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Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for Feminists.

The big news this week is a new Moon in Scorpio on Halloween Eve (Sunday) at 10:38 a.m. This is a great Moon to do a ritual with, even if it’s a ritual cleansing, bath or journal session. If you identify as a Witch and feel called to do something extra special, that could be an appropriate feeling as well!


Aries: If things have been feeling weird for you lately, Aries, I wouldn’t be surprised. You have some changes and shifts happening, and this New Moon could bring about a burst of transformative energy. I feel as if this will be an awakening, a shifting and a rebirth, much like a caterpillar emerging from the chrysalis as a butterfly. You may want to keep grinding, hustling and driving through whatever you’re going through, as long as the end goal is safe and toxin-free for mind and body. Accept the shake-ups and break-ups and keep your eye on the ultimate prize: your happiness.

Taurus: Feeling the earth shake up a bit in regards to romance, partnerships or friendships? Feeling the push and pull between wanting to go or wanting to stay? It’s OK! Take a breath. All will be revealed in time. For right now, your job is to stay fluid and open to the possibilities around you, accepting that you may have to (or want to) leave home to find them. Before you bail on anyone, you might want to make sure you ask yourself how best to compromise. The more open in communications you can be around what you want, the better. You may want to book that flight, but also make sure your best peeps know you’re not waving goodbye forever just because you want to go right now.

Gemini: By now you may seeing a very resonant connection between what makes you happy on a daily basis and what does not. The zodiac may be showing you how you can vastly innovate your everyday life and work flows with simple yet effective tweaks to your daily routines. Maybe it’s waking up to the ocean waves or a favorite song instead of a buzzing. Maybe it’s putting electronics away an hour before bed. It could be binaural beats, body positive massage, better quality teas or foods, journaling, reading on the subway in lieu of being zapped by the internet, shutting down the news or avoiding people that make you unhappy. Smiling at strangers could be a possibility, getting up earlier or going to bed later. Maybe it’s one or all of these things, or just simply seeing that now could be the perfect time of year to implement new strategies to create a better life.

Cancer: If you are single and looking to meet someone, now could be a prime time of the year to get out there and find the like-minded folks you want to be around, and perhaps open a gateway of new expansion in personal and romantic realms. The more you get out there in ways that make you feel safe, confident and proud, the more you may see opportunities to find crushes, sparks of interest or just plain fun out in the world. It is not always easy to break out of the shell that as a Cancer you may naturally wrap yourself in, and it takes a ton of self-love and self nurturing. You may want to find time to do the things you need to do to feel confident enough to step out into the spotlight and show the world who you are and what you’re looking for!

Leo: Leo as much as you may love to get out there and do all of the things, this week and the next may find you sticking close to your home or neighborhood and discovering all the joys that are right in your own backyard. You may not need to go very far to find the fun and stimulus you may need to get your day going. This may bring up some feelings related to your deep roots and some past hurts in regard to what you call or think of as home, and that’s OK. You may find that now is the perfect time to transmute the past and reclaim what you need as a home in your life. You’re in charge and you should feel safe, loved and nurtured, even if it’s just by yourself.

Virgo: You may feel like this week (particularly after the weekend) and into next week, people are actually starting to listen to you, Virgo. And by listen, I mean people are really finding the value in what you’ve been saying all along. This could be a huge relief, or just prompt you to have some fun with your communication strategies and try something new! In fact, getting as weird as possible may be something you want to try out, as it could be very beneficial right now to dig deep and let the inner weirdo or freak out. Your skills and attention to details are unparalleled, and you’re needed in the world, but you may often times feel wound up, up tight or about to blow. Getting wacky with yourself this week and next may could be the lifeboat you need to reach calmer and less stressed seas! Can you find your will to be weird?

Libra: Your money and your home are connected, Libra, and you may want to face facts: the sooner you realize you need a sacred home that’s filled with loving sanctity and comfy blankets and towels, the sooner you’ll find the motivation to get it. You may want to exit the “chicken or the egg” mentality in regard to money and home, and just get out there and hustle until you score the pad you desire. The better your home is, the easier money may flow, and the easier the money flow, the nicer the house. You may want to turn negative thinking into positive thinking this week with a house-witching ritual to score your dream home and life.

Scorpio: If you feel like you’ve been on fire, Scorpio, then this Sunday might be your breakthrough! If you’re inclined to be witchy, you may want to suit up for your most potent of spells, because with this astrology, anything is possible if you put your mind to it. While you may not exactly see money flowing like a water fountain, what you are seeing are new ways of communicating that eventually might land you the cash flow you desire. Pay attention to those little details and feel free to experiment with the stuff that might feel the most “out there,” because it could prove to be the most profitable. You may want to just be mindful of what and who you call fun: is it toxic or is it nourishing?

Sagittarius: You may need to go really deep in your own psyche to find the solace you crave, Sagittarius. You may not want to fear the dark side of yourself, or anything for that matter, especially this upcoming week and weekend. You may want to hold precious space for whatever is stirring inside of you, whatever new seeds are being sown and whatever old structures are being taken down. You may want to keep an tabs on your home life and let go of whatever family bonds may no longer serve you. Keeping toxic family members at a proper boundary, and focusing more on allowing your true self safe space may get you where you want to be, not only as a person but with how you bring in money as well.

Capricorn: You may be the voice of calm in the craziness, the light in the darkness for a lot of your friends and community at large this spooky season, Capricorn. You may want to allow yourself the gentle confidence to know that you can heal, soothe and salve, sometimes without even knowing or trying, and just your very presence, your light shining, is enough to make those around you feel better. If you choose to practice this and want to have some fun with it, it very well may become a new and treasured part of you as you move toward becoming a better, more upgraded sense of yourself. Don’t forget that you are important — and awesome, to boot.

Aquarius: This new Moon may find you feeling sudden inspirations around your work, career and/or side hustle. If you feel inspired to change, edit, create, revamp and renew, you may be in for a real treat when you see how receptive other folks are. This new Moon on Sunday could very well be your starting point for finally getting the adoration, love and attention of the public. People may finally be ready for your wild and highly innovative ideas. You may be going through intense emotions while this is happening, but you can choose to not let that frighten you. Like Allen Ginsberg once said, “keep your queer shoulder to the wheel” and don’t let anyone or anything stop you.

Pisces: The travel bug might be biting you pretty hard, especially after this weekend’s new Moon, so if you’re feeling the urge to splurge on a plane ticket, you may want to obey and get the heck out of Dodge for a bit. Have you been feeling like getting out there and seeing what the world has to offer? If you aren’t thinking or feeling travel, maybe it’s books, books and more books. A renaissance of learning and expansions within your Piscean mind may be brewing, and you may want to budget some funds toward classes, informative day trips or just the written word. Opportunities around travel and learning may be golden at this time — consider taking them!


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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