday! Happy birthday season!

Gemini: The week starts off on a transformative note, and you may want to feel your way through what needs grounding before you enter the flow of the week. What about your life needs to be more rooted, more grounded more structured? You may want to reflect on these themes Monday through Wednesday morning. Inspiration flows Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon, with the Moon in Aquarius bringing you new ideas, conversation pieces and themes to carry with you through your day. The weekend may give you ample opportunity to slow your roll and do some major reflection on your public status and career. Are you happy where you’re going and what you’re doing? Does your public image match up with who you are on the inside? This may not be the best time to do a social media makeover, but it is a great time to reflect on what you want your image to be and how to best resonate with your truest self.

Cancer: The week may start off with your mind on your lover, partner or significant others, and you may be feeling extra needy or like security is on your mind. This may not be a great time to push conversations further, but it is a great time to reflect on whether or not you’re getting what you really need out of the relationship. Wednesday through Friday afternoon may bring about sudden or electrifying changes, or ideas about change. You may want to embrace new ideas about who you are and what you can become. The weekend will be super inspirational, and you may feel like getting inspired through anything woo-woo, artistic, or otherworldly. A chilled-out art party or art therapy may be the perfect complement to your weekend plans!

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Leo: Monday through Wednesday may be great days to add some strong foundational pieces to your daily work life and daily routine. Do you need to switch from coffee to tea? Do you need more sleep? Now is the time to gently reflect on these ideas and begin to strategize how you may integrate them into your everyday life. Wednesday through Friday may be a bit wacky with your significant other. Make sure you go slow with your communications and clarify any piece that doesn’t feel right to you. This goes double for best friends! The weekend may be quite healing and transformative, and you may want to carve out some solo time, specifically with watery self care or art therapy in mind! Have fun with coloring, collage, drawing or anything that makes you feel creative.

Virgo: Monday through Wednesday may feel difficult, like you’re trudging through mud to get your work done, or like having fun (especially at work) is just out of reach. The vibe may drastically lift Wednesday morning, and you may start to cheer yourself up with some new and inventive self-care routines or daily rituals. How can you create new changes in your day-to-day life that make you feel better and happier? Can you leverage or utilize technology in any ways to help you do this? A meditation app, a solar lamp or an essential oil diffuser, perhaps? The weekend may have you feeling ooey and gooey over your sweetheart. You may want to be mindful about potentially being needy, however. There’s a line between “I want you” and “I need you.” Adjust your emotions and clarify boundaries with yourself so that you are on the “I want you” side of that line!

Libra: Monday through Wednesday is a great time to lock things down around your home or family. If you’ve been looking at finishing up projects, solidifying family plans, having a new roommate move in or even finding a new place, this would be the best time until next week. (Ideally, after Mercury retrograde ends on May 3.) Wednesday through Friday can offer up some inspirational fun. If you’re looking to have great and low-key intellectual conversations or explore new technologies, this is a great time to do it. This may also be a great time to go on a date that you wouldn’t normally go on (as long as you feel safe!) or flirt with someone you may normally not flirt with. The weekend is prime time for you to heal, relax and self-care! It may be time to reflect on how you can care for and nourish yourself every day, and how you can best plan for and to integrate healing into your routines and rituals.

Scorpio: Monday through Wednesday may be the best times to get your communications out into the world (although you may want to double-check your work or words, because Mercury is still retro) If you’re feeling resistance in your communications, maybe slow down and take this time to process and be less reactive. Early Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon, you may feel inclined to stay home and chill. Cleaning up and improving your home zone could be a priority these days, and you may feel really awesome after you’ve decluttered and reset your space. The weekend is going to be fun, especially if you don’t try push activity. It’s going to be fun, but ultimately chill, so you may want to prep around some low-key ways you can crank out this weekend. Art therapy and music could be a great start!

Sagittarius: Monday through Wednesday early morning may be great days to do any lingering budgeting, finance work or planning. Getting these things out of the way these days may help you relax later on in the week and the month. Wednesday through Friday afternoon you may feel like experimenting with your communication styles. Have fun with your intellectual conversations, but be aware that Mercury is retrograde. While you may want to play and experiment in conversations, avoid misrepresenting yourself or hurting other people’s feelings. The weekend may be dreamy and fun in your home life. You may want to cancel any external plans and chill out in the oasis that you’ve created in your personal home zone.

Capricorn: The week starts off with the Moon in your sign! This may give you an extra boost to start your week that will last until Wednesday morning. Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon, keep an eye on your finances, or watch the tendency to make impulse purchases. You may want to take an extra day or two to sit on spending decisions before actually purchasing something you have your eye on. The weekend may bring a beautiful and creative flow to your conversations, if you can open up and allow yourself to let go. Gentle movement, water or art therapy may be a wonderful option for you as well.

Aquarius: Monday through early Wednesday may give you a great chance to exercise some foundation-building mental practices, including meditation, journaling or therapy. Getting in direct touch with yourself and carving out some solo time these days may be very helpful. Wednesday through Friday afternoon, the Moon will be in your sign, giving you an extra boost of confidence and energy. You may want to carve out some solo time for yourself these days as well for some self-reflection, self-nourishment and, of course, self-care. This weekend, you may want keep an eye on your money or just be mindful of making purchases that you may later regret. The vibe will lend itself more to staying home and relaxing, or going with the flow if you are being social and hanging out.

Pisces: Monday through Wednesday morning may feel difficult for any social activities you have planned. You may want to take this time to slip away from the fray and do some inner reflection instead. Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon, the Moon will be urging to to dig deeper into your psyche, perhaps utilizing tools like meditation, coloring, drawing or writing. You may want to allow your thoughts to flow and engage within yourself and with others in different, new and exciting ways. Friday afternoon, the Moon will move into your sign all through the weekend! This may give you an extra boost of confidence and happiness. Enjoy!

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The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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