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Astrology for Cheaters

Astrology for Cheaters

What if you could predict the likelihood of your partner cheating on you? Gleeden, the first site to specialized in extramarital hookups for women, claims to have data that does just that.

Gleeden’s study took data from more than two million of the site’s members to see which zodiac signs were more likely to step out on their partner.

Of the twelve signs, the rebellious and passionate Sagittarius dominated the downlow hookup site at 16 percent. Open-minded notorious thrill-seekers Gemini came in second at 14 percent, with the spontaneous and impulsive Aries a close third at 13 percent.

Based on Gleeden data, the next most frequent users were Aquarians (12 percent), Capricorns (nine per cent) and Cancers (eight per cent). Virgo, Pisces, and Scorpio were among the least likely to use the extramarital hookup site.

But is it bullshit?

While Gleeden has its own unnamed Parisian psychic, we consulted three astrologers: Wear Your Voice’s own Mystical Sister, as well as independent astrologers Renee Dunn and Dirk van Leeuwen. Aside from a life in esoterics, the group also shares separate business backgrounds and know their way around analyzing data.

“The results make sense, but not so much the explanations. The main thing to look at would be how the study itself was conducted, what the sample size was and how the question was framed, but it doesn’t look like this article provides any of that,” van Leeuwen said in regards to the study.

“Sag makes sense, as they tend to be more adventurous than other signs and sexual adventure is certainly something they have a rep for. They also tend to travel more, which often provides more opportunity to cheat,” Dirk van Leeuwen explains. “I would give a similar explanation for Aries. Just being out of the house more creates more opportunity to fool around and the conquest aspect of infidelity certainly can appeal to the Aries approach to life.”

Astrologer van Leeuwen continues, “Geminis and Aquarians tend to be more emotionally aloof, even disconnected from their own feelings and seem like they would be inclined to cheat simply because they’re unsure of how they feel about their primary relationship most of the time, or just don’t think it’s that important.

“Capricorn is interesting, though. It’s either one of two things: career related — not necessarily sleeping your way to the top, but just being workaholic makes you more susceptible to workplace infidelity — or connected to security. Security implies wanting to have a backup in case the primary relationship doesn’t work out.

“Cancer surprises me a bit. My take on Cancer is that the urge for emotional stability leads them to form relationships that are less than ideal themselves. Cancers might be more likely to end up in unhappy relationships they have a hard time getting out of or don’t want to leave because they feel stable, yet are ultimately ungratifying. The cheating arises from difficulty initiating a breakup, even when it’s the obvious thing to do.”

“My top three would have been Sagittarius, Gemini and Pisces,” Dunn explains. “I picked Pisces because they are prone to creating fantasies in their minds. They love seduction and getting lost in a feeling. They are ruled by the planet Neptune, and Neptune’s darker vibes are illusion and delusion. Denial and avoidance. Pisces can also hypnotize themselves in and out of believing anything they want. So this never happened,” she says with a wink.

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What does one do with this information? It’s hard to ignore when you have it. We asked our own astrologer, The Mystical Sister, for her own intuitive advice.

“I feel like this is approaching astrology the wrong way. We shouldn’t make astrology about typecasting people or our own judgements. We should be focused on our own astrology, our own paths. We can use it as a positive tool for self-development and understanding,” The Mystical Sister explains. “This breaks things down merely by sun sign, and the full picture of a person is made up of much, much more than sun signs. One person can be a Sag, which is at the top of the ‘cheater’ pyramid here, but have their rising sign in the very grounded Virgo.”

So, good news for those of you who love Sagittarius. Clearly there is much more to everyone than their darkside and maybe, just maybe, when a site for people who cheat released this kind of information, we shouldn’t take it too seriously.


Laurel Dickman is an intersectional feminist, plus size model, stylist, and fat activist that can also be found via her blogs, Exile In Dietville and 2 Broke Bitches. She grew up in the south between Florida and North Carolina, migrating to the Portland, OR in 2005. All three places inform her perspective of the world around her a great deal. While in Portland, she worked with the Alley 33 Annual Fashion Show, PudgePDX, PDX Fatshion, Plumplandia, and numerous other projects over the near decade that she was there. In August of 2014, she moved to the Bay area with her partner, David and trusty kitty, Dorian Gray. She continues her body positive and intersectional feminism through various forms of activism, fashion, photography projects, and writing from her home in the East Bay. She can be reached at laurel@wyvmag.com and encourages readers to reach out to her to collaborate!

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