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Venus retrograde

Venus will be retrograde this time in Aries, making us particularly restless, quick-tempered and hasty. We may be want to explore where the “grass is greener.”

Venus, the planet that astrologically rules love, beauty and money, will be retrograde until April 15. What does this mean for us and our partners, lovers and paychecks? The Mystical Sister is here to help you break it down!

First, when a planet is retrograde, it means the planet is appearing to move backwards in the solar system — just like how the cars you pass on the highway look like they’re going backwards. The natural energy of the planet is disrupted during a retrograde, and the natural energetic course the planet usually “likes” to take is thrown off.

Mercury retrograde is a great example. Mercury rules communications, and things involving communications can become disrupted during a Mercury retrograde. That’s why our laptops, phones and other electronics are more vulnerable to crapping out during this time. Also, during Mercury retrograde it can be difficult to “find the right words,” or you may find nothing is coming out right when you’re trying to text, talk or email.

We can apply the same basic idea to Venus retrograde. When Venus is retrograde, anything that Venus rules or represents can become vulnerable. Our normal Venus flow may be subject to change. Venus will be retrograding this time in Aries, making us particularly restless, quick-tempered and hasty. We may be seeking changes, wanting to explore where the “grass is greener,” or may just want to dive into a situation we haven’t checked out 100 percent yet.

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Venus also doesn’t feel ultra comfortable in Aries. In, fact Venus is what astrologers call “in detriment” in Aries, which means she is not operating at her full power or prowess. Venus loves to be in pleasure-oriented Taurus or balanced Libra, but fiery and impulsive Aries? Not so much. That means that Venus-fueled things like pleasure, sensuality, self-love, art, romance, money, beauty, luxury and all things femme can feel more challenging. Before you panic, it’s important to realize the universe is trying to get you to step back and learn some lessons before continuing. Slowing down and utilizing what you’ve learned in the past — especially in regard to love, self-love and money — will be great tools for getting you through this time.

During Venus retrograde, interpersonal relationships may be directly affected. If you’re finding that all of a sudden you’re fighting with your sweetie — or finding them less attractive out of nowhere — it could be due to the Venus retrograde. Often times, during this period, we may feel as if a switch has flipped and our partners are no longer pleasing to us. Venus in retrograde may be trying to get us to break away from our boo for the moment and do some strong inner work on ourselves. It’s a good time to review and revise who we are and what we want. Is your sweetie really giving you what you want and need? Or are you left feeling hungry for more for a real reason?

Likewise, our social groups may have drama at this time. People may break away from groups or form new ones. Arguments may arise and it’s a good time to sit things out, rather than play peacemaker. It’s a time to reflect on your values and what you want out of your friendship dynamics. Are your social groups giving you what you really need? Just like Mercury retrograde, it’s a time that good for reflection, not action. When in doubt, sit it out.

If you are in a brand-spankin’-new relationship, it may be difficult to get a full commitment out of your lover until around or after April 15 — or as far off as early May. Venus will not be fully out of her shadow until that time. Conversely, you could make a commitment to someone during Venus retrograde and wish you hadn’t once Venus goes direct! You may want to be mindful of looking before you leap at this time, especially if you don’t like to be tied down. Another interesting feature about this retro is that you could meet someone during this period, and it could seem really hot and on, only to dramatically fizzle or fall apart after Venus has gone direct.. You could meet an old soulmate from a past life or someone that you were truly fated to meet at this time as well!

Old lovers or exes may come out of the woodwork, looking to resolve old karma or reignite the old flame. Be very careful about letting people from the past back in, even if it’s just for dinner (or, even worse) drinks. Instead, use the fiery energy of the transit to close the door forever on some folks, or use the opportunity to resolve old disputes with lovers and friends without making yourself too accessible. We have crossed many spiritual bridges this past year, and a lot of folks may not be operating on the same energetic plane anymore. While it’s definitely time to forgive, it is not time to forget. If you’ve been feeling really called to reach out to friends or family members to resolve issues, however, this could be a fantastic time for make-ups as much as it is for break-ups.

Lastly, it’s always a big astrological no-no to get married under Venus retrograde, or to get any kind of surgery for cosmetic reasons. Looking through old photos and putting together a photo album can be an awesome way to work with the energy. Re-doing your resume or wardrobe can be useful as well! Vintage clothes shopping is extra fun under this transit — you could find some hidden treasures! Record shopping or antiquing at this time may also yield fabulous results. Happy hunting, and remember, when in doubt, sit it out!


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The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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