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Astrology for Feminists.

This week’s astrology brings us a full Moon in balanced Libra — and Mercury retrograde. Read on to find out how it will affect you!

Mercury has joined Saturn and gone retrograde this past Sunday, so the next few weeks, until May 4, you may want to slow down, integrate feelings and lessons, or challenge yourself to take on Mercury Rx as a learning experience and not as a reason to freak out or stop dead in your tracks.

We also have a full Moon in Libra Monday night at 11:09 p.m. Pacific Time. When you look at these two sky happenings together, you can see that Universe may be challenging us to reflect on why and how we communicate our relationships to ourselves and our partners. Are we just carrying an old trauma, story or pattern with us over and over and over again, or are we truly experiencing our relationships? Are we projecting onto our partners, or looking to get something from our partners that may be impossible? Are we celebrating our partners by being kind, loving and compassionate? Now may be a great time to slow down and focus on how we are loving ourselves, our lovers, partners or BFFs. Read your sign below for more!


Aries: This full Moon in Libra falls directly into your seventh house of partnerships, so you may be feeling very lovey-dovey and ooey-gooey to your partner lover or BFF, or you may be feeling like you need to stop and get off the boat. If you’ve been working with your partner, respecting them, loving them and getting that energy back from them, this may be a beautiful time of cute dates, kisses and resolve. If you’ve been fighting with your partner or lover and are heading toward a rough patch, the road may get rockier this week. With Mercury retro in your house of self-esteem, personal values and possessions, you might have to look at how you share as well. Are you sharing and caring your time, ideas and talk — or are you dismissing other people’s feelings without meaning to? It may be a great time to pause, reflect and listen before charging onward in the fabulous way you always do!

Taurus: Mercury is retro in your sign, and you could benefit from this. Mercury is trying to get the rest of the world to slow down, look and listen before reacting, but this is a super power you already possess. Sometimes you need to remind yourself of it, sure, but you know how to slow down when you want to, and this is one of those moments. The full Moon in Libra this Monday night will serve up some balance and sweetness to your daily habits, lifestyle, routines and day job, and if you can find a way to maximize this blessing, do it. This is a beautiful self-care Moon, perfect for a spa day or night, delicious and decadent meal or meals, and an embrace of what you need to do on the regular to feel nourished and happy. Slow down and feed your wellbeing this week, and watch the seedlings you plant take root as new power routines. Your foundation is getting stronger. It’s time to serve yourself and feed your body, soul and mind.

Gemini: This full Moon is happening in your house of fun, romance and creativity, Gemini, so you may want to make sure you make some time for one — if not all three — of these topics this week! If you’ve been looking to start dating, re-ignite sparks with a partner, or kick off or continue a creative project, this Monday evening would be a beautiful time to set intentions around these things. Go after the joy this week, Gemini, not the logic. With Mercury retro in the house that affects your subconscious, you may want to slow down and take some extra time to feed your head as well, whether through meditation, journaling, therapy or therapeutic activities.  Your inner self and unconscious will want some extra TLC these next few weeks, so you may want to put some activities in place that will help support that and protect you from burnout.

Cancer: This full Moon is happening in the house that represents your home and family. Now may be a really great time to slow down, relax, and just let yourself be. The Libra full Moon will give you a chance to rest, relax and integrate some of the lessons you’ve been swiftly learning the last few months. Self care is SO important for you, Cancer, and this is a great week to do just that. Mercury is retro in the house that rules friendship and community, so you may be feeling extra sensitive with your friends and you may want to give yourself some extra time and space to concentrate on how you communicate with them. Sometimes we are projecting an old idea or old traumas out into the world, extending a narrative that we’ve actually grown past. This may be a perfect time to rewrite your narrative without all the past drama and trauma. Who are you to your friends without the past hurts and fears? Who would you be with your friends with full confidence and endless love? You may want to self-care this week and reflect on these topics before hanging out with others.

Leo: This week’s full Moon falls in your house of communications. Libra brings a sense of balance and intellect to how you communicate, and you may find yourself feeling more confident in speaking, writing and texting this week. Setting some intentions around how you can communicate better may be a great idea this week. Are you communicating in a way that’s balanced and fair to others? Are others communicating in a way that’s balanced and fair to you? Mercury is also going retro in your house of career and public standing, so you may want to double- and triple-check your work, and be conscious about what you’re putting out into the world at this time. Backing up your work or staying away from buying technology at this time may also be a good idea. If you can get by with what you’ve got for a few more weeks, I would recommend it!

Virgo: The full Moon in Libra will illuminate your house of self-worth, possessions and finances, so big things might be shifting or moving with these topics, and you may have some really balanced and beautiful energy to review these topics in a way that’s healing and helpful for you. This is a great time to set intentions around money or even balancing your budget. Mercury retro will be hitting your house of travel, expansion and inspiration. If you’re making travel arrangements this week or traveling, I would suggest you may want to triple-check your details and comb through your itinerary and documents so that you can move smoothly and with ease. You also might feel in a funk when it comes to music, art or film, but the universe may just be nudging you to dig deeper to find things that bring you inspiration. You may want to use this time to find things that are new, especially if you fall into a rut when it comes to consuming art or reading.

Libra: The full Moon falls in your sign this week, and this may bring you a huge boost of calm, confidence or energy! If things have been going weird for you, this full Moon may come as a climax, or an unveiling of truth. If things have been relatively chill, you may expect that chill to continue, just in an amplified way. Mercury is retrograde in in your house of debt, sex and transformation, so you may feel some energy shift in these areas or you could feel like things are off or not going your way. Make sure you get payment confirmations for credit cards or other transactions, and keep an eye on your credit spending in general. You also could take this as an opportunity to review your sexual life and see if you’re getting the most pleasure out of it. This is a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with what pleasure and sexuality mean to you and how you can best build a solid foundation for these things in your life.

Scorpio: This full Moon in Libra will have you blissed out and feeling the lunar vibes deep in your subconscious. This may be a great week to fall into a journaling, meditation, movement or therapy practice. Doing ritual to help clean and clear out your subconscious of old wounds and traumas may be especially powerful this Monday evening during the full Moon. Mercury is going retro in your house of one-on-one relationships, but there’s no need to hit the panic button, Scorpio. You may just want to take extra time and space to review your relationships and make sure you’re getting what you want and need. Don’t forget to review them from the other person’s POV as well. Are you giving your lover or partner or BFF what they want, or what you think they want?

Sagittarius: This full Moon in Libra is shining its balanced and intellectual light on your friendships, social circles and community, Sagittarius. This is a great time to go out there and have fun with your friends, to connect on a soul level and share some good times, or support your community. Enjoy, indulge and spread love and gratitude, and encourage people to do the same — just by your presence. Mercury is retrograde in your house of daily habits, routines and day jobs. You may want to triple-check your work and projects in your daily job and work life. Also, this is a great opportunity for you to play with your daily habits and switch things up a bit. Have you been getting bored recently by doing some of the same old stuff? It might be time to find something new to do, and there might be lots of opportunities to level up your inner nourishment and movement routines as well. Do what makes you happy!

Capricorn: This full Moon is throwing some major illumination on your career, Capricorn, a subject which you love to luminate about! You’re the hardest-working sign of the zodiac, and this full Moon in Libra might bring up new opportunities around your career or projects; you may find some new insight into your career path. You may want to focus on your work and put some extra time in there now, because Mercury is retrograde in the house that rules your fun and romance. The universe may be asking you to pull yourself away from the flirty fray right now, turn inward and reflect on what you actually want. What do you consider fun in your life? How can you manifest that? What do you want out of dating or romance? How can you work on getting closer to that? These are all questions you may want to consider over the next couple of weeks.

Aquarius: The full Moon in Libra is gracing your expansion, Aquarius, and you may want to re-inspire yourself via art, music, movies or travel. This is a great time to bathe in things you love — art books, cinema or your favorite beach or mountain excursion. You may even find that just getting out of town for a day may be very healing, and might re-ignite some fire and passion for you. If day tripping or traveling is out of the question, you may want to get lost in things that inspire you, like reading your fave books or going to a museum. Mercury is retro in your home sector, so you may want to be careful if you’re looking for a new place, roommates or signing a lease. This may also be a great time to revisit what you want vs. what you don’t want when it comes to your home. Last bit of advice: maybe now is not the time to buy a big-ticket item for your home, especially if it’s a technology product!

Pisces: Transformation is here, Pisces! The full Moon in balanced Libra may ignite a spark or stoke the fire of positive transformation in your life, and all you have to do is nurture that flame and allow it to grow. You’re going through some changes and it’s time let the old you — the past dramas, traumas, hurts and patterns — burn in the glorious new flame that is who you are becoming! Pro tip: when in doubt, journal it out this week. Mercury is retrograde in your third house of communications. The universe may be asking you to reconsider how and why you communicate with others and how others communicate with you. Are you putting out into the world an authentic version of who you really are? You may want to sit with these ideas and expand how you talk, text and write to accommodate this new, growing and glorious version of yourself that you are becoming.


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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