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Fb. In. Tw. Be.


We are officially out of Taurus season, which prompted us to ground ourselves and create a solid foundation. Now, as we move into Gemini, we need to be solid with where our hearts and minds are as the new journey leads us to communicate our true self to the outer world. This week is all about tying the loose ends of yourself that may be frayed and learning compassion for yourself. That way, you can create a safe space for the real you to come back day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute.

As we move forward into Gemini season, we are going to be using a lot more intellectual energy. With Mercury direct again we should expect a lot more positive communication in June and less internal seeking. We need to put the finishing touches on our self-fortress so we can mingle in the community with positivity, healing and love.

Use the waning Moon energy this week to continue to rid yourself of negative habits, speech and thought patterns and old friendships or daily rituals that no longer serve you. We are about to leave a stage of inner reflection and healing and move into a stage of transmission and connection with the outside world.

Good news! Venus also enters Gemini on Tuesday May 24! The Sun and Venus in Gemini together will be auspicious for all relationships. With Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, FINALLY out of retrograde as well we can expect lots of warm intellectual conversations and some genuine fun with other people this month! Get yourself in a positive space this week so you can be open to all forms of love and joy this Gemini season.


Aries: Venus and the Sun will be in your third house of communications this weekend! Really, the energy will start around Wednesday, but the weekend will be its peak. This new energy will be much lighter, compared to what you were dealing with last week and weekend. Expect positive communications on all levels. Solidify yourself and tie up any loose ends at the beginning of the week so you can enjoy yourself from Wednesday on!

Taurus: With Venus and the Sun in your second house of self-worth and finances, you can expect some positive cash flow this week. Using astrology is a practice of working with energies, so you will want to look for ways to maximize opportunities around money and self-worth. Maybe you’ve been wanting to launch a side business or start a hobby that could bring in money for you. Now would be the perfect time to solidify those ideas.

Gemini: There are no two ways about it, Gemini — you are the royal figure this month! With the Sun moving into your sign, your ruler Mercury finally going direct and Venus moving into your sign as well, you are set to have a beautiful, stellar and romantic end of May and early June. Communications should clear up and become more fun and happy. Use Monday to sort through any leftover icky feelings you might have and heal them through self-love and grounding. You love a good journal as well, so don’t be afraid to write your feelings away. Clear any residual issues so that you can enjoy the week and month ahead!

Cancer: It looks like you will be having some interesting and serious transformation around your daily habits routines and rituals. This could include some revision or integration of positive daily rituals, such as yoga or spellwork, reading blogs that keep you connected to causes you care about or even sexuality with a partner. Alternately, if you have been keeping house with negative habits, expect some issues to come to the forefront that will bring what you need to change.

Leo: You will finally start to feel some relief in communications involving your professional life. Now that Mercury is direct but still in Taurus, you can take full advantage of the strong, steady earth energy that surrounds you. The Sun in Gemini will help you with any written or spoken communications as well. The Moon in your opposite sign, Aquarius, over the weekend — in your seventh house — should bring a cool wacky breeze into your partnerships. Don’t be afraid to get a little weird if you want to this weekend!

Virgo: The moon in Aquarius over the weekend will bring a fresh, inventive way for you to deal with your daily habits and routines. Imagine maybe installing a brand new luxury showerhead or an aromatherapy alarm clock. Use this energy to highlight something creative and inventive in your day to day rituals. Early in the week would be a great time to bust out something that makes you feel artistic and creative. Pluto and the Moon in Capricorn in your fifth house scream, “after work art date!”

Libra: With your ruler, Venus, in Gemini, expect some fun, flirtatious movement around relationships this week. You could potentially meet a someone new in a class, workshop or while traveling as well. The Moon will also be in Aquarius over the weekend in your fifth house of romance and fun, which could spell having fun in new and inventive ways. Try going on an offbeat date, party or food spot.

Scorpio: Mars moves into your sign on the 27th, even though it is still retrograde. Mars in Scorpio is much stronger and more powerful in your sign than in Sagittarius. You might be feeling a lot of energy and a lot of emotions. You want to make sure that you rein in any unchecked emotions and be careful to not fly off the handle at people you love. Channel this immense energy to creative and healthy sexual outlets for best results!

Sagittarius: Venus and the Sun are in Gemini and in your seventh house this week! This is beautiful astrology for romantic partnerships. It looks like if you are paired you will find yourself having a lot of romantic talks and fun times. Intellectual stimulation can stir up romantic interests for those that are single as well as those in partnerships. If you are paired, enjoy the company of your partner this week — plan some special things to do. If you are single and looking get out there and date. If you are single and happy being single, pay extra attention to your friendships and treat yourself to a great book.

Capricorn: The Moon will be in your sign Tuesday and Wednesday. Even more interesting, the Moon and Pluto will be conjunct, which gives both planets more power. The Moon rules emotional energies, and Pluto (which is still retrograde) is stirring the pot on our deep emotions. With all this energy happening in your first house, Capricorn, you are bound to have a lot of emotions Wednesday. You will actually start feeling it Tuesday, but it will get more intense as it moves forward. Make sure you take care of yourself, and journal your thoughts and feelings. It will really help.

Aquarius: The Moon is in your sign Thursday, Friday and Saturday! This is a benchmark moment, and warrants some celebration, Aquarius. It has not been an easy week for you, but this foundation building has been so vital to creating a solid structure for your true self. This way, you can be you out where the world needs you most: your community. Continue to focus on what makes you a better person and everything will fall into place

Pisces: The Moon will be in Aquarius, in your twelfth house, this Thursday, Friday and Saturday before it moves into your sign Sunday! Use this time to be innovative, creative and even a bit out there with your subconscious mind. This would be a great time for cinema, art, books or creative therapy that reflects or stimulates the subconscious psyche. Use these tools without judgment to help you find out more about yourself and where you feel you are happiest.


The Mystical Sister is Darla Downing, and is committed to delivering safe horoscopes to women and feminine-of-center identities. The Mystical Sister has identified as a Witch since age 16, and has been practicing the metaphysical arts ever since. She is currently on a mission to spread powerful, fun and transformative healing work to women and feminine-of-center identities through tarot, astrology, yoga and energy work.

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