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Fb. In. Tw. Be.

The upcoming lunar eclipse on August 7th offers us this beginning point. It’s a good time to reset, ground & charge up for the months ahead.

We pay homage to our ancestors. We recognize and give thanks to the ancestors whose names we know and those we don’t. We offer gratitude for the knowledge they want to offer us. We thank them for supporting us in developing the tools necessary to draw boundaries and step into our power. We thank them for the opportunity to release. Give thanks for our healing. Ase.

Cleansing was my first bit of magick. From being given ‘spirit baths’ to learning to clean my space(s) in order to accommodate my guides, my first lesson with all of my teachers was how to cleanse. Though each instructor carried a slight variation, the end result was the same: removing the sludge and the static to reveal to yourself where you are at, to open your space to your guides to inform you of what you should be doing and to offer tools to keep clear and aware of where you are going.

When embarking on any new journey, it is always most liberating to clear away anything that you may carry that no longer serves you and clear space for new learning, claiming your power and holding new capabilities/gifts.

The upcoming lunar eclipse on August 7th offers us this beginning point. It’s a good time to reset, ground & charge up for the months ahead. This is when we gather our energy and give ourselves something sacred, reflect on where we are at and expand into our next steps; clear the unnecessary and prepare space to welcome those who will guide us to our purpose and keep away those who eat off of our fear.

The shadow of mercury stationed retrograde is already being felt, so quieting and clearing space and mind to organize these thoughts and sort through how to maintain healthy connection with the relationships that will nourish, develop and sustain us, is ideal.


As you begin energetically cleansing your space regularly (say once a month, for starters), you will find that your ancestors will like certain ingredients and will ask you change others – stay listening, they will always tell you – whether through a feeling of discomfort or direct conversation, you’ll know. Adapt the ingredients to suit your comfortability and your space.

Give yourself a relieving bath or shower; use salts and florida water and any oils or powders that feel right for you. I enjoy using salt, rosemary tea and a little bit of white vinegar. Wash your body from the top down, sending any constriction or stress into the water to flow away from you and into the earth. You don’t need to hold that right now; earth’s got you. And the earth is gonna continue to carry you through.

Energy Shifting Home Cleanse

1. Take that time for solitude. Turn off or silence your phone. Gather all of your most beautiful intentions and chat with your guides about them. Put on some tunes that make you feel held, uplifted and/or powerful.

Prepare in a bucket some urine – when drinking majority water, urine is mostly ammonia which is ideal for sanitizing your space, it also puts your personal concerns in the mix, drawing all of those good intentions to you – ammonia, cleanser; a bit of something sweet to attract the good intentions you’ll speak into the space (I like brown sugar); a tea of basil, rosemary and rue to protect from the evil eye, protect the body and the space–along with a splash of florida water and peace water.

If I don’t add urine to the mix, I’ll spit in the bucket to attach the work to me. For those who have carpets, a sprinkled mixture of basil, rosemary, rue and salt scattered on the floor is great.

2. Place a pinch of salt in each corner of the room you are cleansing.


3. With the doors and windows closed, smoke out the space with tobacco or white sage or rosemary, and wipe down the walls with a cloth soaked in bay rum or white rum. For those who do not/cannot smoke out their space, camphor cubes in the corners of the room will suffice; they will mostly dissolve after about a week, at which time any remnants can be disposed of off of your property. For those who have carpets, add your spit/urine and sugar to the cloth soaked in bay/white rum.

4. Go to each corner of the room and clap life into it; wake the ancestors up! Welcome them! Show them your joy of their arrival. Offer some coffee at your altar/ofrenda to get them up!

5. Open the windows to allow the smoke to leave and collect the salt, working from the spot you last laid it and collecting it in the opposite direction. Flush it down the toilet or dispose of it off of your property.

6. Mop the floors in your mixture, from the back of the room to the front, meditating on and speaking aloud the intentions you have for the space and the types of energy, entities and people you want in the space. Talk about what you want to see birthed in the space, developed, fostered and realized.


7When disposing of the mop water, throw it out the back door or dispose of it off of your property in the direction the back of your space faces. Wash the items you used to clean the space with salt and cleanser.

8. Wipe down the doorways with peace water asking that only those who seek to offer protection and peace be able to pass the thresholds. Lay a line of mixed black pepper and salt across the front door.

9. To seal the work, offer a prayer and lit white candle blessed with florida water or peace water, to your trusted god(dess). Make an offering to them if it feels right or if they ask for it. I enjoy offering white flowers to my protectors, but flowers of any shade always bring bright joy to a room.


Featured Image: Jocelyn Reynolds



Cassandra is a conjure womyn & creator. She is an ancestor- and community-taught life-student of afro-diasporic herb medicine and magick. As a past front-line grassroots activist, Cassandra's work remains dedicated to the healing of two-spirit, trans and queer BIPOC. Her writing has been published in From the Root Zine, Illustrated Impact, Briarpatch Magazine and The Peak's 'Medicine Issue', to name a few. She recently founded Crystal Root & Conjure, a curios company & apothecary that is rooted in the cultural and spiritual practice of afro-diasporic folk magic and medicine, otherwise known as 'root work' or 'doctoring the root.' She uses nature based alchemy and ritual to blend fresh and dried herbs, roots and minerals into mixtures for protection, healing and self care. She is currently an apotheker at The Witches Brew in Toronto, is working on a queer POC children's book, and pursuing her dream of becoming a birth worker & healer in afrodiasporic tradition, inclusive of the trans & queer BIPOC community.

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