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Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for Feminists.

The big news this week is a very special new Moon in Libra on Friday! New Moons are always an excellent time for new beginnings, whether they be professional, personal or self-reflective. Marking a new Moon with an intention — a vow to yourself or others — can be particularly potent and amplify energies and opportunities.

This new Moon is particularly powerful, as we we get an added boost from Jupiter, which is also in Libra and conjunct this new Moon. This can really be a great time to set new beginnings and intentions! You might use the beginning of the week to go over what you’ve learned from the past eclipses, to recalibrate your life and decisions. Read your individual horoscope for more.


Aries: The new Moon falls in your seventh house of one-on-one relationships this Friday, Aries. If you’ve been on the fence in regard to specific relationships, this could be a proactive turning point for you. Whether you decide to leave or re-commit, if you go with your heart you may be extremely supported and your life may manifest changes faster in the next 28 days than you would normally expect. On a less severe note, If things may have been frazzled in your relationships — but not leaving you with any real major choices — you might see happier times and more a positive flow in the upcoming month. If you are feeling strongly independent and not in any sort of close relations, whether romantic or in friendships, you could set intentions around cooperation and sharing with those around you, including your community.

Taurus: This new Moon on Friday can help bring balance and energy into your daily routines. If you’ve been feeling bored, or like things have been unhealthy, monotonous or stressed, this new Moon can be a powerful moment to make a change toward the positive. This could include getting up earlier in the morning so you can gently ease into your day, or upping up the quality of your food and nutrition, or maybe booking some solo time for you to just sit, journal or stare out the window. It could also mean splurging on yourself and budgeting time and money to go to spa days, shopping or splurging on books or home goods. It could also be about making time to just sit and be in your home and relax. Whatever needs to be re-calibrated in your day-to-day, you should have an immense amount of energy supporting you to make those changes this week.

Gemini: The new Moon on Friday will fall into your fifth house of fun, so if you feel like you’ve been stifled lately, this week you could finally get a reprieve! The new Moon conjunct Jupiter in Libra could bring you a lot of opportunities to reconnect with loved ones, friends, family, lovers, community, etc. It could also bring opportunities for meeting new people and networking. If you’re looking to find a partner, this new Moon could bring plenty of opportunities to find someone. You may have surprising encounters, successful first dates or meet-ups, especially if you are willing to just go with the flow and have fun. Not adding pressure to whatever you set up may help create a more fertile space to just see what happens and live for the moment, as long as you make sure you feel comfortable and safe.

Cancer: If you’ve been looking to relocate, move or upgrade your home, this may be the prime time to do so, Cancer! The new Moon conjunct Jupiter in Libra will provide ample opportunities to bring fresh verve and vibe to your lair. The more creative you can get with implementing changes, the better. Or maybe you’ve had some pretty solid plans put together but you just haven’t had the time or resources to implement them. The lunar energy may allow the opportunity to finally make those changes! Even if you don’t have what you need upfront, on the new Moon this Friday to just go ahead and start, simply setting an intention to manifest those changes over the next lunar cycle may give you what you need to make it happen! If you’re willing to stay open and flexible about what’s possible, you may see lots of occasions and/or resources coming your way that can help.

Leo: The new Moon this Friday will be in Libra, conjunct Jupiter, which may feel to you like it’s expanding the power of your voice. This can be an extremely powerful time to set intentions to be heard more, to communicate more clearly and to use the power that you know have within to speak, write and interact with the world. You may feel a sudden burst of energy in this direction, or need to start something symbolic of your communication, like a blog or newsletter. You may also feel the need to be more active in your communication in your relationships, especially if you feel like communication isn’t balanced. You could have the opportunity to re-balance them and figure out something that really feels good for you, where you feel heard.

Virgo: This Friday, the new Moon conjunct Jupiter in Libra could bring you surprisingly positive developments around how you make money and the flow of your financial resources. This could also be a powerful time to do work with personal abundance. Often times we are our own worst blockers for being able to bring abundance into our own lives. Sometimes we need to heal old wounds and come to terms with ideas that we no longer need so that we can make room. The new Moon might work really well paired with setting intentions and goals and creating action and movement around your identity and ultimate goals with money. Even something as simple as lighting a candle and writing down some thoughts or ideas can be really influential. You might want to take some time Saturday to focus on and work with these ideas and feel the ability to create a new horizon for yourself.

Libra: This week could present a stunning chance to re-energize your personal identity and sense of self. It’s prime time for a Libra re-birth moment, and if you’ve been feeling a re-invent coming on, this Friday could be a great day to fully manifest it, or at least decide that you’re going to deploy a new, fresh version of you. There’s nothing wrong with integrating lessons (especially lessons you’ve learned over the summer and with the last set of eclipses) and using what you’ve learned to calibrate and reposition yourself that you’re feeling more whole, more like who you really are. This weekend gives you the opportunity to participate in your own rebirth and to realize that you have everything you need around you to live the life you want to live.

Scorpio: This weekend might give you a powerful jolt in regards to everything super woo-woo, spiritual, holistic or hidden in the recesses of your psyche. You might feel a strong need or desire to get in touch with the parts of yourself that are often submerged, or you may feel the need to create new outlets for yourself, to allow for the flow of new energy into deep places in your psyche. This time may bring old memories to light that you have wanted to forget. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. There are options for affordable care, and it may be worth having the support of a counselor or therapist as you bravely confront the shadow parts of yourself that are asking to be integrated.

Sagittarius: This new Moon may bring a powerful new and exciting jolt to your friendships, your social circles and your sense of community at large. If you’ve had wishes, dreams or ideas in regard to friendship and what’s possible in your community orientation, you have a powerful moment this Friday to cast some very capable intentions around making those dreams and ideas come true. Lots of opportunities may arise in the coming lunar cycle and beyond that allow you to meet wonderful new people who can get you closer to connecting to the people who can support you in being the absolute most powerful version of yourself. You may be starting to sense that you are, in fact, a leader — and you have to connect before you can lead. You may want to watch for the signs and follow your heart this weekend, and be open to new and interesting surprises involving your social life.

Capricorn: This weekend the new Moon conjunct Jupiter in Libra may bring all kinds of opportunities around your career and public standing, and whatever projects you’ve been working on or planning to launch. If you’ve had work that you’ve been trying to get off the ground, or if you’ve felt stuck or are back-pedaling due to nonstop administrative details or miscommunications, this weekend may be the moment when the tide turns — and turns in your favor. Remember to stay grounded (I know you will, Capricorn!) and dream even bigger than you’re dreaming now.

Aquarius: This new Moon conjunct Jupiter in Libra may bring lots of amazing opportunities to learn, along with some travel, Aquarius. This weekend marks the beginning — a sacred date, if you will — that allows you to set intentions for the next lunar cycle and really the whole year. You may not feel the changes this weekend, but you do have the opportunity to set a powerful intention around what learning, expansion and travel really mean to you and how they can play a potent part of forming the new vision of who you want to be and are becoming. You may want to dream even bigger than you normally do and allow yourself some energy to flow to you, just for you. Learning, education and travel can be “me”-oriented experiences, and you may want to devote some time to yourself so you can make the most of this energy.

Pisces: This new Moon conjunct Jupiter in Libra could give you some really potent energy around personal transformation to work with and use as a catalyst to bring yourself to more balance and abundance. You’ve gone through some changes this year, and as the energy rises, you may be able to start to see what really makes you happy and feel alive and fresh. You have some truly unique and powerful gifts to provide the world, and the ability to really be a proactive marker for changes. However, you won’t be able to do that properly without being solid with yourself first. This Friday you may want to set some intentions around creating the you you know you want to be and making the changes you need to do so. You’re already doing it — just keep going!


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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