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Fb. In. Tw. Be.

If you’re like me and missed out on the Black Weirdo Day Party  at The New Parish this past Sunday and seriously regretting it, you have a chance to redeem yourself this Friday for an all Black frontwoman lineup, also happening at TNP.

 Side Note: The New Perish is seriously best music venue in Oakland-hands down. For various reasons, one being my favorite band, Thievery Corporation hits up this spot on the regular).

The Seshen will be headling the event, with opening acts by  Bells Atlas and Zakiya Harris feat. Elephantine. Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect.

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 The Seshen

K.I.T: Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Music
Sound: electronic/psychadelic/hip-hop/pop/R&B/world/dub/indie rock

Bio: The Seshen is a seven piece band comprising of Lalin St. Juste  (Vocals), Akasha Orr  (Vocals), Aki Ehara (Bass), Mahesh Roa  (Keys), Kumar Butler (Samples), Mirza Kopelman (Percussion) and Chris Thalmann  (Drums).  The Seshen’s story is akin to Love And Basketball, where Juste and Ehara met while studying abroad in Ghana, bonding over their affinity for music. Based in San Francisco, the group creates a unique blend of elements  as far ranging and diverse as the Bay.

Bells Atlas

K.I.T: Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Music
Sound: R&B/pop/hip-hop/West African highlife/ bossa nova/psych-rock/ambient

Bio: Band members Sandra Lawson-Ndu (Vocals, percussion, keys) Derek Barber (Guitar), Geneva Harrison  (Drums, percussion, keys) and  Doug Stuart (Bass, vocals, keys) formed Bells Atlas right here in Oakland. As the lead singer, Ndu’s sound is inspired by her musical influence growing among her West African family. . “I think of our music as being very cinematic,” Lawson-Ndu said in an interview with Okayplayer. “And I’m hoping that people can grasp onto their own visual for it. Bells Atlas music is ethereal. It’s dreamy. They take all the best Oakland has to offer, transmutation the city’s vibe into sound, being the musical alchemists they are.

Zakiya Harris & Elephantine

K.I.T: Website Facebook Twitter Instagram Music

Sound: soul/dance/afro-punk/neo soul

Bio: Oakland native  Zakiya Harris’ relationship with music was fate. After going down the conventional route in life, Harris took the plunge to walk away from what she had been told to do and decided to start doing things her way. Zakiya’s sound is a reflection of those decisions–her music is far from conventional, infusing generas from around the world with an Oakland spin.


 Don’t miss out on this powerhouse lineup!


Friday, May 8th
The New Parish
Doors: 8pm
$11 adv/$15 door

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/879277822131082/

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Originally from the Bay, I was uprooted from my eclectic surroundings and forced to spend my formative years in conservative San Joaquin County (Stockton) after Loma Prieta. Earthquake central couldn't deter me, and in 2010, I relocated to San Francisco. After a year of not being rich or knowing how to code, I moved to Oakland, where my momma and my momma's momma were born. Oakland has changed A LOT from when I was growing up, and I love getting reacquainted with my roots. Like our city's logo, Oakland grounds me, it's where I've rediscovered myself and unleashed my creativity. If I were a tattoo, I'd be eyes on my eyelids so I can snooze the day without anyone noticing (which I do often.) If I were a street in Oakland, I'd be Skyline Blvd, because, the view. Favorite spot in Oakland? I love it all! But I'd have to say Redwood Regional Park...or Raj Indian in Piedmont.

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