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Astrology for Feminists.

The big news this week is the beautiful new Moon in Cancer, which happened very early Monday morning, probably while most of us were still asleep! Don’t worry though — you have about three full days to reap the energy of this fantastic New Moon and work on your lunar rituals, intention setting, new Moon journaling or any other practice that guides and grounds you.

The new Moon is always an energetic and auspicious time, bringing with it movement for new ways of being, new feelings, new projects, new friendship and other possibilities we can envision on the horizon. Cancer is a sign that reminds us to circle back to the center of our femininity, whatever that may mean for us. This new Moon beckons us to be our own mothers, and to re-parent our inner child by creating and sustaining safe places for ourselves (as well as compassionate self-talk).

This new Moon reminds us all that we need practical and gentle nurturing in our lives — and this nurturing starts with us, internally. From salt baths with lavender to tea and blankets, coloring books or creative journaling, how do you want to show up for yourself to honor this powerful lunation?


Aries: You have so much happening in the section of your chart that highlights home and family. The new Moon, Venus, Mercury and the Sun are all in the area, really spotlighting your ability to host friends and family, have romantic and inspiring evenings in your home, as well as possibly finally finding roommates that make sense or answers to otherwise funky questions lingering around your house or family. Make powerful use of this energy by staying close to home and finding what you need to be happy and comfortable in that setting. Now is the time to make upgrades to your space, or even just clean or rearrange things so that it feels more comfortable. Make the extra effort this week and you will reap the results. Plan in-home dates and meetups and make extra time for yourself in your home this week, Aries. You deserve it.

Taurus: Your inbox should be flooded and hot gossip could potentially be coming your way this week, Taurus. Your communications sector is crowded with Mercury, the Sun, Venus and this new Moon. However, with Mars is still hanging in Scorpio in your relationship sector, you might be wise to use this influx of energy to see how you repair and sustain the relationships you feel are worth hanging onto. Has it been possible you’ve been a little erratic or unforgiving in the past few weeks? This would be a good week to look at how you communicate — and, more importantly, WHY you communicate — and see if your communication style is coming from a place of compassion, understanding and need for respect and positive exchange. If love is not at the root of “how you say it,” how can you better get in touch with yourself to step back and say it kindly, when you really just wanna cut super deep?

Gemini: This new Moon is all about how you feel about your self worth, Gemini. The stars have really been pushing for you to broaden the horizon on how you feel about yourself and how that relates to how you make money. This new Moon is the perfect time for new beginnings. This is a great time for you to brainstorm what you really want out of your career and begin networking with the people you want to find. This also a brilliant time to reach out for or to a mentor or an old boss or colleague that could help you. Reflect on your self-worth, but also go after any opportunities arising for you right now! If you feel like something this week could help you in your career, self or professional development, then go for it! Even if it’s something small, you don’t know where it could lead.

Cancer: You have so much happening for you this week, Cancer! A new Moon in your sign, the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all lined up in your first house of the self this week! It is a beautiful time to do all the things you love and that make you feel good. You are a creature of the Moon, and you will feel all of the powerful vibrations this week brings. Set time aside for yourself to relax, unwind and feel comfortable. You want to be in a happy special place if you feel intensity or anything come up for you. Mars is still lurking in your romance sector at an intense aspect, so I don’t see a lot of social engagements or parties for you this birthday season. I see this season more as a return to you, return to the self and the things that you need to make you feel good. Think birthday massage or spa day over drinks and dinner. Don’t be afraid to put yourself first, Cancer, and bask in the self-care and nurturing practices you know you need. Saturn in your sixth house is screaming for you to create and sustain new ideals in this territory, and your birthday is a perfect time to start!

Leo: Do you feel like your head’s a bit in the clouds? Or like you’ve been having some off-the-charts creative ideas or electrical impulses pumping through your neurons? Well, you have some serious action, including Venus, the Sun, Mercury and this brilliant new Moon shining a light on your subconscious, spirituality, creative visualizations and all things esoteric that the twelfth house represents. Give into those wild fantasies, creative urges, and the need for yoga and/or meditation and dream journaling. Any or all of these practices will get you really far to where you wanna be! These are great and powerful days to meditate, and discover the root of what all these brilliant ideas and flashes of light represent. What is changing in your soul universe and what is your spirit trying to say? Once you figure this out you will know where to proceed best in all those sticky situations in other areas of your life.

Virgo: You have some powerful movement and action happening in your eleventh house of community and friendships. You are in a powerful position to be a mentor, partner or inspiration in your community, and this week is your time to shine! You know you have the details right, and you know what you want to say and how you want to say it. This week the new Moon shines a glorious spotlight on you and how you can be a strong and viable source, and just how important your voice really is. It’s time to really start believe in yourself, and to not be afraid to speak up — because when you do, all eyes will be on you and people will actually listen! Just make sure you don’t neglect your home and family in the process. Be careful to make time for them and integrate them into what you love and what you do.

Libra: You have some brilliant career stars this week, and Libra, let me tell you — it looks like anything can happen! Whether it’s looking for a new job or gig, headlining a project, looking for a promotion or finally doing the work to get your own business off the ground, you have the power to make things work in your favor this week. Book as many interviews, meetings, meetups, networking events, fundraisers, social media blasts or website upgrades as you can handle, because this week is an auspicious time for all those and more. Whatever you want to make happen you totally can — as long as you make sure that you are communicating properly! You must dot your i’s and cross your t’s, both literally and figuratively, this week for optimum results. Have proper balance, grammar and “posture” in your communiques — make sure you are clear and direct but also including all ages, genders, races and sexes. Be mindful as you branch out and start to taste what superstar status feels like in your career.

Scorpio: It is time for you to really connect with your higher purpose this week, Scorpio. You have the ability to soak in some serious knowledge, or enter into some kind of practice that will keep you studying and learning in what you love or feel called to do and or learn about. This is a highly auspicious time to being a workshop series, look at graduate programs, certifications, licenses or even just going back to get your GED or associate’s degree. You can make powerful choices with your knowledge, and right now you have the motivation and energy to really push through any blocks and get to where you need to be with your learning and development. Higher learning is important to you, and this week you can begin a journey that will last you a lifetime if you are willing to take the plunge.

Sagittarius: You have some powerful stars helping you transform, heal and deal with your intimate life in a healthier way. You could be having many “a-ha” moments this week around who you really are and how that affects your sexual being, choices and ideas. Be super compassionate and gentle with yourself around all these ideas. You are going through some massive changes, and it’s OK to change sexual identity as well. Be open to new ideas, and create a safe space for yourself as you explore new possibilities. Use this new Moon to journal out what you want (and don’t), and what your true feelings are. Don’t be afraid to shed old conditioning from past family, lovers or friends. This life is about you and what you want, as long as you are treating others with respect.

Capricorn: Your seventh house of relationships is lit up with Mercury (planet of communication), Venus (planet of love), the Sun and the New Moon this week! If you have been planning on making a move for someone, bringing something to the next level or just wanting to become connected with friends more, this is your week to strike. The stars are screaming for you to date if you are single, and you will have a much higher chance of finding that special someone out there if you do. If you are paired up this should be a sweet week for the both of you — you will communicate in harmony feel more romantic. Doing a new Moon ritual around the kind of relationships you want in your life today or tomorrow would be a powerful move. If you’re already blessed with that, you can asked for sustained love and clarity and show thankfulness for the love already in your life. Today would be a fabulous day to acknowledge these ideas and put some intentions forward.

Aquarius: Your daily lifestyle and routines are highlighted so much this week, Aquarius, so please don’t ignore them! You have done so much work over the past few months discovering and creating positive routines for yourself, and this week the stars are really asking you to show up for yourself and put them together. You need proper nutrition, hydration, rest and alone time to thrive and be you, and often times (as the sign of friendship), you put others first or are too busy socializing to take care of yourself. Lately you’ve been feeling like that hasn’t been working so much — so please make sure you put the time in for the exercise, sleep, food and water that you need! Maybe you’re taking it a step further and employing yoga, binaural beats, superfood smoothies and crystals by your bed to get to where you feel really comfortable with your daily life, and that’s totally fine. The more innovative you get the better! You know what you need; now you just need to do it.

Pisces: You have some beautiful romance stars this week, Pisces! You have so many planets, including Venus, Mercury, the Sun and the new Moon cruising through the sector of your chart that celebrates fun and romance. Use this week wiseley to be out and about and with the people you love for maximum results! Celebrate your Cancer friends and loved ones and help them have a great birthday season. Just be mindful that Saturn is still nested in your tenth house of Career, making things difficult and hard at the office. Don’t party the week away forgetting your due diligence and responsibilities at your day job, because those effects will likely come down on you a lot harder than they normally would. This is not the time to show up for work not rested, hydrated or hung over. Have fun, but take care of yourself as well for best results.


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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