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Astrology for Feminists.

It is still officially Aries season this week. The sun is still pulsing away under the cosmic rhythms of Mars, the official planet of Aries. This is a really great time, no matter what sign you are, to channel the essence of the ram! Use this powerful energy to make moves and propel yourself forward. Aries are bold warriors, fearlessly leading themselves and others into battle for what is right. It is a great inspiration for energetic movement and confidence.

Mercury is still in Taurus and will be until June 12, so keep those writing and communication projects flowing! Like I mentioned last week, this remains a really fabulous time to journal, write, connect, communicate and find or create community. Mercury in sync with Taurus provides a fertile and stable structure for all things Mercury, which is the patron planet of communication. I hate to say this, but these are favorable conditions to get your taxes done efficiently, LOL.

Taxes aside, the moon is moving several times this week; be on high alert for how you and other people feel this week. Remember to stay fluid.


Aries: The sun is still in your sign! Enjoy the momentum and keep going with anything you may have started with the powerful new moon in your sign last week! Anything you started recently has extra oopmh and power to it and will likely succeed. Keep tending the garden of last week’s event and see your work come to fruition around early May.

Taurus: Keep writing and working on communication. This is a great time to keep that journal going, to keep anything involving communications going or to start a communication-based project. This magic lasts until June 12, so use this time wisely! You will have a lot of extra help with emails, texts, major projects etc. until then. April 12 to 14 is good for romance, bringing you a boost of self-confidence that will help you make extra-groovy small talk.

Gemini: Mercury is sextile Neptune this week! That means this is a great week to get together with friends and listen to music, attend or start a book club, or do yoga, tarot or another sacred practice together! Be careful you keep this starry alignment in a higher vibration, though; it might be tempting to drink too much wine and keep your friends on the phone or out at a club. If you choose to drink, make sure you do what’s healthy for you and your body. Maximize the energy by getting creative with like-minded folks around you!

Cancer: The moon is in your sign this week! What I wrote above in the general horoscope is extra pertinent to you! Clean and nourish your home, yourself and everything around you. Set intentions around your emotional energies on Tuesday. What do you want more of in your life? What makes you feel bad? What makes you feel good? Focus on your feelings and create a sacred space for yourself. Set your intention and watch it blossom more powerfully than you can imagine.

Leo: This week the stars are asking you to look back into your past and change something that is hanging on. You will have to get up and face some challenges around the past and make positive changes to integrate a new form of self into your future life. If you try to retreat from this, it will just wind up coming back into your reality, so use this time to work with the planetary energies and fix something from your past that needs to be let go or changed.

Virgo: The moon is in your sign this weekend! Virgos flourish in this kind of astrological weather. Use this time to just “do you” extra hard this weekend. It’s OK to overindulge in the things you love this weekend — just go for it, as long as you are taking expert care of yourself. With Venus and Mercury (your ruling planet) happily synced this week, it should be a great week for you in romance and friendship as well.

Scorpio: Venus trines Mars, your ruling planet, this week! These are great stars for romance, socializing and even finances. You should find the latter half of the week going smoothly for you. Starting Thursday and into the weekend, this would be an ideal time to go out into your community and meet new people. Set up dates for this weekend, or arrangements to see friends or family. It will go well for you.

Sagittarius: Mercury is in trine with your ruler Jupiter, so communication will go well for you in the latter half of the week. This weekend will be a great time to finally have those conversations you’ve been putting off. If you’ve also been procrastinating re-doing your resume, going to job interviews or seeing friends and family, then this is the weekend to revisit those projects. You will have great luck and good effort around any communication you make, so use the first half of the week to figure out where you can use these energies the best.

Capricorn: This is a quiet week for you. Use this week’s moon energy to lay a strong groundwork for your home space, as well as to organize your personal belongings, finances and anything else that needs to be regrouped. Go on a cleaning spree around your house and vehicle, if you have one, this week. If you have children, this would be a great week to help get them and their rooms organized. You will have fun while you do it!

Aquarius: You’re still riding the crest of the Sun meeting up with Uranus last week. Keep creating new ideas and imagining new vistas for yourself. You’re able to find new modes of expressing yourself this week, but heed these moon cycles and make sure you take time out to nurture yourself and your home this week. Use the weekend to organize your thoughts.

Pisces: Mercury is in positive aspect with your ruler, Jupiter. This is the week when you can begin to expect positive contact with the written word and your social media platforms will start blowing up. We all know how popular Pisces can be! Just make sure you take some time out on Tuesday to cook a nice meal for yourself and take a long relaxing soak. No texting in the bathtub! Use the time to unplug and enjoy yourself — just as much as everyone in the world enjoys you.


The moon will move from talkative and intellectual Gemini into home-oriented Cancer on Tuesday. Cancer is the sign that rules the moon. Under this influence, we ALL can feel especially sensitive. This is the kind of moon where you are hung up on the couch, watching shows on repeat, but you don’t know why.  A better, and more Goddess-oriented way of working this lunar phase would be to honor the moon in some form and use the time for judgment-free self-assessment and self-care in the privacy of your own home. A Cancer moon is a great time to cook a lavish meal that you will serve up for one (yourself) and to take the time to clean and feel comfortable in your own space. Want to step the energies up a notch? Do a ceremony by lighting a candle Tuesday night and setting your intentions for your own home and emotions.

Soak this nourishing home-based energy up while it lasts, because Thursday at around noon Pacific Time, the moon will be moving into Leo! Leo carries a lot of powerful high potency and high vibrational energy with it! This is a great time to reflect on your self-confidence and areas of your life where you can eliminate feeling powerless. Set an intention, write it on a piece of paper and stick it under a beautiful candle while you burn the candle and imagine your manifestations coming true. This is moon magick! As feminists, this is a powerful time to reflect on taking back our power and having the courage to do so.

Finally, the moon moves into Virgo Saturday at around 10:30 p.m. PT. So all day Sunday can be spent organizing your finances (not dull, but empowering, yes?), organizing your closet or kitchen, or going shopping for new books and/or art. Support your local feminist artists, creators and shop owners!


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The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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