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Today marks the official end of Summer. For those who don’t feel like waiting for the New Year (this applies especially to those living in the Bay) the dawn of a new season can signify a time for change, renewal, growth and letting go. For me, Fall symbolizes the time of the year I go into my closet, swapping my spring/summer wear out in preparation for the cooler months to come, or letting go of my salt rimmed margarita for mugs filled hod toddies garnished with cloves. This Fall also symbolizes something more near and dear to my heart. With the end of summer, we’ve also come to a close with #DropTheTowel, our body positive call to action and most successful campaign to date.

#DropTheTowel was brought into fruition like most of the things we do here at Wear Your Voice-at my kitchen table. In March, my team and I were discussing the forthcoming summer, in which we began to discuss our experiences at the beach, and our own apprehensions, brought on by years of trauma, of wearing a bathing suit in public. As each one of us took turns sharing our stories, we knew they weren’t unique and that we weren’t the only ones out there trying to overcome body shame.

What started out as a local campaign, #DropTheTowel turned into a global movement, where people from around the world were done hiding behind a towel and proudly showed off their beach body.

From The Huffington Post, Bustle, and CNN, Brit + Co. Metro U.K, among others, WYV was shown an outpour of support, in spite of the few bad apples who tried to remind us why body positive campaigns are so crucial in the first place. (metro uk / daily mail / mind body green)

In every photo series released, we brought attention to  issues that matter most importantly to us, such as transgendered violence, food shame and omitting POC from feminist movements. We also proved that you don’t have to be a size two in order to grace a fashion spread.  My favorite #DropTheTowel moment? You. Each and every person who participated, hashtagged #DropTheTowel, shared our images; to everyone who shared their stories and submitted photos–thank you. Thank you for the gentle reminder that even a ‘small, local magazine’ can be bigdigital disruptors in the world.

With Love,

Ravneet Vohra


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Ravneet Vohra is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Wear Your Voice Magazine, an Oakland based publication redefining the way women are represented in the media. She’s a mum, motivational speaker and writer based out of Oakland, CA. Her favorite food is her mum’s home cooked curry, and her favorite time of the week is Wine O’Clock Wednesday.  Follow her on Twitter and Facebook

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Ravneet Vohra is the founder, CEO of Wear Your Voice magazine, a highly acclaimed, innovative digital publication that has reached huge international success & been acknowledged and applauded by media elite, such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, & Huffington Post. WYV is an intersectional feminist publication, redefining media. An edgy disruptive space covering intersectionality, feminism, body positivity, race politics, mental health and ableism. Thanks giving 2015, Ravneet Vohra was selected by The Huffington Post as one of 11 Women to be thankful for in 2015

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