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Astrology for Feminists.

Astrology for Feminists.

Happy full Moon AND solstice, readers and seekers! We have quite a lot to talk about this week, with so much incredible symbolism happening in the sky.

Let’s break this down piece by piece, starting with the full Moon. The full Moon is traditionally a time of cleansing and rebirth. We purge negative thoughts, feelings, patterns and habits on the full Moon to make room for something new. This full Moon in Sagittarius is beckoning us to connect with what we no longer need. Specifically, we are being called to let go of ideals, values or thoughts that deter us from living in our truth and leading the way with arrows of justice pointing in the sky. This full Moon is an energetic gateway to higher level of consciousness, but we must first forget learned karmic patterns and negative ways of dealing with ourselves and others before we can proceed.

As we lose the old, the solstice in Gemini beckons in a new vistas of communication, intellectual thought and purpose. We are filled to the brim with energy that is used to create, rather than destroy. This week is POWERFUL. What do you need to let go of — and what do you need to call in? Where can you maximize your energies so that you are giving and receiving the way that feels the best for you, and others and the greatest good of the planet?

This is one of the most potent days of the years to set an intention for yourself and what you want to accomplish this year. What seeds do you want to plant for fall? What seedlings do you want to tend to now for Autumn harvest? This is the time to call in the golden light of the sun and believe that you can do it.


This week’s astrology for feminists:

Aries: This Monday marks the beginning of a new way of communicating to yourself, your friends and family and the entire world. The full Moon has illuminated some deeply needed areas where you need to learn and sharpen your toolkit. As you turn to learning and creating what you KNOW you need to know, your creative and artistic power begins to grow more than you could have ever imagined. The power is in your spoken and written word this year, Aries, and this week the planets are asking you to step up and reach for what you really want.

Taurus: Money has been on your mind recently, and there have been some ups and downs surrounding your finances. This week brings in scorching hot realizations around how you relate to money. It may not all be nice to look at, but the powerful solstice energy is giving you a chance to rebirth your confidence, directly affecting how you feel about earning and having money. Peel away the self-doubt to reveal the manifestation of riches. Confidence equals money for you, Taurus. Work it.

Gemini: Dear Gemini, life is not easy for you, and this late spring and early summer have brought changes and self-intrigue. This week is all about finding a way to really connect your head and your heart. Relationships are not easy, and there are things or people you need to let go of so you can move forward. This could be a person, a relationship or a long-ingrained pattern or belief. Whatever it is, let it go so that you can walk in the truth of who you really are. You need to be you, independent as you are, but you need to learn to be able to give in your relationships.

Cancer: If you haven’t crafted a daily life filled with self nurturing habits by now, Cancer, you need to use the energy this week to do just that. To function at your highest potential you NEED to apply daily, hourly even, self care and self nurturing rituals. Yoga, massage, good quality food, acupuncture, tai chi, meditation, journaling and binaural beats are all great examples of what you need in your life on a daily basis. Use this week to rid yourself of old habits and bring in the new!

Leo: Your romantic life and your community are definitely in the forefront this week, Leo. There is a deep sense of passing out of one era and into the new this week. Taking some time to reflect on what you’re leaving behind will help you have even MORE fun than you’re already having. You are creating lasting structures in your life with your friends and you know that this time, it’s right. Really release what you need to so you can fully step into this brand new world.

Virgo: Your home life and your work life are directly correlated, Virgo, and this week you’re going to have some astounding realizations around what you need at home in order to be happy. This could even be as deep as fixing connections with relatives and family members that have needed addressing. Or it could be as simple as knowing you need to have a garden to thrive or a certain type of bedding. Whatever it is, make adjustments so that you can step into your full power. Big things are brewing for you, Virgo; they have been for weeks. Stay comfortable to move further into the heart of success.

Libra: This week brings you major realizations around subconscious and submerged patterns. This is a powerful opportunity to break through karmic patterns and negative thinking that have prevented you from really being able to communicate who you are. There is some powerful energy stirring in you this week if you are really willing to take a deep, honest look inside. You have the ability to do years’ worth of healing in just a short time, if you really concentrate and dive deeply into how your mind works, and why you think, react and talk the way you do. Utilize books, therapy, mentors or masters this week for maximum results.

Scorpio: The past few weeks have NOT been easy, Scorpio, but please hang in there — the cavalry is coming. This week the planetary energies are asking you to lay down some old ego driven thinking about who you are and how you should be earning money. Your confidence is important to you, but in order to really achieve what you want to achieve, you have to dive extremely deep into your thought patterns, subconscious and conscious minds and create new, healthy thought patterns for yourself. You have the opportunity this week to create new beliefs about what you deserve, and you need to shine a light on some old, outworn and negative thought patterns to step into the next phase of your journey.  

Sagittarius: You are being asked to release some things about how you view yourself, so that you can better relate to your partners in all areas of life, Sagittarius. You are such a powerful sign, but sometimes you lack the confidence you need to be a healthy support for the other people in your life. Get rid of what drags your self-esteem down so you can be the fearless leader that your relationships need. You are a better lover, friend and family member when you feel confident in who you are. Let yourself be rid of negative self-talk and self-analysis. Go for who you really want to be, even if it you think it’s “weird” or “too much” Be you, and your relationships will thank you for it.

Capricorn: This week is the perfect opportunity to connect with your spiritual self and your daily routines, It may not come as a surprise to you that you NEED to do yoga on the beach at sunrise, or listen to binaural beats before bed, or eat vegan or vegetarian to be truly happy, Capricorn. The energy this week is calling you to create daily routines that serve your higher self, in addition to just keeping yourself fed and clothed. Think journaling, yoga, affirmations, meditation, exercise, daily walks outside. You probably already have a good idea what they are, but this week the planets are calling you to integrate these modalities so you can be happy.

Aquarius: You may have lost a lot of friends these past few months or had some major social shifts, Aquarius, but trust — it’s for the best. This week the planets are asking you to key in on who and what brings a sense of fun into your life, and to follow that. This week you will be asked to let go of friends and community that no longer serve you or feel like they are dragging you down, toxic or that just don’t make you feel good. Stick with what DOES make you feel good and spread some extra love to those people while graciously closing the door on the others.

Pisces: Your home life and your career are connected, Pisces, and this week the planets are asking you to let go of stress and false ideals or beliefs you may have about who you are in your professional life. Massive changes are coming. You will have many opportunities to grow professionally in the coming year, but you need to make sure your home and family life is solid before you can continue. This is a simple as reaching out to family or self-created family if you need, or making sure you have the toiletries, bedding, furniture and space you need in order to have a happy home life. If you think about something you wish you had in your house every day, it’s time to buy it. If you feel like you need to move, it’s time to do it.



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The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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