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Here is a list of 24 Hour hotlines, shelters in the Bay Area, local legal services, resources, counseling, education and more. Wear Your Voice. Speak up, Speak out. You are not alone.


[highlight ] 24 Hour Hot Line[/highlight]
A Safe Place510.536.7233
Alameda County Medical Center | Oakland Consortium on Sexual Assault510.437.4688
Asian Women’s Shelter877.751.0880
Building Futures with Women and Children1.866.292.9688
CUAV (Community United Against Violence)415.333.HELP
International Institute of the East Bay510.451.2846
MAITRI – Helping Women Help Themselves1.888.862.4874
National Domestic Violence Hotline800.799.SAFE
National Partnership on Sexual Orientation for the National Immigrant Justice Center415.398.2759
Tri-Valley Haven for Women800.884.8119
W.o.m.a.n. Inc.415.864.4722
Contra Cost Crisis Center800.273.TALK
San Francisco Women Against Rape415.647.RAPE


[highlight ] Shelter Information[/highlight]
A Safe Place510.536.7233
Asian Women’s Shelter415.751.7110
Bay Area Rescue Mission510.215.4860
Building Fututres with Women & Children866.292.9688
Emergency Shelter510.786.1246
Human Outreach Program510.582.1172
Ruby’s Place510.581.5626
Second Chance510.792.4357
Sheperd’s Gate888.216.4776
Sister Me Home Safe House866.292.9688
Tri Valley Haven800.884.8119
Woman’s Daytime Drop Off Center510.548.6933


[highlight ] Legal Services[/highlight]
Alameda County District Attorney’s Office510.272.6222
API Legal Outreach510.251.2846
Bay Area Legal Aid510.663.4755
Berkely Domestic Violence Prevention Unit510.981.5724
D. A. Office Domestic Violence Advocate510.272.6180
East Bay Community Law Center510.548.4040
Family Violence Law Center510.208.0220


 [highlight ]Education, Counseling & Support[/highlight]
ALIANZA National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence
BAWAR Bay Area Women Against Rape
STAND! For Families Free of Violence

Verizon Wireless Hopeline


[highlight ]References[/highlight]
Alameda County Family Justice Center
Berkeley Police Health and Human Services
Berkely Police Department
California Partnership to End Domenstic Violence
California Partnership to End Domenstic Violence
UCSF Community Women’s Resource


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Share this information with your loved ones.
Speak Out! Speak Up! Say Something!

STAY SAFE! Know there are folks in the world who LOVE & CARE for You.

Featured Photo: Flickr user TraumaAndDissociation via Creative Commons 
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