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Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for Feminists.

Mars, the planet of asserting our will and anger, will finally go direct this Thursday after being in a particularly intense retrograde for many weeks. It will still stay in the emotionally intensive and transformative sign of Scorpio until August; even though Mars will be direct again, and things may once again seem as if they are moving forward, emotions will still be passionate and intense until August when Mars returns to Sagittarius and the atmosphere transcends from the underworld of our personal psyches into how we can dynamically use our energy to represent who we are.

The next few weeks are still a call to go within and continue to look at what has recently been brought to the surface in your personal and collective consciousness. Keep a viewpoint of non-judgement with yourself and compassion for the things in your life that you want to rebalance and re-align.


Aries: We start the week off with the Moon in your sign, Aries! You will feel particularly strong and ready to nourish yourself with a dose of things that intrigue you or inspire you. These could be revolutionary or “off the beaten track” ideas that lead you to a true soul experience or inspirational flash. Get your inspiration early in the week so that self-esteem and communications flow easily through the rest of this week and weekend. Mars going direct will bring some clarity back into your sex life. It will also help resolve issues around shared finances that have come up the past few weeks.

Taurus: The Moon is in your sign Wednesday and Thursday this week after being in your sensitive 12th house with Uranus on Monday and Tuesday. If you use the Moon’s energies wisely, you will see how to come to reality with some of the more “out there” thoughts and experiences you’ve been having lately. Have you had a situation with your spiritual development, psychic growth or even maybe a frenemy? Now is the time to reassess what’s happened and how you can let go of what is no longer needed so you can move forward.

Gemini: Mars finally moves direct in your sixth house, which affects your daily work/life balance and all your daily routines. Things may have felt particularly uncomfortable the past few weeks, but now you are in a better place to understand what you must need to do on a daily basis to stay happy and healthy. Please don’t discount your motives in these areas.The more you integrate what you’ve taken away from the turmoil or upset you’ve experienced in the past couple of weeks, the better you will do. Remember that when we are hungry, tired and dehydrated you are in no space to communicate your truths! Enjoy the added boost the Moon in your sign will bring this weekend.

Cancer: Mars finally goes direct in your fun and romance sector this Thursday, which will seriously lighten the vibe and bring some fun back into your life! For a few weeks it wasn’t really feeling like summer (more like a damp wet blanket!) but that energy finally shifts this week. The Moon during the first part of the week will be breezing through your career and friendship sector. Your career will benefit from the strength of Aries, allowing you to stand up and speak your truth on the job. Wednesday and Thursday you will be able to find some grounding and clarity around friendships if you tune in to the Moon’s energies and properly align.

Leo: Mars finally goes direct in your fourth house of home and family this week. So if you have been having a hard time finding a new spot, redecorating, getting comfortable or even fighting with family members, you should expect a positive shift on or after Thursday. This retrograde has taught you what you need and what you don’t need in your home life — if it doesn’t bring you joy, throw it away! If you’ve been fighting with family, this would be a good time to reflect on why and allow yourself to drop those negative energies. Do a ritual if need be and ask the Moon to take those pieces you no longer need. Make an offering, light a candle and get in touch with all of your ancestors, not just the ones that bug you.

Virgo: Mars has been retrograde in your communications sector, which may have made you feel like you weren’t heard, or you haven’t been able to properly communicate — especially when  diving deep on those little details. This Thursday as Mars goes direct you will feel a significant change in your ability to speak, write and be heard in your full power and truth. The past few weeks have taught you some invaluable lessons around how you communicate and what you focus on. Now it’s time to implement those lessons. This will come more into play next week, so now would be a great time to review the details.

Libra: Mars retrograde in Scorpio has really had you thinking the past few weeks about who you are and how you represent yourself. It may have felt overwhelming at times, maybe making you feel a bit chaotic or unsure. I promise you, though — if you can use your intuition and the energy of the Moon this Monday and Tuesday to really feel where these lessons have been and what you know you truly need to take away from the past few weeks, then things will get much easier after Thursday, and even better in August. Tune into the Moon and yourself. Do a simple Moon meditation by starting up at its beauty — or at the sky if it’s cloudy, and allow yourself to feel the drama of the past few weeks. How does it feel in your body? How does it feel when you shift energy or forgive yourself or others or let go? Use this as your guiding compass to move forward.

Scorpio: Mars going direct in your first house will feel like a blast of fresh relief! It will feel like the gears have suddenly shifted and you have some traction again. Your interpersonal relationships might be the first to be affected as the Moon in Taurus and then Gemini will grace your seventh house of relationships and your eighth house that rules sex. Be prepared to have a sudden recharge of energy in these areas this Thursday and into the weekend. You will still feel the effects of Mars direct in all areas of your life well into August. Use the next few weeks to integrate the lessons you’ve learned since April to recalibrate who you are, what you want and how you want people to see you.

Sagittarius: You have some potential for a pretty wacky and fun date night Monday and/or Tuesday if you can find the time in your schedule, even if it means something low-key and close to home. You have been hearing some serious underground messages from deep within your psyche the past few weeks, but you haven’t been able to sort them out or even really talk about them. This all changes when Mars goes direct in your 12th house this Thursday. You really do have some powerful notions to contribute to the world, but you need to get a grip on them first before you can bring them to the outside world (you’ll really be feeling this in August) Stay with the present vibes no matter what they are, and without judgement, monitoring them and recording them in your journal.

Capricorn: The past few weeks have been confusing, regarding who you thought your real friends were — even illuminating some secret enemies or frenemies, people you can’t trust, or how you treat other people and how you show your passions and anger. Some deep lessons have been brought to the surface, and this Monday and Tuesday you have a powerful opportunity to meditate on them and put your realizations to proper use. This Thursday things in your social life and community will move forward again, so you need to put in some serious time at home early this week reflecting on opportunities for change. That way, you’ll get the best results starting this Thursday and through August.

Aquarius: You have been going through some serious reevaluation around career and career strategy the past few weeks, Aquarius, and it hasn’t been easy. This Thursday, however, as Mars goes direct in your 10th house of career, your higher purpose begins to gel. If you’ve been working with the Mars retrograde energy and allowing yourself some time to recalibrate and revisit (instead of trying to push things forward), you will find yourself in a place where you are ready to receive momentum from the outside world this Thursday, and really from August onward. The beginning part of this week (ideally Monday and Tuesday) would be a great time to use the Moon’s power to mediate on how and why you communicate, and how that can, does and will affect you in your career.

Pisces: If you’ve been feeling like all you can do is watch Netflix over the past few weeks and you’ve almost forgotten how to pick up a book and read, I don’t blame you, Pisces. With Mars retrograde in your ninth house of learning, it’s been dizzying to even think about reading, workshopping, linking up with webinars or even traveling. This Monday and Tuesday, the lunar energies are encouraging you to think about how you feel about your self-esteem AND how that relates to how and why you make money, so that this Thursday you can begin to feel much better about educating yourself and getting closer to what you truly want to do in life. You will feel ready after Thursday to start getting involved into your own self-education again, so use the Moon to center and meditate on what you really want to know.


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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